Harbaugh hopes Justin Smith can keep them dogies rollin’

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It’s no coincidence the 49ers defense began to spring leaks when defensive tackle Justin Smith was out of the game Sunday night.

But 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said during his weekly appearance on KNBR 680 he was optimistic Smith would be able to practice this week. Smith appeared to injure his left elbow during the third quarter, was X-rayed, tried to come back with the arm taped up, but couldn’t finish the game. He had an MRI yesterday, but there was no update on his condition.

“Well, you know his nickname is Cowboy,” Harbaugh said of Smith, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “Everybody affectionately refers to Justin Smith around here as the Cowboy. So, I expect we’ll see the Cowboy. Knowing what I know of Justin Smith and the situation, yeah, I think the Cowboy’s going to be saddled up. . . . Ropin’ and ridin’! . . . If it’s humanly possible, the Cowboy will be out there ropin’ and ridin’.”

While it’s not much of an injury report, it does make me wish someone could talk Harbaugh into singing a few bars of “Rawhide.”

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  1. Defense sprung leaks because they spent the whole time on the field during the 28 pt. run. Not having Cowboy definitely hurt but we are supposed to be able to control the ball in that situation. Dont run directly at the best NG in the game and get Kap some practice under center.

  2. Justin Smith hasn’t missed a game in over 180 starts.

    But if she does, RJF and other DL are going to have to step up and Fangio is going to have to get creative to mimick some of the havoc J. Smith creates.

    Not an easy task. And if the Niners can’t adjust, their defense will be a lot more vulnerable and even more pressure will be on the O.

  3. Harbaugh is a legend. Great coach and he even provides good soundbites. It’s a refreshing change from the usual “gobble, gobble, turkey” that most coaches spit out all the time.

  4. Playcalling was also responsible for the semi-comeback of the Pats. Going into a Prevent D in the 3rd quarter is never wise, ESPECIALLY when Tom freakin Brady is taking the snaps. The fact is that my 9ers took their foot off the gas on both sides of the ball.

    Get better Cowboy!

  5. When Kevin Gilbride said Justin Smith holds i laughed at him, but after watch him against the pats i realized everytime him and aldon smith did a stunt he held on to the guard. Its genius IMO but he does hold lol

  6. Holding is against the rules and can go against offense or defense. Heard Justin learned how to hold men on Castro Street, it’s probably where his elbow injury really happened.

  7. Except holding is against the rules. you can not hold an offensive lineman preventing him from blocking another def. lineman

  8. holding and “grabbing” are not the same thing. you are allowed to grab players you just cant “hold” them by what the NFL deems as a hold. Smith doesnt break the rules any more than any other D linemen in the NFL. watch football, then have an opinion.

  9. The comeback was a combo of 4 things. The staff going to prevent D for awhile, losing Justin Smith, the phantom P.I call (their feet got tangled) on T. Brown that set up N.E on the 1yd line and Brady being Brady, which is beyond elite. I knew S.F would put up another score or two and pull it out though.
    Tough game against a very hot Seattle team next. The key will be stopping Beastmode. 240+ yards on his last 20-something carries? Nasty. Here’s to a great game ‘Hawks.

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