Peterson moves toward history

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Eric Dickerson is now officially nervous.  Perhaps Emmitt Smith should be, too.

The man who has the single-game rushing record is three yards less than the single-game record total away from the single-season rushing record, with two games to play.  Eventually, Adrian Peterson will be making a run at the all-time career record.

Long before that becomes his most immediate goal, Peterson joined PFT Live.

He explained why he understands why Dickerson doesn’t want his record of 2,105 yards to be broken.  And I asked Peterson where the new high-water mark will be.  Though he didn’t give out any specifics, Peterson didn’t rule out 2,200.

Given that he has more than 1,300 in his last eight games, Peterson said that in a full season, he could end up with more than 2,500 yards.

We wouldn’t bet against him.

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11 responses to “Peterson moves toward history

  1. Peterson’s season is remarkable in that it comes soon after a serious knee injury. Until someone breaks 2k in 14 games (likely Peterson) , OJ still holds the most impressive season running the ball.

  2. “We wouldn’t bet against him.”

    Says the man who just last week wrote how AP had never rushed for over 500 yards in 3 consecutive games.

    Until now…;)

    I’m hoping AP is successful in his quest.

    I’ll be at the Dome for the last game – and nothing would be better than a playoff clinching victory and a new all time single season rushing record against the team to the east…

  3. I hope the last week comes down to the Viking and Seahawks fighting for the last playoff spot, and the Packers rest all of thier starters.

  4. Ok ok let’s not jinx this! Finally positivity here in Minnesota! 294 is still a lot of yards for 2 teams that know you want it!

  5. corchamp says:Dec 18, 2012 8:28 AM

    Starting to sound a bit like Chris Johnson after he ran for 2000 yards, claiming he could run for 2500 yards
    No comparison. CJ used his mouth to get more money. The NFL needs more players like AD, unselfish, stays out of trouble, humble and a beast like the NFL hasn’t seen in a long long time.

  6. I don’t understand why everyone says OJ Simpson’s 14 game 2k season has been more impressive (It was the second most impressive).

    1. He had 33 more carries than adrian through 14 games, and 6.0 ypc compared to a 6.3 ypc. Give adrian 33 more carries, and he’ll give you 2k and more.

    2. This was an era where running the ball was a lot more effective and easier. The reason teams don’t run the ball as much anymore are for 2 reasons. 1. the NFL rule changes that make it easier to pass (defenseless WR, QB late hit, etc.) 2. People in the NFL today are much bigger and stronger inside, and most RBs can’t take a full season’s worth of carries anymore with the exception of a few.

    3. OJ wasn’t coming off a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus IN WEEK 16! It hasn’t even been a year yet. How’s Mendenhall doing this year with an ACL tear around the same time? Come on, this is a superhuman effort.

  7. As a Vikes fan I am really injoying Pettersons Quest for Imortality!! Making the playoffs is icing on the cake!! At least for me!!

  8. This is history we are all watching . AP is doing all this AFTER he got his big contract , unlike so many others who fold after they get their cash . Will enjoy thrashing the chesseheads after he went for 200 against them the first time . Look out AP is running like a man possessed .

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