Patterson pocketed $6 million for one year with Browns

Former Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert saw fit to sign former Eagles cornerback Dmitri Patterson to a one-year deal in 2011, and then to a three-year deal in 2012.

The fact that former Eagles president and new Browns CEO Joe Banner opted to send Patterson packing with more than $6 million in his pockets less than one year into his new contract could be the first tangible sign of a possible disconnect between Heckert and Banner.

Though there’s a chance Heckert and not Banner soured on Patterson, the reality is that Banner now calls the shots.  With no final decisions made regarding whether Heckert will be back in 2013, Banner at least approved the decision as to whether Patterson, who was signed through 2014, would remain with the team.

And if Heckert didn’t agree with the decision to cut Patterson, it would be a sign that, even though he technically has and apparently wants to keep final say over the roster, he doesn’t actually possess those powers.

Then again, even if Heckert and Banner decided together that Patterson should go, the aftermath isn’t a ringing endorsement for the decision to sign the player to a three-year deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Patterson received a $3 million signing bonus in March 2012, along with a $2.95 million base salary, fully guaranteed, this season.  He also earned a $100,000 workout bonus, which pushed the total cash payout for 2012 over $6 million.

Patterson must clear waivers before becoming a free agent; a new team would get a two-week test drive before carrying a $4.5 million base salary in 2013.Regardless of what, if anything, the move means as to Heckert’s future, we reported over the weekend that, if Heckert is fired, the primary reason will be that Heckert and the Browns failed to do everything they could to move up from No. 4 in the draft to No. 2, which would have given the franchise its first franchise quarterback in decades — Robert Griffin III.

8 responses to “Patterson pocketed $6 million for one year with Browns

  1. $6 million! That’s quite a payday. I mean, did they even consider him for a trade?

    The Browns must have seen something severely lacking in Patterson’s attitude or performance that drove them to cut him loose.

  2. I posted before and will post again–if they fire Heckert for failing to make a deal that would have landed RGIII thats insane. Comments like that are great for entertainment and bring out the posters on sites like this.

    If there is any truth to that silly claim–then its being leaked by Joe “the leaker” Banner. And then Mr. Jimmy Haslam has a bigger problem than who will be the GM of the Browns.

  3. At this point I don’t care what the new ownership does. What we have is not working. Blow it up. Just get it right.

  4. I dont agree with the comment about doing everything to move up to 2nd pick. Easy to say now that RG3 is a success but the browns have the best young RB i have seen in a while. Wheeden had a typical rookie QB season and will get better. Give him someone to throw to next year. That division will be up for grabs next year. Offer everything you have to a Gruden brother.

  5. .

    If I’m remembering correctly, the Rams held an auction for the #2 pick. The Browns offered an very attractive package while the Redskins offered an overwhelming (godfather type) package.

    It’s a stretch to kill them now, as if they only offered a 5th rounder to move up.


  6. The Browns must have seen something severely lacking in Patterson’s attitude or performance that drove them to cut him loose.

    Thank you, Captain Obvious.

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