Ricky Stanzi starting a “possibility” for Chiefs

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There might be a quarterback change coming to Kansas City.

Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn have steered the team to a 2-12 record, which has led some to wonder if third-stringer Ricky Stanzi might get a shot before the end of the season. Coach Romeo Crennel said there was a chance of Stanzi getting the start in Week 16 when asked about a rib injury Quinn suffered in Sunday’s 15-0 loss to the Raiders.

“There’s a possibility,” Crennel said, via Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star. “Like I said last week, there’s a possibility, and I mentioned injuries as one of the reasons. We’ll see what Brady looks like, and then we’ll make some decisions and go from there.”

Crennel added that health wouldn’t be the only factor in his decision. Quinn’s performance doesn’t do much to recommend him. He was 18-of-32 for 136 yards guiding an offense short on receivers and short on hope at this point in the season.

Stanzi has yet to play in a game during his two years with the Chiefs, but seven straight quarters without scoring can have a way of balancing out concerns about inexperience.

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  1. Same with McElroy and the Jets, don’t know why they didn’t try this sooner. It’s not like they had something to lose by trying this kid out.

  2. Stanzi is probably below par even for a third string QB, but he’s been patient and to the best of my knowledge has never complained about being behind two QBs with fancy pedigrees from fancy schools who (unfortunately for Chiefs fans) simply can’t play.

    Jeez, Crennel, what the heck to you have to lose? Play the kid and see what happens. You know what you’re going to get from Cassel and/or Quinn, and it’s not good enough. Take a CHANCE for once.

  3. I really hope they let him play both of the final 2 games. Then I can be assured of a 2-14 finish and picking in the top two. We want Geno!!!!

  4. Seeing what Stanzi is capable of is the least Crennel can do to help next year’s new regime. A bigger question: where is Crennel going to be taking the bad Cleveland ju-ju after he’s fired and will he carry Daboll, Quinn and Hillis along.

  5. Did you see the Chiefs o-line play the last few weeks. Stanzi will be spending all week tending to Quinn. Massages, rubdowns, carrying his pads. There is no way he wants to stand back there and take a beating like the two before him.

  6. Why not?

    Best case scenario: you find that you had a hidden gem for a third stringer.

    Worst case scenario: you work your way towards a better draft pick next year!

  7. This is Stanzi’s 3rd year and he won’t be here next year. The guy has only suited up once or twice in that time and word is he’s pretty bad.

  8. The Chiefs O-line gave the Raiders the illusion of having a pass rush. They should just put Cassel back there and let him earn his money for the next two weeks. Quinn got pummeled in that game.

  9. “Best case scenario: you find that you had a hidden gem for a third stringer.”

    HAHAHA! Yeah cause a lot of hidden gems can’t beat out Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn, thanks for the laugh today man.

  10. This would be a “No Brainer” of a move for Crennell to make. Unfortunately, Romeo has shown through his coaching, decisions and what he says, that he Has No Brain.

    There is absolutely no reason Not to start Stanzi. It will give us Chiefs Fans a reason to actually tune in the last couple games. We know what we have in Quinn and Cassel already. Who knows, Maybe the kid will show he has something.

  11. The aforementioned Jets-Mcleroy connection is very fitting….I would love to see the colts lose to the chiefs because that expands the jets (slim) playoff shot…regardless I think we can pack it up for next season

  12. Either way, The Chiefs Need to choose the Best QB in the draft and start him from Day One. Grab another QB in round 3 or 4 too. Heck, why not call the Redskins and see what Kirk Cousins would be worth in a trade. Add to that a New Head Coach and GM and we have the beginnings of a New Era for the Chiefs. We pray to God it is better than what Pioli/Crennell/Cassel have given us.

  13. this year SUCKS for quarterbacks out of the draft. Next year ought to be better by leapyears. Draft a defensive piece, go to another 2-14 record, and draft a starting qb next year, and begin the 3 year plan. Keep Crennel around, because he’s clueless, and you’ll get to 2-14 without much of a sweat.

  14. I enjoying seeing 3rd stringers get to play… Until I actually see them play.

  15. Quinn can’t be blamed for the Oakland game given the play of his receivers.

    Quinn’s a tough guy, he can play through that rib injury. He’s a football player. But looks like Crennel might use that rib as a pretense to start Stanzi.

    Stanzi’s been the third stringer all year for a reason.

  16. He already did, actually. Finished the game out in a lot of pain. Quinn’s gonna play through that, no question if the coaching staff lets him start. These last two games are two more big opportunities.

    I’m dreaming of him being re-united with David Lee in Buffalo next year. Go Bills!

  17. They are the worst team in the league by far, if there were 50 teams in the league, the Chiefs would be 50th.

    Like one of the game commentators said, the Chiefs have clearly quit.

    What a big time mess.

  18. Stanzi wont impress you during practice. He is a gamer. People forget that he wasn’t a highly recruited college QB and was a backup at Iowa to a horrible starter. Once he got his shot, they never looked back. Rick was 14-4 as a starter, including three bowl wins. The guy is a winner

  19. They are the worst team in the league by far, if there were 50 teams in the league, the Chiefs would be 50th.

    You say that like you think your Raiders would be better than 49th.

  20. The best reason NOT to start Stanzi is that if he is at a point in his development that he is able to win a starting job on a team DYING for a quarterback, why would you ruin him by throwing him out there behind a shaky offensive line with the teams top WR out and have him be shelled while keeping up with Andrew Luck’s scoring? And if the game plan is going to be to hand it off 56 times, win or lose, then why not march Cassel back out to absorb the loss?

  21. I remember wanting the Raiders to snag Stanzi in the draft. Looked to be a very accurate passer in college, which is either the first or second most important trait for an NFL QB (decision-making being the other).

    In all honesty, Chiefs should give him a look. What do they have to lose? Although at this point, Romeo and Pioli have to assume they’re out so I’m not sure what’s in their interest right now.

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