Dolphins claim Dimitri Patterson


On Monday, the Browns dumped cornerback Dimitri Patterson.

On Tuesday, the Dolphins pounced.

Per a league source, the Dolphins claimed Patterson on waivers.

Patterson, who has a guaranteed base salary of $2.95 million in 2013, will receive $340,000 over the final two weeks of the season from the Dolphins, letting the Browns off the hook.

Patterson is under contract through 2014.  Absent a no-trade clause in his contract, Patterson can declare himself a free agent after 2013, a season in which he’s due to earn a base salary of $4.5 million.

It’s a low-risk gamble for Dolphins, who are still technically alive for a playoff berth.

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  1. Patterson has proved to be a solid, but mediocre cornerback in this league thus far. While he was playing for my Eagles, I noticed that Dmitri had a knack for the ball, wasn’t afraid to stick his nose in a pile, and he never ever lacked effort. There will always be a place in the league for a player like Patterson, and I feel like he can excel somewhere covering the slot receiver.

  2. Ireland with another incredible roster move!!!

    This should put them over the top and be in position to battle over the 14/15th draft pick next season!

  3. Meh. The Browns dumped Patterson because he was a me-first turd.

    He had an ankle that was supposed to keep him out for two weeks… he missed seven games.

    He told the media that he didn’t want to take the chance of putting up bad film because it might ruin his next FA contract.

    There is no “i” in team. But there is a bunch of them in Dimitri.

  4. I like how people make fun of moves like this because they’re not acquiring Peyton Manning in the Week 14 waiver wire. Patterson is said to be very good in the slot, and not so good on the outside. Seems like a good pickup to me. Move Marshall to FS, resign Smith.

  5. next time don’t trade your starting corner in the middle of the preseason. good teams with real gm’s don’t find themselves in this spot.

  6. tile84 | Dec 18, 2012, 6:41 PM EST
    “next time don’t trade your starting corner in the middle of the preseason. good teams with real gm’s don’t find themselves in this spot.”

    We still had a nice setup with smith, Marshall, & Carroll, your faulting the Gm for injuries ? allll aboard the hate train. If you think the new coaching staff had no say in the Vontae trade, and that Ireland himself just wanted to give up on perhaps his most talented player…your opinion on any gm is worthless. Davis irked the prior coaching staff in 2011 too, was even benched, you might remember.

  7. @title84

    Are you referring to Vontae Davis? If so, you are delusional!! He was/is a terrible DB. His potential far outweighed his production, and he never realized his potential because he never honed his craft through hard work and a work ethic needed to play in the NFL. You can’t just show up and expect to be great. How’s he working out in Indy? Has he even played? Everyone seems to think Miami’s DBs are good to very good. Don’t see it. Smith is afraid to tackle, gets burned all the time, and has stone hands. I really hope he does not get resigned. We need to stud corner backs to pair with Jones and Clemons/Wilson at safety.

  8. Lets see if he decides to play on Sunday. Joe Banner knows him from Philly. That’s why he dumped him. Patterson is not a team player.

  9. Guaranteed, he aint showing up on any highlght reel in the next two weeks. Good luck with that Fins Fans!

  10. Dimitri Patterson: Out of 10 plays, you’ll get one INT, mayeb one good pass defensed, and then 8 plays where he whiffs a tackle, commits an atrocious penalty (typically defensive PI), gets completely burned by the receiver, or is out of position.

    Sorry, but one good play and a whole bunch of bad ones doesn’t make a player worth it. You might even get a whole good game out of him from time to time. Too bad he’s not only useless, but may actually help his team lose, in many of the other ones.

  11. The secondary sucks! Smith should be moved to Safety! Maybe that can happen if Mr. Mefirst pans out some! Free agent DB’s might work out if they are coachable!

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