Multiple reports: Rex leaning toward starting McElroy

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Word is getting out that the Jets are about to decide to start Greg McElroy this week.

Moments ago, both Brian Costello of the New York Post and Rich Cimini of reported that Jets coach Rex Ryan’s leaning toward starting McElroy, given last night’s Mark Sanchez implosion.

It’s not a surprise, given the fact that Sanchez has frankly done a horrible job of saving himself with multiple opportunities.

And it also seems to make it clear Ryan wants no part of a Tim Tebow situation, as Sanchez has opened the door repeatedly and the coaching staff has never walked Tebow through it.

Cimini’s report had the howler of the day, saying “Tebow still involved in equation. This could be weird.”

Imagine that.

UPDATE 2:25 p.m. ET: Well, that didn’t take long. The Jets have announced as official that McElroy will start.

The fun has just begun.

37 responses to “Multiple reports: Rex leaning toward starting McElroy

  1. Im not a Jets fan, nor a Jets hater. However, lets stop the “Sanchez has no support” theme.

    While that is true, last night was unacceptable for an NFL calibur QB. He threw 4 Ham/Salami sandwiches up for grabs.

    Dude needs to be moved to another team – he is not cut out for New York.

  2. I have never seen this before…where a team brings in a back up puts him number two on the depth chart yet hes the third option when it comes to starting games. I feel for you Timmy.

  3. Cimini’s report: “This could be weird.” Are you kidding, it went waaaay past weird a long time ago.
    Bringing Tebow in last night for a series was weird.
    Not bringing McElroy in for the 4th quarter when the game was still up for grabs was weird.
    Nothing about the Jets, especially their QB situation isn’t “weird.”

  4. Sanchez is like a rotting fruit in the fridge. No one wants it, but no one wants to touch it to throw it away.

    The Jets are in big trouble and it has finally festered to a gross pusy mess. Good luck with rebuilding that team with that management in place. It will, like it is now, be too late once the management realizes it is broken.

    It took 4 years of Sanchez and his horrible play for anyone in the Jets organization to admit he was a mistake, a wasted #1 pick. Now they have an aging defense that was once great and will have to deal with free agency with some of their best players.

    The Sanchez experiment was a complete bust. I thought it was funny how Rex gave some credit to Sanchez for 2 AFC championship games when it was the Defense and running game that got them there. I have said all along, the Jets did great things despite having Sanchez as their starting QB.

  5. I am hanging on the edge of my seat wondering who will start for this
    ” must” game. I will be checking this site every five minutes for information.

  6. Stick a fork in this awful team…makes sense to start McElroy now that the Jets have been eliminated from playoffs cause Sanchez stinks as a quarterback.

  7. Finally. The best QB on the roster gets his chance. Don’t be surprised when they blow out my Chargers.

    The surprising stat the ESPN crew came up with: The Sanchize with 50 turnovers in 4 years. Philip Rivers with 47 in 4 years. WTH happened, you ask? I say the Norvenator.

  8. I’m not a Tebow fanatic, but I do recall him winning some games last year. Is that why the Jets won’t start him, because it makes too much sense? Or are they worried they’d lose anyway and weaken whatever trade value he may still have? It really says something when Tebow could look at a trade to the Jaguars as a significant step up in life.

  9. If Tebows worse than last year, you sure wouldn’t want the team you’re trading with to show he’s worse. Let them bid on the unknown vs, oh that guys regressed.

  10. Sanchez shouldn’t even be active the rest of the year.. I’m no jets fan but when ya kids F up they need to be disciplined..same applies here especially if he’s goin to return next season.

  11. They absolutely cannot start Tebow for 2 reasons:
    1) the only way Tim could have any semblance of success is to tailor the offense to him. Too late to do that.
    2) Rex may be fired anyway but if you start Tim and he wins and Rex stuck with the futile, struggling Sanchez all year without giving Tim a chance, he would be fired for sure.

  12. Its about time. McElroy was their best qb in preseason and got the save against AZ.

    As for Tebow, apparently three different NFL coaching staffs have come to the same conclusion – that he’s not good enough to be #2.

  13. I am glad Tebow is a straight arrow and has his Faith cause he just got The Shaft from the second team he has “played” for. Somebody please trade him to a bigger loser than the Jets so he has a chance to start.

    Oh, there are no bigger losers than the Jets.

  14. They are roasting Sanchez in the highlights. They are playing all the interception calls from Monday’s game with Yackety Sax playing in the background.

  15. This team is so stupid, all you can really do is laugh! They trade for a guy they don’t believe in & find EVERY way to not use him??? Sanchez should’ve been benched and would’ve if they really cared about winning. Why won’t the front office just come out and say “We will not play Tebow because we don’t want him to possibly win a game or two so that we can cut him at the end of the season”… Not a Jets or Giants fan but ,this is why the Giants will ALWAYS the only relevant football franchise here in NYC. If you don’t give up your fandom of this team you must really love torture lol

  16. They got exactly what they wanted out of the Tebow trade: ATTENTION. Now, there is no way Rex will start Tebow. If he comes in and plays even halfway decent and wins, Rex would not survive the media/fans aftermath questioning his decisions all year. McElroy gets the starts because that is the only way Rex coaches next year. He still might get fired but if he starts Tebow or Sanchez it would make it a certainty.

  17. Nobody should take Rex starting McElroy to mean he is a better option than Tebow. I think it’s fair to say he has lost any credibility when it comes to choosing a starting QB.

  18. I think it’s clear that the coaching staff didn’t want tebow. The owner did and probably made it happen. The jets have institutionally been all over the road this year. They need to clean house from top to bottom in the management and coaching layers.

  19. I hope Rex and Sanchez live happily ever after as a defensive coordinator and back up QB somewhere next year, probably Arizona (they promote their defensive coordinator to head coach) or Jacksonville, where Tebow will be the official starting qb.

  20. After this weekend it’s likely the big talkers will offer McElroy being acquired by the Bucs. That’s about as smart as most commentators get these days. Whoa dude, one minute here, how about a straight up swap Freeman for McElroy.

  21. Rex is going to look pretty dumb for not making an earlier change if the jets win the next two given his inertia in dealing with the abysmal QB situation this season.

  22. Rex is an idiot. Boy, it must be sad to be an inept head coach, have an inept offensive coordinator, an inept general manager, as well as have lap band surgery and still be fat as hell with Christy Canyon tits.

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