Montreal could be Tebow’s eventual destination


If the Jets decide to cut quarterback Tim Tebow, the next question becomes whether any other team will sign him.  Though some think he’d be a viable fullback at the NFL level, Tebow may insist on playing quarterback.

And if the Jaguars or the Cardinals or any other quarterback-needy team isn’t interested in letting Tebow play quarterback, he could always go north of the border.

As recently pointed out by Sportsnet, the Montreal Alouettes hold Tebow’s negotiating rights in the CFL.  Previously, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats had dibs on Tebow.

Montreal’s incumbent starter, 40-year-old Anthony Calvillo, recently decided to return for another season.  (But, hey, he needs a backup, right?  Or a personal punt protector?)

Though it seems like a joke to think that a guy who helped take the Broncos from 1-5 to the final eight last season could be out of NFL options, there’s a chance he soon will be forced to move on from the NFL — unless he wants to move out to a new position.

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  1. Tebow is a very smart guy. I’m sure his finances are in order and will be for some time. Why not look into alternative leagues? I’d rather start in the CFL than be a backup and he should too.

  2. I honestly think Tebow could be really good in Canadian Football.

    So this wouldn’t be a bad career move (I mean, except for the fact that it pays much less.)

  3. “Though it seems like a joke to think that a guy who helped take the Broncos from 1-5 to the final eight last season could be out of NFL options,”

    Denver is cutting Matt Prater?!?!

  4. the CFL seems like a logical stop because the oxygen that Tebow sucks out of the room and could upset the egos of his teammates doing a lot more on the field, making it not worth an NFL team pursuing him as a backup, especially when the backup is a 47% passer.. That said, if there’s no NFL interest, he may want to go in the booth as an analyst for college games, where he could command more money

  5. Calvillo has announced that he’s coming back for one more year. Although there are worse ways for Tebow to spend his time than a year spent learning from a QB whose thrown for almost 80,000 yards and 450 TD’s on his career then taking over.

  6. Call me crazy but I think this could be beneficial to both Tebow and the CFL. He would instantly be the biggest star in the league (your bosses at NBC sports would be happy too haha) and could be the kind of star that Doug Flutie was. Add in that he’d be coached by Marc Trestman, a guy who is known as a qb guru and actually worked with Tebow leading up the 2010 draft and the bigger field to better take advantage of his athletic talents, I think its a good fit. Nobody is saying he has to spend the rest of his career there, but he would get a chance to play, show his talents to potential future NFL employers for aposible return in a few years, and be an ambassador and face of a league. Whats not to like? It not only worked for Flutie but Jeff Garcia and Warren Moon as well.

  7. @Slim Charles

    In Canadian Football it’s a lot easier to complete a pass (since receivers can move towards the line of scrimmage at the snap and defenders and the illegal contact buffer zone ends 1 yard downfield and not 5 yards). Also, the field is quite a bit wider which gives Tebow more room to operate when he scrambles.

  8. Sounds good on paper. The thing is…Tebow can’t throw. No way he plays well in the CFL, which often plays like a big version of Arena Football. It is time for the Born-agains to face the fact that Tebow just can’t play.

  9. Tebow seems destined to ride the Doug Flutie career path. Spend a few years in Canada and come back to the NFL for a second chance in a few years.

  10. It’d be the best thing to ever happen to the CFL.

    I can guarantee you Tebow would still receive a ton of ESPN coverage in Canada. We’d actually be hearing about the CFL and it’d bring them a ton of publicity down here.

  11. Teams in CFL have a short yardage QB to do QB sneaks. There is NO WAY he wins the starting job From Calvillo, but if he’s on the team he can still develop and continue to be a QB at the pro level. He works hard and can learn from a great QB and coach and who knows how far he can go?

  12. I think Tebow should go to the CFL for a year or 2 strictly to work on his passing game. He’s not gonna get much playing time in the NFL.

  13. If I were the JAGs owner, I would get Tebow, get a Coaching staff who is fully behind the implemention of a spread option offense and let it all ride with Tebow. JAGs got literally nothing to lose!

  14. If he has 5 undefeated seasons in the CFL will the NFL look at him? This guy got destroyed by biased media last year (and this year) and then Jets organization this year. Wow.

  15. oi2dwrld says:Dec 18, 2012 8:40 PM

    “Though it seems like a joke to think that a guy who helped take the Broncos from 1-5 to the final eight last season could be out of NFL options,”

    Denver is cutting Matt Prater?!?!
    What? Say it ain’t so!!! After all those 92 yard field goals?

    Oh, wait, somebody drove the team down the field to get into field goal range with seconds left on the clock – was that Prater, too?

  16. First, the only reason Warren Moon played in the CFL is because the NFL had a bunch of coaches and player personal people who discriminated against all black quarterbacks even though those cowards would not admit to the truth.
    As far as Tebow, I hope he works on his skillset and improves his accuracy enough to play quarterback. He just needs a coach that will to cater to his skills and an offense that fits his abilities. Unfortunately, the NFL still has too many dumb coaches who would rather lose with Mark Sanchez, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and all the Cardinals QB’s instead of win with Tebow. That is why I will not feel any empathy when Rex Ryan and Mike Tannebaum get fired on Pink Slip Monday.
    Atleast Mike Shanahan learned one lesson last year from trying to win with John Beck and Rex Grossman, it is better to change your offense to fit a quarterback’s skillset and win instead of being a stubborn fool that gets fired. It is better to be thought a fool instead of starting Mark Sanchez as your QB and remove all doubt.
    No, I am not saying Tim Tebow is as good as RG3. I am saying that it is better to win with an unconventional QB than lose your job trying to prove that Mark Sanchez is an elite QB.

  17. The cfl might be a good play for him to apply the tools of the trade. It helped get joe theisman’s and warren Moon’s careers off the ground and to a lesser extent Doug Flutie. If he is successful he might be taken more seriously as a quarterback and the wider field would benefit his running style. He sure would take a hit endorsement wise but he is such a driven competitor that it might be a sacrifice he is willing to make if it were to pave the way for a return to the NFL as a quarterback.

  18. I will speak for all Canadians and say you can keep Skip Bayless. I would rather you kept Tebow but I’m sure he will get scared off on his own once he sees all of the beavers.

  19. Put him in the pistol option. It’s working for the skins and niners. Forget the spread and traditional offense.

  20. Since I’ve never watched a down of Canadian football, I can’t comment on whether Tebow is any better suited to play QB in their game than ours. Fullback, tight end, maybe even linebacker in the NFL? Yes, absolutely. The guy is a great footballer, a hard worker, and has heart. But if he insists on playing quarterback, then it’s time everyone–especially Tebow–starts developing more realistic expectations about his potential.

  21. He did it to himself signing on with the Jets. He thought they would ditch Sanchez. He’s 2x better than $100M Vick and could have started for several teams after his play last season. A couple of years in CFL and he’ll be starting again.

  22. Someone he trusts needs to sit Tim Tebow down and hammer it into his head that he is frittering away the prime of his athletic life stubbornly insisting on being given the opportunity to be a starter at a position he simply is not qualified to play in the NFL.

    He is strong, tough, fast and athletic. He has shown that he can make people miss in the open field. There is a place for him in this league.

    It’s just not at QB.

  23. I live in Montreal and I know my CFL, if you all think he is going to start you don’t know anything about the alouettes. Anthony Calvillo is coming back for another year and Adrian Mcpherson has been the backup for a long time and has never gotten a start. And people tend to forget that the CFL is 3 downs so there’s alot of passing and the running game isn’t active at all. Hope this message clears things up, I was never a fan of the CFL but I know alot about the league.

  24. If Leftwich, Skelton, Gradkowski, Orlovsky, D. Anderson and others can get work in the NFL, then Tebow should still have a place in the NFL. I’m a Bengals fan, and if not for the media circus that follows him, I would take him over Gradkowski in a heartbeat.

    Byron Leftwich is terrible and has a windup worse than Tebow’s (and can’t run). I find is utterly ridiculous that Tebow didn’t get a shot over Sanchez. At least Tebow doesn’t throw 3-4 picks every game. You can’t tell me that McElroy is any better than Tebow either. The Jets just don’t want to see a backlash if Tebow wins a couple games.

  25. Tebow is coming home to Jax. The only viable option to blackouts that are certainly coming after a two win season. Give the kid a shot without these stupid formations.

  26. steaky247 says: Dec 18, 2012 9:46 PM

    I will speak for all Canadians and say you can keep Skip Bayless. I would rather you kept Tebow but I’m sure he will get scared off on his own once he sees all of the beavers.

    That is an underrated comment. Kudos, Canuck.

  27. patssteelersorgiants says: Dec 18, 2012 10:07 PM

    He did it to himself signing on with the Jets. He thought they would ditch Sanchez. He’s 2x better than $100M Vick and could have started for several teams after his play last season. A couple of years in CFL and he’ll be starting again

    First off Tebow is not 2x better than Vick. Let’s put it this way. As bad as Vick has played this year I would bet he gets a job as a back up or starter somewhere in the league before Tebow. And please name the several teams Tebow could have started for after last year. Even Jacksonville wasn’t all that serious about obtaining him. Let me put it this way.. he couldn’t beat out Sanchez or Greg M.

    Listen….if he has talent some team will step up to sign him to play qb. He is not a talented QB.

  28. Tebow is a winner. It’s simple. Why this man gets such disrespect is beyond me and I am going to have to guess it has a lot to do with his Christian faith. He is a good quarterback and the thing that makes him unique is he is not good on paper but good on the field. I would take Tebow on my team because I know he will find a way to win not because I think he is going to put up Tom Brady stats. The NFL is all about winning and Tebow, when given the opportunity wins football games. He deserves to start in the NFL and he deserves a lot more respect that what he gets.

  29. Actually, if he’s interested in playing football still, maybe look into becoming the star of the AFL. He could handle the passing game there since it’s such a small field, he could also be a threat running there, not a bad fit for him.

  30. Anybody who thinks Tim Tebow can’t star in the CFL doesn’t know about Joe Kapp. He was one the greatest CFL quarterbacks in modern history. He played the game the same way as Tebow. He had the same talents. He led the BC Lions to the Grey Cup. By the way, Joe Kapp later led the Minnesota Vikings to the Super Bowl.

  31. Tebow will never be a starter in the NFL again and will be out of the league for good within 2 years

  32. Why all the negativces about Tebow? Remember that when Kyle Orton was QB for Denver and Tim Tebow came along, they were 1 and 4. He brought Denver to the playoffs. He cannot be that terrible. Is it the marketing that surrounds him that pisses everyone off? I am a professor of marketing and I agree that the Tebow marketing is annoying, but it is not his doing. Also I think people have issues because he is Christian.

  33. I realize this is fantasy, but so are any other projections. But in Madden this year playing as the Packers, I traded a 2nd next year to the Jets for him. made him a Fullback. I made him the backup Fullback, 2nd string TE, and the Starting 3rd down back, and a special teams starter, in 15 games he scored 12 touchdowns, 5 rushing, 5 receiving, and 2 on fumble returns on ST. Just an Idea.

  34. I don’t understand why you guys in the media love bashing tebow so much. so he sucks at quarter back. who cares just let the guy be. you complain about all the attention he gets and you make up bull@#$! stories about him. if anyone in the nfl should move to the canadian leaugue it’s probably the raiders.

  35. I have a feeling the Jets are going to look even more foolish at the end of next season when Tebow takes his team to the Superbowl.

  36. I just don’t get Tebow.. OK, he wants to play the QB position which many, including myself, don’t believe he can play. If this guy has some soft hands, he has the potential to be a receiving TE in this league, it’s not that hard, & who knows, this guy might turn heads.
    Plain & simple, regardless of what he did with the Gators & the Broncos, if he’s willing to change positions, he “CAN” play at the NFL level. I’m no fan of his, but if that were the case, I’d sign him to play in Jax in a heartbeat. Otherwise, playing the most premium position in sports is a guaranteed “NO WAY.”
    PS- Even if the Jags do sign him for such reasons as revenue, the circus would not follow him down here. It’s kind of a win-win now that I think about it!

  37. Going to Montreal or Calgary won’t be any easier for him than going to Jacksonville. The CFL still has a requirement that QBs can throw a forward pass to a receiver to get a first down. Tim Tebow is just a bad passer and would be exposed even worse in a passing league like the CFL. Doug Flutie did really well here and even set records but Tebow isn’t even Flutie. I think he should retire and find a real calling in life that he is good at.

  38. Bring him here to Buffalo! The Bills are almost as good as a CFL team anyway. At least they might an entertaining 6-10 rather than the painful 6-10 they normally are. Run the wishbone with Tebow, Spiller and Jackson. Can’t be any worse than what we have now.

  39. Anthony Calvillo has played 19 years and is the leading pro football passer with 76,542. Marcus Allen’s brother Damon is 2nd with 72,381 yards. Brett Favre 3rd at 71,381 and Warren Moon 4th (combined CFL and NFL) 70,553.

    Just want to point out that the CFL is a 3 down league. If you don’t get 10 yards on your first two you punt. It’s a passing league.

    Just sayin’. Not exactly Tebow’s strength and Montreal has a Hall of Fame CFL QB as the incumbent.

    Their coach however is a religious guy and could connect with Tebow on that level.

  40. CFL field is 15 yards wider and 10 yards longer with a 20 yard in bound end zone.Let the debate begin wether this would be beneficial to Tebow or hinder him.

  41. Isn’t Tebow from the Jacksonville area? Since Gabbert hasn’t exactly lit up that place and the Jags need to sell tickets…. Seriously, what do the Jags and Tebow have to lose?

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