Vick says of new role, he has to “accept it like a man”


Once and soon-to-be-former Eagles quarterback Michael Vick returned to practice Monday, and said he understands his new role, even if he doesn’t agree with it.

The Eagles decided to go with rookie Nick Foles the rest of this season, a move that almost certainly signals the end of Vick’s run with the team.

Vick said he didn’t know what his future in Philadelphia entailed, and talked around a question about whether he agreed with coach Andy Reid’s decision.

“I’m a competitor, and I’ve always felt like and will continue to feel like I’m one of the best and can play at a high level,” Vick said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. “I want to be out there, I want to play, but it’s just not the ideal situation right now, . . . I have to accept my role, accept it like a man, continue to find positives out of it.”

Vick said for the next two weeks, he’d embrace the role of backing up Foles, knowing he’ll probably never get the starting job back there.

“That’s just the way things are right now,” Vick said. “I have to roll with the punches and deal with it, make the most of it, continue to work hard, try to get better, continue to help Nick out, continue to help [backup Trent Edwards], continue to help this football team, do my job as a leader, . . . regardless if I’m the starter or the third-string quarterback.”

Vick also said that he suffered his concussion a play before coming out of his last game, admitting he was “woozy.” After being hit on the following play he said he knew he had to come out because “I couldn’t see.”

Vick’s doing the best thing he can at the moment, which is playing along. His priority needs to be finding a job for next season with another team, and causing a stink on a sinking ship won’t help him toward that end.

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  1. Good attitude. Buffalo, meet your new QB.

    Put both those RBs in the backfield and get some decent blocking and run a pro set offense (no more west coast b.s.) and they could be dangerous.

  2. He has been nothing but professional during his time in Philadelphia so its no surprise that he wouldn’t raise a fuss. He does owe an awful lot to Andy Reid for giving him a chance that many others wouldn’t.

  3. I would say if anything Andy Reid is doing him a HUGE favor, With the type of game he plays where he goes all out on every play.. and lets face it behind that line ; Why put yourself in arms way of a injury on a team that’s pretty much done for the season.

    He should be nice and healthy and ready to roll for a LONG list of teams; that could use a 4 time pro-bowler who is just 4 yrs older than the browns Brandon Weeden.

  4. Lets be absolutely fair about this. Vic played with 3rd stringers at best. Some flat out stink…Even one player named Jason Peters would have made a big difference. You loose Peters, Keelce, Herramans and have the kind of backups that Reid thought could play. Even Reids !st round 2012 First Rounder flopped. In my opinion Vic would do very well with an offensive line. Anyone who thinks Vic can”t play is dead wrong.

  5. Vick can’t understand a defense or make a quick read. He has always been able to rely on his athleticism to be able to scramble around until he saw something come open or bolt for a big gain. He played behind the same line as Foles, who is not even close to as mobile, but threw way more picks and gave up more sacks.

    Vick’s glory days are done. He might have some luck reviving his career in KC or Buffalo in a one read, option heavy offense but his durability is still a concern.

  6. steelerben says:Dec 17, 2012 3:41 PM

    “He has always been able to rely on his athleticism to be able to scramble around until he saw something come open…”

    Sounds alot like what makes Big Ben special?

  7. It’s crazy how people put Vick down! He will go somewhere else and win a superbowl and everyone’s mouth will be wide open! This season starting out he had several come backs to win and then he gave us leads in fourth quarter that the defense lost the games! Foles is what 1 and 4 and has sucked and everyone still holds him as the great eagles hope! FOH!!! He may be average at best! Give Vick a killer defense, an O Line and another big fast receiver and a good Offense of Coordinator and see how Philly will be Superbowl Contenders!! I hope Vick goes to Arizona and kicks ass next year! Y’all never learn! Look at Samuels with Atlanta this year! Y’all was talking bout him last year and he’s one of the best in the NFL right now!!

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