Redskins would be crazy to trade Cousins

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Many (me included) thought the Redskins were crazy to use a fourth-round pick on quarterback Kirk Cousins, given the draft picks sent to the Rams for quarterback Robert Griffin III and the $36 million in cap space taken (stolen) from the Redskins by the league.

Many (me included) think the Redskins would be crazy to flip Cousins for draft picks in the offseason.

Though the Redskins need to fill the void created by picks given up for Griffin with the kind of low-cap players that can be acquired for four years with draft picks, they drafted Cousins for one very important reason:  with a quarterback who is prone to contact (and thus injury) via designed runs and options, the Redskins need a reliable backup.

So now that they have a reliable backup, why in the hell would they trade him?

If Cousins go, who takes over as the backup who likely will be used if/when Griffin is injured?  Would they use another fourth-round pick in 2013 on a quarterback and hope for the best?

The best approach is to keep Cousins for four years, wish him well when he leaves as a free agent, and then have a new plan for 2016 and beyond.

67 responses to “Redskins would be crazy to trade Cousins

  1. Keep him until 2016 and lose him for nothing? Maybe in two years a team is willin to trade a first round pick for him should they trade him then? Yes they should. Bad logic is bad.

  2. Why not trade him while people are calling him a star in the making? Its not like RG3 is 30 and Cousins is the future, these guys are almost the same age. What if Redskins found someone willing to give up a first or second for cousins!!!

  3. I think they drafted Cousins withe the intention of flipping him for draft picks filling a void left by giving up so much to draft RG3.

  4. Trading Kirk this year would be a bad idea. Skins could use some more draft picks but on paper the best back-up option–without Kirk–may prove to be…….Rex. No thanks.

  5. I agree Florio,we would be fools to trade this guy unless a first rounder is offered. Even if a first rounder is offered, there are no guarantees, finding a good QB with a grasp of the offense who looked that good would be hard to let go for a first rounder like Mark Sanchez.

  6. Obviously, it depends on what they can get for him. If some team is going to trade a big player and/or a first rounder for him than it wouldn’t be crazy.

    It would be crazy to trade him for _____ would be more accurate.

  7. Is it an absolute sure thing that Vick will find a starting gig next year? I’m not sure if I even like this idea as a Skins fan, but if Vick could be brought in as a low-ish priced back up (after getting cut by Philly), he would be better suited than Cousins to run the exact same style of offense that RGIII runs. Then Skins flip Cousins for an early 2nd rounder in 2013. Grossman sticks around as a #3 in case both RGIII and Vick get broken. Is this nuts?

  8. Problem is you wouldn’t get a first round pick out of trading him, I think speculating that you would is over valuing him. Unless he gets chances to enhance his resume greatly it won’t happen.

    See Matt Flynn/Cassel and others for precedent.

    Had Matt Flynn won the starting gig he would have joined a long line of GB back ups (Brunell, Brooks, Detmer, Hasselback) that were let go with little to no compensation for the drafting team. Hasselback might be the only one who we got a draft pick for. It’s the nature of the business, sometimes you have to groom another teams starting qb.

  9. Or, trade him this year when there is marginal first round quarterback talent in the draft, and many of the high picks (Arizona, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Bufalo) are looking for quarterbacks. Washington could potentially get their highest return this off-season.

  10. Charlie Casserly said Kirk Cousins is worth at the minimum a 2nd round pick with the possibility of being worth two 2nd round picks this coming draft.
    Kirk Cousins is going to be a Washington Redskins for the next 4 years and then they will franchise tag him (just like New England did with Matt Cassell) and then trade him. The Redskins are going to hit the jackpot come draft time 4 years from now.
    I think the Cleveland Browns should be second guessing themselves for not only wasting a 1st round pick on Brandon Weeden but letting Kirk Cousins drop all the way down to the 4th round.

  11. Right answer, wrong question. The correct question is, “Why would Kirk Cousins want to stay in Washington?” As long as the Redskins have Griffin, Cousins will never be given a legitimate shot at being the starter. If they don’t trade him away, he will probably run as fast as he can away from Washington the moment he becomes a free agent.

  12. RG3, in his rookie season has already sat out 2 games…If they were smart, they would trade RG3 and roll with the pocket passer.

  13. And come on, Matt Flynn had one big game, got paid somewhere else, and then couldn’t even beat a midget rookie for a starting gig.

    Once Cousins puts up for a few weeks in a row, a trade market may develop for him. But thanks to Kolb and Flynn, no one is giving up a first rounder based on yesterday’s game.

  14. They shouldn’t because Veteran backup quarterbacks are now terrible. Look at Chad Henne, Jason Campbell, Charlie batch, Byron Leftwich, and Tim Tebow. They are either bad for the systems that they are going into or just can’t play anymore.

  15. I’m not a Redskin fan but my thoughts are that if you can get a couple of high draft picks for him you should take it. I would rather have a couple of young starters than a backup QB any day. There will be plenty of ex-starters that will be available as backups after this season. They are in serious need of a big WR. They seem to have all the other pieces in place or at least they are closer than they have been in a long time.

  16. As long as RGIII is running like he has been, the Skins need a good back-up ’cause RGIII ain’t gonna make it through a season that way. Eventually, RGIII may become more of a pocket passer, but until then, having a good back-up on the roster is key.

  17. So now that they have a reliable backup, why in the hell would they trade him?

    Maybe because no backup quarterback is worth passing on a #1 pick?

    Maybe because the Redskins gave away the farm for RG3 and have no #1 pick next year?

    Maybe because Cousins’s perceived value is probably significantly higher right now than his actual worth?

  18. I agree it would be illogical to trade him this offseason but you can’t just let him walk after 4 years either. If he continues to take advantage of opportunities his value would be highest after years 2 or 3, but at the very least you have to franchise and trade him after year 4.

  19. 2 Firsts or a high First and a high 2nd for Kirk and you would have to think about it!! Short of that, Skins need to know they have someone reliable once they release Rex in the off-season.

  20. The Redskins would be crazy not to trade him for a first or second round pick. Anything less than a 2nd rounder would be crazy.

  21. Given a weak QB class in the upcoming draft, if Cousins plays against philly and does well again, its probably best to flip him now while the iron is still hot.

    Cousin’s contract is ridiculously cheap compared to a top pick even with the new CBA. why pay more when you don’t have to.

    As long as the skins don’t get greedy and expect to get tons in return. They should be in a good position.

  22. I’ll give you one good reason, because if he knows he can go start somewhere else he wont be happy being a backup in Washington

  23. You have to keep him considering how bad the position has been for a decade. I dont think keeping him because your QB is prone to contact is a good reason. Protect the 4 high picks QB with better protection and teaching him when and how to slide. No reason for another injury prone superstar if you can help it.

  24. RG3 may end up injury prone. That leg hit and double knee bend had to seriously impact the long-term health and career opportunities of this excellent QB. I’m just glad Shanahan had the good sense to let the young man rest and heal up some.

  25. Play your poker hand, sit quietly, someone will get excited and bet into your hand. No need to get in a hurry and even think about trading this guy. They’ve got him under contract for 4 years.

  26. Ironic. The Skins have gone 100 years without a franchise QB, now all of a sudden they are so sure about RGIII that they would even contemplate trading Cousins?

  27. The Chiefs, Jags, Bills, Eagles, Cardinals, Dolphins, Jets and Raiders(if they had one) would all be smart to trade their #1 (plus whatever else was necessary) for this guy. He is better than any QB coming out in the 2013 draft.
    Shanarat was smart in drafting him and his ego will allow him to trade Cousins for draft picks because he knows he can draft and develop the next Cousins.

  28. Anyone who thinks Shanahan drafted Cousins to flip him for picks doesn’t know him very well.

    This is the guy who drafted a QB in the first round while John Elway was still in the prime of his career.

    This guy loves having two starting quality QBs on his roster, and for the first time in a long time, he does.

    Now, in three years when he is in danger of losing Cousins, maybe. But not now and not next year either.

  29. Bias alert! Yeah, I knew Cousins could start on Sunday.

    But the real question should be to other GMs that try to trade for him, “Why didn’t you spend a 3rd rounder to get him the first time?

  30. firstclasspack says:
    Dec 17, 2012 2:28 PM
    . They are in serious need of a big WR. ???

    Have you watched a game? They are stacked with young WRs on the rise….This is not a bout a starting RT and a 3rd? To much? or CB and 3rd?

  31. No way I would trade him. Qb’s like RG3 don’t stay healthy and don’t last long in this league. The skins have 4 years of insurance at very little cost. One knee surgery and RG3 may never be the same, and the Redskins will again be lame.

  32. Franchise and trade him? Absurd. Any idea what the franchise $ would be then? More than it is now. Who would want that?

  33. jpeyster says: Dec 17, 2012 2:20 PM

    Is it an absolute sure thing that Vick will find a starting gig next year? I’m not sure if I even like this idea as a Skins fan, but if Vick could be brought in as a low-ish priced back up (after getting cut by Philly), he would be better suited than Cousins to run the exact same style of offense that RGIII runs. Then Skins flip Cousins for an early 2nd rounder in 2013. Grossman sticks around as a #3 in case both RGIII and Vick get broken. Is this nuts?
    Yes. This is why fans do not run teams.

  34. You know, as a lifelong Skins fan, I was a more than a little put off by the abuse leveled at Shanahan on draft day for making this pick. Seemed obvious at the time, mobile quarterbacks get hurt in the NFL and you need a good backup (…duh). Jaworski in particular really laid into the Skins for making the pick. Without Cousins, our season could have been over last week.

  35. i wouldnt trade him this off season but id hope griffin stays healthy next yr then flip cousins hoping he doesnt have to play and diminish his value trading him while the iron is hot wouldnt be a bad idea seeing teams would give up more for a guy who is being paid peanuts by the nfl standards

  36. I sure would like to see RG3 run an offense more similar to the one Cousins ran with the option to run is the passing lanes are shut down. Too many designed runs. Cousins proved running the offense the Jake Plummet ran can still be very dangerous, now just image a guy that can run that offense and has 4.4 speed.

  37. eatitfanboy says: Dec 17, 2012 3:04 PM

    Anyone who thinks Shanahan drafted Cousins to flip him for picks doesn’t know him very well.

    This is the guy who drafted a QB in the first round while John Elway was still in the prime of his career.

    Shanahan never drafted a QB in the 1st round when he had Elway.

    Tommy maddox was drafted in the 1st rd in 92 but it wasn’t by Shanahan. He was with the Niners at the time.

    The highest QB Shanahan drafted was Brian Griese in the 3rd round in 98. Elway retired after 98 season.

  38. Skins gave a lot to get RGIII, they SHOULD trade him for that one pick he is sure to demand!

    Without a doubt and the Cards will have a nice one for him!!!

  39. God, what a great QB draft the last couple of years have been. So many starters, unbelievable. Trade this kid to the Raiders if you don’t want him Redskin fans.

  40. Just a reminder…they played the Browns yesterday, not the Niners or Texans!! Cousins was prepared well by the coaching staff…it was 1 game!!!!!!

  41. As a skins fan I like the position they’re in everyone questioned the pick and now we are all couch GMs making moves and such. I say let the people with the plan execute it everything has worked so far ( Morris 6th Cousins 4th)

  42. First, nobody is going to give up a First or Second round pick for Cousins, not before seeing him play a little more than 6-8 quarters of Pro Football. Prime example: Matt Flynn. Any one of these Quarterbacks in the NFL can have a little hot streak, where everything goes their way… Vince Young, Tyler Thigpen, Matt Cassell, Ryan Fitzpatrick, John Skelton, Chad Pennington, Tim Tebow, the list can go on and on. These QB’s all had little streaks where they all looked promising at one point, then poof, back to reality. I say If they can get a decent pick for the kid, then do it. You never know whether you have a gem or a dirty rock. Time is the only decoder.

  43. Any number of quarterbacks can be a reliable backup. Better to flip Cousins for 1 or 2 high draft picks who will be able to contribute to winning more often then a backup on the bench.

  44. @justintuckrule

    Skins haven’t had a franchise QB in 100 years? Sammy Baugh and Sonny Jurgensen both played QB, are both in the HOF, and both say hi.

  45. So one game makes you “reliable” now?

    That’s the kind of thinking that got Scott Mitchell and Kevin Kolb huge contracts.

    Back-ups always look good in their first couple games. Nobody knows them, or prepares for them.

    I’d take Alex Smith over Kirk Cousins any day.

  46. One victory over the Browns, one nice comeback against the Ravens – and he’s worth a 1st round pick ? I also remember he had a long TD on a blown coverage against Atlanta, but then threw two terrible picks at the end……he could be worth something in a few years, but teams are going to want to see a lot more before giving up high picks…..

  47. Trade him to the Jets for a 2nd and a 7th rounder. If he is a starter next year (70% of snaps) Jets throw in another 2nd rounder. If he makes the playoffs or above .500, upgrade it to a 1st. If he makes AFC championship or Super Bowl, throw in another 1st rounder. Two 1s, 2 and a 7 for starting quarterback in the playoffs. How many teams would pass this up?

  48. sd1024 says: Dec 17, 2012 2:30 PM

    So what becomes of “logical voice” when the Redskins are eliminated?
    My guess is he will go back to demanding undivided attention from his mom.

  49. You keep Cousins, because RGIII will never finish a complete season with his play style. He will be another McNabb or Vick constantly battling injuries. It just isn’t big enough to absorb those blows.

    I’m not saying Cousins will end up be some break out star, but he does appear to be a more than capable.

  50. The Skins have called few designed runs over the past several weeks prior to Griffin getting hurt. He actually took some of his hardest hits this season in the pocket, but that being said, having Cousins at this point is a luxury. We have not need to trade him so unless someone comes along with an offer we can’t refuse, just keep him. All qbs take hits and can and will get injured. Having a quality backup is a good thing.

  51. I’m surprised Mara hasn’t found some reason to have Capn’ Kirk expelled from the league, under some crazy rule stating that rookie qb’s from Michigan aren’t allowed to win games they start in December.

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