Unhappy Trent Richardson apologizes to Browns fans

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Browns running back Trent Richardson was unhappy after Sunday’s loss to the Redskins — unhappy not only with the loss, but with the fact that he only got 11 carries. And he told Cleveland fans that they deserve better.

“Today we let ourselves down and we let the whole city of Cleveland down — especially, the season-ticket holders,” Richardson said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I feel bad for them and I want to say as a man, I just want to come to them and apologize because this was the last home game. We’re supposed to go out with a blast. It was a big ballgame and we didn’t do what we were supposed to do.”

Early in the game, Richardson was the focal point of the Browns’ offense, and he scored two early touchdowns to give Cleveland a 14-10 lead in the second quarter. But as the Browns fell behind, they turned away from Richardson, and he had two carries for zero yards after giving the Browns that second-quarter lead. He didn’t like that.

“I think we’ve just got a game plan, and the game plan we had at the beginning of the game, I think we should’ve stuck with it. But we didn’t stick with the game plan and we tried to go do some other stuff, and the outcome came in a different way,” Richardson said. “It’s shocking. But like I said, the game’s much bigger than me. I’ve got to let coach do what he does.”

If Richardson has a problem with coach Pat Shurmur, the good news for Richardson is that in two weeks, Shurmur may be fired.

24 responses to “Unhappy Trent Richardson apologizes to Browns fans

  1. I understand his frustration, however the game is bigger than he is. The Redskins decided that the Browns would need to beat them through the air. He was getting stopped.

    It was the same thing on the other side. The Browns decided to take away the running game. So Morris was pretty non-existent until the last parts of the game.

    The problem for the Browns was that Weeden seemed to be scared out there.

  2. The Redskins were the better team today! The Browns were outplayed, and definitely out coached. Shurmur and Weeden should be replaced. Bad move drafting Weeden. I respect the Redskin players except for one. Pierre Garçon has a terrible attitude, and is a complete embarrassment to the Redskins .organization!

  3. Brown’s got what they deserved! All that talk the fans did about going after RG’s knee if he played was in unforgivable. Well guess what the Redskins did not need there starting QB to beat such a pathetic team like the Browns. Better luck next year and oh next time you talk about going after a knee on the opposite team do your home work and make sure there back up isn’t better than your starters!

  4. On 10 of his 11 carries there were 8 or 9 in the box. If a guy getting paid millions to coach can’t figure out what to do when there are 9 in the box, my guess is the guy that just spent a billion dollars to buy the team is going to find a guy that can figure out how to implement a few simple in-game adjustments.

  5. There is a roster of 53 other men out there trying to prevent you from accomplishing your game plan. The Browns don’t have a team that can fall behind and make up a bunch of points quickly. At the moment, their strength is ball control with Trent. The Skins won that game because they got better QB play out of their rookie.

  6. Cleveland is in serious need of a regime change. When I say regime change, I mean everything; from the owner on down. Might as well get a new stadium and sponsors while you are at it. I am not a Browns fan, but a franchise with such class and history deserves to have more than one winning season per decade.

  7. IF the WALRUS traded up for RGIII the Browns would be playoff bound now instaed of Washington.
    They had the ammo to do it with 2 first round picks and chose not to.

    The Redskins will be a playoff team for the next ten years with RGIII and the Browns will go nowhere with Weeden.

  8. They could have given the rock to Trent and they still would have lost. Washington’s pass defense is one of the worst in the league but their run defense is pretty good. Cleveland’s problem isn’t that they threw it too much, it’s that Weeden is just so bad that he isn’t able to take advantage of one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. Is it the coaches’ fault that the threw two bad interceptions? Is it the coaches’ fault that he couldn’t push the ball downfield until it was too late?

    I don’t think the play calling was the problem. If I was Cleveland and I studied all that tape of how bad Washington’s pass defense was then I’d want to throw it a lot too. The execution by Weeden was the problem, not the play calling.

  9. Quick: You have a tough running back, big physical receivers and a strong-armed Qb. What’s your gameplan?

    Mine is to pound the rock and if the defense starts to creep up, throw it deep. Mix in play-action, hit the TEs.

    Pat Shurmur’s plan is to have a spread Qb drop back and attempt to squeeze in 5yd passes and completely abandon the run game. Calling plays your players aren’t good at is ridiculous. Not capitalizing on what your players are good at is stupid. On defense, the Redskins ran the same play, over and over, and the Browns didn’t even attempt to adjust.

    It was a coaching clinic.

  10. The turnovers and not making the 4th downs were the reason for the blowout.

    These are correctable. Athe top of the want list is a QB. Weeden is not the answer. Lots of peices are in place.

  11. Richardson is right to apologize, because this game was a disaster for the Browns. Playing at home against a team that was using a rookie backup QB … man, you’ve just flat out got to win a game like that. That’s like losing the Masters because you blew a two-inch putt. Shurmur was probably already a dead man walking, but he’s not even walking any more. He may as well clean out his office this morning. And Weeden might want to keep a cardboard box next to his locker, too.

  12. You didn’t get anymore carries because you had 23 yds on those 11 carries, that’s why your backup played more then you did. I will say your a strong dude, but you didn’t deserve those two 1 yd td runs. I told everyone during the draft that if anybody was going to be a bust it would be Trent Richardson, and when a 6th rd pick outplays you all season then I would consider that 3rd overall pick was a bust. He’s been far outplayed by Morris and Martin and he thinks he should get more carries? You had 23 yds on 11 carries. Com’on Man!

  13. Garcon has a terrible attitude? Yes he did that silly “spinning the ball after a 1st down” thing and he probably deserved that penalty for doing it that close to whoever the Browns defender was, but it was the Browns defender who tried to kick the ball after Garcon spun it. If anything the Browns defender instigated that fight. Refs were losing control by that point with all the late hits and nonsense from both teams.

  14. I see alot of people here don’t know anything about football if they say Trent Richardson is an average running back. Brandon Weeden is a bust but Richardson is a stud and is going to be a beast in his career as a brown.

  15. It’s impossible to believe that coaches from the Andy Reid coaching tree (Shurmer/Chilly) would abandon the run and employ a pass happy attack regardless of its effectiveness.

  16. The Redskins have this great trait to bring teams back to reality. The factory of sadness is stuck with a 30 year old rookie and average RB.
    So far an 8-6 season after 10 out of 12 non winning seasons since 2000, but by all means feel free to puff out your chests and flex your muscles. What a joke.

  17. rtant2013 the fact you think that Morris is better than Richardson or that Richardson has any chance of being a bust tells me you know very very little about football!! I am not a Browns fan so this is just to let you know that Morris has a much better team and offense that has the threat of RGIII to run off those read options and misdirection plays. It makes running for him much easier than Richardson who every team knows is there best player and they have a rookie QB. So teams stack the box. Martin is a beast but he has a lot better offense around him and that is reason he is better than Richardson this year. Richardson is doing all this with 9 men in the box and still beating it. if you saw him at Alabama then you know he has almost no chance of being a bust! He has been very good this year even with every team focussing on him. I think Richardson is a legit stud in next 2 or 3 years, but passing on RG III when everyone knew that him and Luck were a draft class that was unbelievable. People said Luck is best prospect since Peyton and by the draft many experts and GM’s were saying that RG III might be just as good if not better than Luck. You do not pass on that opportunity to get that kind of Franchise QB.

  18. Jim Brown backed off the “average” running back comment after Richardson lit up the Giants. If even the greatest Brown there ever was can admit he’s looking good, I’d think a bunch of internerds could give him his due.

    The only black mark against Richardson is his ability to stay healthy. He’s been banged up all year and hasn’t been off the injury report once this season.

    I’m not buying the Martin/Morris have better teams argument, though. That Redskins defense is horrible. They are getting by lately on scheme but still have no pass rush and a secondary that is shaky at best. The Bucaneers have a QB that is great when he is on and terrible when he is not (see 4 INT against Saints) and a defense that shows up about half of the time.

    The Brownies have all the things required to be relevant in the NFL save wideouts that can catch and an offensive coordinator. However, as gutless as Shurmur is, is yet *another* coach, with new schemes and new coordinators needing new personnel, really what the Browns need?

  19. The Browns are far from being a serious contender in the NFL, but I give them a lot of credit by the way they held up and played against a very powerful Redskins team. Depending on what they do in the following two games will determine how they will head into next season. Once recommendation I would give to the Browns, is they need a new QB. Weeden is just not NFL QB material.

  20. All the Redskins do is run stretch plays most of the game. The fact the Browns did not adjust defensively is just as much to blame as the offensive playcalling in the 2nd half.

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