Jets defense getting frustrated with team’s offensive woes

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OK, who had Week 15 in the pool?

The Jets defense has apparently had enough of the non-support, and finally aired the grievances after last night’s 14-10 loss to the Titans, which ended their faint playoff hopes.

Story of our season. Shooting yourself in the foot, over and over and over again,” Jets linebacker Calvin Pace said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “I don’t care who you’re playing, you can’t beat anybody if you turn the ball over five times.”

Thanks to playing one of their peers, the Jets were still in the game after all the interceptions, but a Sanchez fumble to top it was too much to bear.

“We have to play an opponent and play ourself. Can’t win like that,” Pace said.

Asked if it was frustrating to watch the offense struggle, Pace replied: “Yeah.”

Even when they got the ball at the Titans 25 in the final seconds, there wasn’t a tremendous confidence.

“Like I said, I play defense,” safety LaRon Landry said. “My mindset on the sidelines? I hope they want to capitalize. I hope they want to win.”

Pace did say all the blame couldn’t be placed solely on the offense, after all they allowed a 94-yard touchdown run by Chris Johnson. And the Titans best drive of the night (faint praise) came after Sanchez had given the Jets a 10-7 lead.

But other than the long run, Johnson gained 28 yards on his other 20 carries.

But with an offense they can’t count on, there’s a constant pressure on the Jets defense to play perfectly.

“It is [a lot of pressure],” Pace said. “It’s nerve-racking.”

More than even the turnovers, the lack of confidence in Sanchez by his teammates will be the thing that undermines his career there, and invite another offseason of questions about the position.

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  1. I’m confused. The media’s been telling us for years that Tebow has magic powers that cannot be overcome. That he has an unmatched “will to win”, that he’s the “hardest worker on the team” “makes everyone around him play better” and that he’s a “champion”.

    In college he got one championship as a starter and in the NFL he’s still looking for his first winning season. When will the media stop the hype and report the facts? Statistically he’s a losing qb with one of the worst qb ratings ever.

  2. Thank god I am not a Jets fan. At least when the Raiders are terrible they keep their mouths relatively shut.

  3. Well, Mr. Pace, the offense generally doesn’t let the other team score. That was a pretty big touchdown you guys gave up.

  4. Joe Flacco will be available this off season…Raven Nation will gladly take three number one picks for Joe Flacco.

  5. the jets are one of the worst coached teams in the NFL and thats plain to see…they cant even get subs in and out successfully during a game’ and why they leave a shell shocked sanchez in there over and over will never make any sense to me. I’m pretty sure its time for this squad to get dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up.
    bye bye sanchize
    bye bye rex

  6. The good news is that there are 17 million reasons Sanchez will be back under center next season for the Jets !

    Hopefully Tanny, Rex will be back along with Chan & Buddy from the only team that actually plays in the State of NY next season.

  7. Blame the offense? I say blame the coach first. You have a guy, who steadfastly refuses to make any change despite continued miserable results.
    You can’t take a guy like Tebow, give him one or two series every 4-5 weeks, and say, “it didn’t work”. Tom Brady had several three-and-outs the other night…maybe we should bench him too??
    Lastly, I know that the Jets will owe Sanchez a ton of money next year, even if he sits, but so what? Sit him anyway. Does it matter if you pay him, he plays, and you lose; or if you pay him, sit him, and MAYBE win a few games?
    Personally, I am a NE fan, so they can resign Sanchez to a fully guaranteed $100M contract, and I would be thrilled, but to continue to play him shows that Rex Ryan is too stubborn to make the changes necessary when it is not going right for his team. He deserves to be fired.

  8. Here’s a slightly different thought…

    Maybe, just maybe. there’s been a talent drain on the Jets team as a whole..

    Each year, since Rex’s hiring, it’s been progressively worse.

    But there is hope. They should be high enough in the draft to get a quality O-lineman.

    I think, with a good OC. A couple good players (lineman, & TE) on the O side. They could start re-developing a good, simple, solid offense. At least it could be respectable. Not great. But respectable. That’d go a long ways to restoring order and attitude for the Jets.

  9. Sanchez is the most overhyped/overrated player in recent memory. He is not even close to what is required to start in the NFL. Really, he shouldnt even be in the NFL. He is just terrible with his accuracy and decision making.

    I’ve been saying it for eyars. Sanchez is just plain bad. It must have caught on. Now everyone is saying the same thing.. hahaha

  10. I don’t blame this guy I’d be frustrated too.. When your defense gives up only 14 points in a game your supposed to win that game

  11. Sanchez must have dirt on Rex for him to keep playing and telling the fans “He gives us our best chance to win!” 5 turn overs? the other two guys cant do any worse! But, the stupidity of the Jets does take my mind off the fact my Dolphins continue to do poorly year after year.

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