Greg Jennings doesn’t expect to return to Packers in 2013


Coming into the season, Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings knew that this could be his last year with the team.

Nothing in the last three months has shaken him of that notion and has left him feeling like he’s playing his final games as a Packer. While on a podcast with Steve Wyche and Mark Kriegel of the NFL Network, Jennings said that he expects to be plying his trade for another team in 2013 and beyond.

“I’m gonna lean to the ‘no’ side of it,” Jennings said. “That’s my educated guess, my personal educated guess.”

Jennings said that if the choice was only up to him, he would remain with the Packers for another season. The Packers have a lot of extensions to take care of in the coming years, though, and they’ve seen Randall Cobb and James Jones step up to play major roles in the passing game while Jennings has been injured this season.

That’s led plenty of other people to make the same guess as Jennings about where he’ll be playing come next season.

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  1. Bring in Jennings, trade for Fitzgerald (longshot, but a guy can dream), and bring in Alex Smith to replace noodle arm Ponder and the Vikes will have an offense again!

  2. If they can afford him, they should keep him but as we’ve seen before, its a business and the Packers have needs on the O-line, D-line, and probably a new kicker.

  3. I dont know if it is the injury or the game plan, but Greg doesnt seem like he is getting open as much these days.

    Greg should still have it, but I wonder if his play is indicitive of his desire to remain a Packer. The Packers have great depth at the WR position, and it might just be “odd man out” while being able to build a team. No doubt that Ted Thompson will make the right move, whatever that may be.

    Either way, Greg will be great wherever he plays. He is a good dude.

  4. Lifelong Packer fan here-

    Greg, I love ya and I wish you the best on all your future endeavors (as long as it is not as a Viking or Bear).

    Jennings can command big money on the open market and the Pack simply doesn’t need to spend it to keep competitive with their receiving core. Jones and Nelson both have Pro-Bowl level potential. Cobb is right there with Victor Cruz, Percy Harvin, and Wes Welker as an example of the emerging slot threat that will no doubt be a facet of every NFL team within a few years. The Pack have proven that they can draft and develop receivers to become NFL elite level players.

    Take care of Rodgers and Matthews and go buy some linemen (O and D). The Jennings and Finley money should go a long way to cover that.

  5. Cristsmas wishes? LOL Greg Jennings will go where he can be the number one guy. He wont sign with a team that wants him to be the number 2 guy. He wont play behind Marshall in Chicago. He wont play behind Johnson in Detroit. He wont play behind Harvin in Minnesota (not to mention the Vikings problems at the QB position).

    If Greg doesnt play in Green Bay, he will likely sign with a team that employs the same type of offensive scheme that has made Greg successful up to this point in his career. Look for him to land in the AFC. I am thinking New England.

  6. He probably won’t be back, they have him replaced, and guys Mathews and Raji will be getting paid (hopefully), are also more difficult to place than Jennings.

  7. Jennings has been great for the organization, no doubt about it. That said, Rodgers makes all the WRs around him that much better. As long as he’s still around, the Packers will continue to produce great WRs, meaning that the departure of Jennings won’t be the end of the world.

    Personally, I’d love to see him stay, but either way, the Pack will be just fine.

  8. Packers need to re-sign CM3 & A-Rodge…..those 2 are the priority. In order to do that guys like Jennings and Finley will be gone.

    I like Jennings but he just can’t stay on the field and Finley is….you know, Finley.

  9. Hope they can work it out, but you cant fault the Packers for having too many quality receivers.

  10. I hate to see Jennings go but I understand it. His age is starting to tell on his body plus he’s going to demand a good chunk of money, I expect. TT is high on developing players and the Pack has a group of young players waiting in the wings. There are also some serious holes in the line that need to be addressed. There are several teams that could use Jennings’ skills so he won’t have any trouble finding a home. I just hope it’s not in the North division.

  11. Jennings is a good player and a team captain type personality.

    Its players like him that can build a team and show the younger players how to live like a pro..

    Jennings is the type of WR that Philly needs.
    take that bum kid DeSean and throw him in the slot and back for every P/K return.

    1-Jennings 2-Maclin 3-Avant 4-Jackson 5-Cooper.
    thats the WR core we need for Foles.

  12. After that comment about his division rival opponent, maybe the Vikings will give him an chance…

  13. He is a great guy and a total team player. When healthy he’s easily one of the top 5 receivers in the game, but its a big risk for any organization to take on the salary cap hit he will bring considering how injury prone he has been the last few years.

  14. Come to Washington and play with RG3! Garcon+Jennings = NFC East Champs for years to come!

  15. Line will be short!!! Nobody wants an overpaid WR that cant stay healthy and plays 3 games a year…

  16. He’s a great WR and an even better person to have as one of the faces of your organization. Will always remember during the Super Bowl run when he talked about the team overcoming the loss of its #1 receiver (Driver) even though by that point Jennings had clearly established himself in that position. He’s what Thompson meant when he talked about “Packer People.” The guy is nothing but class. Won’t be able to root against him even if he plays for the Bears or Vikings. Sure wish the Pack could keep him.

  17. Jennings thinks he is going to get a huge upgrade over his $27 million 3 year deal. If he gets anything close to that it’s not going to be in Green Bay.
    Trade Jennings to Miami for Cameron Wake!

  18. I like Jennings and wish he could stay with the Pack, but Rodgers and Matthews are due for some big time raises and those 2 make the offense and defense what it is.

  19. I like Jennings and wish he could stay with the Pack, but Rodgers and Matthews are due for some big time raises and those 2 make the offense and defense what it is.


    Agree with all of that and Raji becomes a free agent at the end of the year.
    Green Bay simply has too many bases to cover than to lock up a reciever who’s hitting 30 as the season starts.

    I also look for Ted using a 3rd or 4th rounder on another reciever in April.

  20. I do think he would stay with the packers if he didn’t want a lot of $. cause they really don’t need him, but there are many teams that need a #1 WR. Rams are first to come to mind, then Brown’s, Carolina, and Jags. those are the places he would be #1

  21. It’s a business and the Packers are loaded at WR. I hate to see him go but I don’t expect him, Finley, or Crosby to be around next year. They have plenty of other gaps to fill. Maybe they can get someone to compliment Matthews or some O-Line help.

  22. I’m sorry guys he is coming to Oakland, I may be just a kid but do you really think Reggie is going to let him pass by? Plus he is from Green Bay and Reggie loves Green Bay players… Plus we need some veteran help.

  23. The more I think about it the more important it is for GB to resign Jennings. If he leaves GB still has a great set of WRs with Jones, Nelson and Cobb. However, if one of those guys get hurt they are suddenly very weak at WR.

    With the injuries to Nelson and Jennings (and drop off of Driver) this year, the depth at WR was a huge reason the offense was able to function.

    Imagine in 2013 if the WR package is Cobb, Boykin and Ross with no Finley? Not a pretty picture.

  24. samanthasteeleruinedmyqb says:
    Dec 18, 2012 3:00 PM
    “I expect the Vikings will make a big effort to sign him. Why not? Favre and Longwell had the best years of their careers in Minnesota despite doing very well in Green Bay.”
    So 1 fancy statistical season (against a weak lineup of teams) – followed by his worst season ….
    That’s the best years of Favre’s career?

    Cause I remember back to back Superbowl appearances – 3 consecutive MVPs – Becoming a Folk Hero – Bringing a Lombardi back to Green Bay – etc. …. but no, that doesn’t hold a candle to that time he blew out the browns.

  25. He’s overrated. Fragile and product of the system. Someone will overpay and regret it ( jets???)

  26. I guess I’ll join the fun with the Greg Jennings would be a perfect match on my team game we seem to be playing.

    Ok guys, picture this: Steve Smith and Greg Jennings; with that backfield and Newton tossing the ball…..

    mind blown

  27. cacheesehead1237 says: Dec 18, 2012 6:12 PM

    Imagine in 2013 if the WR package is Cobb, Boykin and Ross with no Finley? Not a pretty picture.

    Let’s not forget about James Jones and Jordy Nelson. I think Boykin could make a good 4th WR option.

  28. Thats the system in greenbay they use good players until its time to pay them then turn they backs on them. the only one greenbay will pay is Rodgers. Jennings knew this was coming and Nelson is next. NEED MORE…OK LOOK AT DRIVER RIGHT NOW

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