Roddy White: Falcons no longer “ducking” top teams

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The Falcons have been playing good football for several years, but they’re no longer worried about playing other good football teams.

Flush with confidence after thrashing the defending champion Giants yesterday, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White said he could sense a difference in this year’s version compared to past teams which earned a front-runner label.

“I told them early in the locker room, ‘We can’t keep ducking people and say, We don’t want to play these guys, we don’t want to play those guys,’” White told Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “We have to go out there and execute our game plan, whatever Smitty [coach Mike Smith] brings to us, and we’ve got to go out there and play Falcon football. Stop saying, ‘I hope we don’t get these guys.’

“We’re a good football team. We have to go out there and play like a good football team.”

The Falcons have been ousted from the playoffs by three teams that ended up in the Super Bowl, losing to the eventual champs the last two seasons. White said previous Falcons teams didn’t always “relish the moment,” of playing such competition.

“Absolutely. I could say, two, three years ago, that was the attitude, trying to escape guys and not do this and say, ‘I hope we don’t get these guys,'” White said. “We’d be saying, ‘Oh, these guys can do this, they’re a good football team.’ We can’t say we don’t want to play them. We can’t say that.

“This year, it’s a totally different team.”

Pushing through from good to great is often a mental task, more so than a physical one. If the Falcons truly believe they’re different, that might be the first step in being different come the postseason.

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  1. Nice job vs NY, but let’s be honest…NY is vastly overrated. The Falcons are not a unit who puts fear into anyone with good coaching and players. The Redskins, Packers and Seahawks are better sides heading into the playoffs who offer good teams and coaching. Atlanta also historically, epically collapse in the playoffs. Washington is winning the NFC championship.

  2. Roddy White just needs to shut up and focus his attention on catching the ball. It wasn’t too long ago he was leading the league in drops.

    Falcons still go one and done with Matty Ice(Cold) leading them

  3. Coming from a Giants’ fan, yesterday was a big win for Atlanta. However, they won the game at the expense of being trapped the week before in Carolina. Unless you’re the enigmatic Giants, that can’t happen.

    By the way….I’m actually glad we got shut out. Makes for a perfect launch point for us.

  4. Same story a different year. Falcons talking noise and the Giants under the radar. Logicalvoice. The redskins are relevant once a decade and aren’t even in the playoffs yet. I’m not a giants fan but can respect what they do year in year out.

  5. I did truly enjoy the whipping they put on the “No need to play the season at all because we have already won the Super Bowl” G-men, Big Blue, (add another annoying nick name here), Giants. But, wait and see if the Falcons can beat the top competition come playoff time. I just don’t see them beating Green Bay, San Fran, Seatle, etc…had a very, very weak schedule.

  6. Yea, the best team I think in Falcons history and you do need to stop ducking, and stop sucking in the post season. The past few years, I associate the heimlich maneuver with the Falcons.

  7. Is it so hard to admit that the Falcons played a really good game against an excellent opponent and beat the brakes off them? Give credit where credit is due and let’s let the playoff victories talk commence in a few weeks.

  8. Just a quick question…
    Can I get 50 cents from each of you claiming Falcons are 1 and done in playoffs this year if they win? I won’t even count the technicality that they don’t lose their first game because it will be a BYE.

    I would be able to retire off of all the loud mouths on this website alone.

  9. For the idiot who we just won 1 game, count, 12-2 we have beat the Broncos, Saints, Redskins and now the Giants. We don’t have the respect yet, but let the playoffs come, us be the underdog and still be the number 1 seed. Play us in the Dome this year. This is a different team this year. So we will see who running their mouths in January. Dirty Birdz!!

  10. Unless they play the Panthers who could have been 2-0 against them. Some teams much up best with others. Then again its their division opponent.

  11. Love the hate! You experts can take your thoughts on who is what…blah blah blah and enjoy your teams lesser record. Enjoy now! Go Falcons!

  12. Reminds me of the same team that was all talk a couple years ago about how great they were and couldn’t be beaten, especially in the dome. Then the Packers walked in there and absolutely pistol whipped them.

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