Saban says Dolphins had picked Brees over Culpepper


In what could be viewed as Alabama coach Nick Saban’s first toe in the water toward no longer being the Alabama coach, Saban has disclosed for the first time publicly that he picked quarterback Drew Brees over quarterback Daunte Culpepper in 2006.

We chose Drew Brees,” Saban told Dan Le Batard of 790 The Ticket in Miami.  “I’ve never ever talked about this publicly. . . .  That’s the guy we made the first offer to.”

Saban said that Brees failed the physical after Brees and the Dolphins had agreed to terms.  Brees had suffered a shoulder injury during the final game of the 2005 regular season.

Instead, the Dolphins sent a second-round pick to the Vikings for quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who had torn his ACL, MCL, and PCL during an October 2005 game against the Panthers.

Since Saban never does anything without a plan, the plan could be to clean the slate on the perception that he picked Culpepper over Brees, shifting the blame to the doctors and in turning clearing a path for NFL teams that may have lingering concerns regarding his perceived preference for Culpepper over Brees to chase Saban.

Though Saban may have no current interest in returning to the NFL, there’s nothing wrong with being chased.  At a minimum, having suitors at the NFL level could get the folks in Tuscaloosa to pony up more cash in order to avoid losing him.

Indeed, as pointed out by our brethren at CFT, Saban made it sound like he won’t be leaving Alabama for the NFL.

You know, sort of like when he made it sound like he won’t be leaving the NFL for Alabama.

65 responses to “Saban says Dolphins had picked Brees over Culpepper

  1. Saban has a lonnnnng history of making self-serving comments, many of which then subsequently prove to be lies, that he knew were lies when he made them.

  2. that wouldve been very interesting.. brady vs brees every year.. The pats might not have had the same track record they’ve had in the last 6 years.. or Brees would have never become as good as he is under a different coach..

  3. I wouldn’t really blame the Dolphins much on this mistake. Drew Brees did have a pretty bad injury to his shoulder, and his numbers where nowhere near Culpepper’s numbers. Culpepper was only two seasons removed from a 39 TD/11 INT season. Drew Brees had only 1 excellent season and 1 pretty good season under his belt. Both guys were gambles. Hindsight is 20/20, but if you are going to take a gamble on an injured QB, most people would take the guy with the bad knee over the guy with the bad throwing shoulder…

  4. Saban’s version is how I remember it going down.

    The Nicktator is 61 now, so he’ s running out of time to see if he can compete at the NFL level. Would not be surprised to see him in Cleveland next year as he has ties to the team and the area.

  5. Nick Saban is trash…He was gleefully exulting on the Dolphins sideline and ran to congratulate Zach Thomas when Thomas hit Lavernues Coles in the head on a tackle and gave Coles his second concussion…Coles was lying motionless on the field…he deserves a nice warm spot…

  6. He’ll tuck tail and run from Bama just like he did to LSU and Miami.
    I hope Bama fans realize this, he has no allegiance to anything about your program, your state, or your tide.
    None of that matters to him, nothing.
    Regardless, you’ll get your national championships and what more could you ask for?

  7. But Saban did chose Culpepper because he traded for him.

    He could have signed Brees but he chose not to overlook the failed physical and treat it as a business transaction.

    It was a coin flip in my opinion but I always preferred Brees because of no traded pick.

  8. After 7yrs, he decides to let everyone know who he picked as his QB..I don’t know who is worse with keeping commitments, Saban or Petrino both are slick snakes.

  9. These comments are silly. NO college coach has “allegiance” to their school! They use each and every job as a stepping stone to the next one. That’s understood by everyone but fans apparently.

  10. He didn’t have to say this as it’s pretty well known around Miami that he wanted Brees, but the doctors flunked him on his physical.

    Still doubt if he would have stayed because his wife hated Miami (culture shock I suppose), but maybe she would be fine in a place like Cleveland or other similar smaller market? Who knows. Guess we’ll see in roughly three more weeks.

  11. Saban doesn’t get to use Miami again to further his career. He already did it once and is still a bastard for it.

  12. This isn’t news. It’s well-known Saban wanted Brees but the Dolphins medical team wouldn’t clear him. Saban’s not trying to clean up the record to make himself more appealing to the pros–as the top NCAA coach, he’s already appealing to the pros. And he’s not trying to jack up Bama for more cash. He’s already the highest-paid coach in college ball. He’s just giving an interview. The media is supplying the rest of the hype.

    As a Bama fan, all I want now is for him to keep the team focused for the championship. After that, he’s free to leave with my best wishes. It’s a job, not indentured servitude.

  13. Brees didn’t pass the Saints’ physical either. His shoulder was shredded. What a cop-out by Saban. The Saints were willing to gamble on Brees, he wasn’t. He just doesn’t want to own up to making such a huge mistake.

  14. Yes, this is interesting timing. Wonder if there’s any one to confirm it.

    Hindsight is 20/20 and if he’s considering another NFL run, he’d definitely want to clear up the Culpepper-over-Brees judgement error ’cause we know what the media will be talking about if indeed he makes a move to the Browns.

  15. Also he didn’t intend to leave the Dolphins and was being completely honest when he dismissed the Alabama rumors but his doctors told him he needed to move. Then at Alabama, Cam Newton and Tim Tebow failed their physicals, so that is why he did not win every year.

  16. Jim Harbaugh is still a whiny little girl…..
    Give it up Schwarty, you’re season is done, and so is your stay in Detroit. Saban would be a huge upgrade for you. Give Harbaugh the Lions and they are in the playoffs, no question about it. Harbs gets the last laugh. Muahahaha

  17. Saban is going nowhere… Why the hell would he??? He is in place to dominate for a couple of DECADES! He has no salary caps, no risk on signing a free agent, and future first round picks galore to hand pick every year.

  18. I read somewhere the Brees experienced being poked/prodded in a doctors room by Miami.

    Whereas Payton looked him square in the eye and told Brees he wanted him to be his QB.

    Not sure if its true

  19. turfrage says: Dec 17, 2012 8:41 PM

    These comments are silly. NO college coach has “allegiance” to their school! They use each and every job as a stepping stone to the next one. That’s understood by everyone but fans apparently.

    ‘Cause a Brady Hoke would rather be anywhere else besides Michigan, right?

  20. Can’t imagine any NFL team wanting this phony as a head coach.

    Yeah, you can be a big phony and get away with it at the college level. Not in the big leagues, though.

    Everytime you look up some college coach is leaving their players in the dust for a bigger program, but Saban’s a whole ‘nother story. Guy’s a snake oil salesman if I’ve ever seen one, right up there with Petrino and Todd Graham.

  21. The college coach I want to see back in the big leagues is Jim Mora Jr.

    Got caught up in the Vick debacle in Atlanta. Wasn’t given a fair shot with just one year as the head man of a bad Seattle team. Good ball coach. Really turned that UCLA program around.

  22. I doubt seriously there are any NFL team concerns regarding his perceived preference for Culpepper over Brees to chase Saban.

  23. Saban is ready to roll to the NFL now because he sees Johnny “Football” Manziel running roughshod over his defenses for AT LEAST the next two years and that’ll hurt his “legacy” as a great football coach.

  24. Saban please just go away! You FAILED as our coach, we don’t need reminders.
    I still remember the story of when Jeno James was convulsing on the floor and Saban stepped over him and continued to his office ignoring his player. Pathetic little man, just go away.

  25. nick saban is saying that after leaving lsu for the dolphins he wasn’t a control freak, didn’t get total control of the program, and allowed a doctor to choose his quarterback. anyone but me find that unlikely?

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