LeSean McCoy cleared, could play this week


Unlike quarterback Michael Vick, there’s a good chance Eagles running back LeSean McCoy plays this week after being cleared by doctors to return from his concussion.

Eagles coach Andy Reid said on his radio show on WIP-AM, via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, that McCoy could play this week against the Redskins.

“There’s a chance he ends up playing for us this week,” Reid said. “We’ll see how it goes with practices this week. He practiced today and did well.”

While quarterback Nick Foles has shown steady growth at quarterback, replacement running back Bryce Brown has shown a tendency to fumble, mostly.

Brown had 43 carries for 347 yards and four touchdowns in his first two starts, but was held to 40 yards in his next two games. He also fumbled three times, and one last week that was charged to Foles could have easily been assigned to Brown.

“He’ll correct the fumbling,” Reid said of Brown. “With time here that will get taken care of. And if it doesn’t then you can’t play.”

And that’s likely why McCoy gets another chance, while Vick watches.

9 responses to “LeSean McCoy cleared, could play this week

  1. Why in the world would they risk something else happening to one of the few bright spots on their team? As much as it pains me to say so, they should take a page out of the skins book and sit him, to protect him from himself. They are certainly going to need a couple of familiar faces in the locker room after the inevitable house cleaning coming during the off-season.

  2. Well if “steady growth” means he can complete passes to hopelessly wide open receivers, then I agree! Otherwise Foles looks the part of a career backup QB IMHO. I would take Cousins over him in a new york city second!!

  3. No reason to risk McCoy’s health in the last 2 games of a lost season. Let the rookies play regardless of mistakes. This is all about evaluating for next year.

  4. Why play him and risk further injuries? Not like he’s going to help you beat the Redskins and magically make the playoffs. Even if he helps you beat the Redskins, you just damage your draft status. Sit him like you are doing Mike Vick and get Bryce “fumble master” Brown more game time.

  5. If Mccoy is healthy he should play, thats what he gets paid to do. Regardless if these games matter or not, the best.players should be on the field. This isnt parcheesi, there is a risk of injury every time you step on the field.

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