Jaguars shuffle up their roster


The phrase rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic is often used to describe fruitless alterations to the status quo that aren’t likely to result in any significant changes to the outcome.

It would seem an apt phrase for the nine roster moves made by the Jaguars on Tuesday outside of the fact that no one expected the Titanic to sink before making it across the Atlantic. Projections for the Jaguars were a lot less robust and they may have even underperformed them this season. None of the moves made on Tuesday figure to make the final two games any better than the first 14.

The Jaguars placed defensive end Andre Branch and running back Jordan Todman on injured reserve and released wide receiver Quan Cosby and fullback Will Ta’ufo’ou. Branch was the 38th overall selection in April, but produced just one sack and lost his starting job over the course of the season. The Jaguars obviously hope to see more from him in 2013. Todman was signed off the Vikings practice squad late last month as the team dealt with injuries to Maurice Jones-Drew and Rashard Jennings.

Three players were promoted from the practice squad to replace them. Isaiah Stanback is the most familiar name. The former Cowboy fourth-round pick was a quarterback in college and a wide receiver with Dallas, but the Jaguars have been working on him as a tight end. They’ll likely take a look at how their project handles game action. Wide receiver Mike Brown and linebacker Brandon Marshall were also called up. We don’t know much about them, but we’re not expecting as much impact as the Bears got from former safety Mike Brown and current wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

The Jags also signed offensive lineman Tommie Draheim and wide receiver Brittan Golden to the practice squad.