Report: Prominent Jets source says “there’s no way” Sanchez starts

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The Mark Sanchez era may be over.

At least for the rest of 2012.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports, citing a prominent unnamed Jets source, that “there’s no way” Sanchez should start against the Chargers on Sunday.  “Home or away,” the source said.  “I don’t care where game is being played.  There’s no way he starts.”

A Jet source, who may or may not be the same source (it’s not clear), says it would be “horrifically stupid” to give Sanchez another start.

The Jets host the Chargers in a game that previously was scheduled for prime time on NBC.  It’s the only Sunday night that was flexed out of the slot this year.

Benching Sanchez for backup Tim Tebow would give the Jets a chance to showcase Tebow in advance of a possible offseason trade.  Passing over Tebow (Brady Quinn can relate to that) and going with Greg McElroy would allow the team to get a look at whether McElroy could contend for the starting job in 2013.

Either way, the Jets owe Sanchez $8.25 million for 2013, whether he’s the starter and regardless of whether he’s cut and signed by someone else.  The Jets can avoid the obligation only by trading Sanchez, and no team would trade for Sanchez’s contract, unless at a minimum that Jets would be paying a large chunk of the salary.

63 responses to “Report: Prominent Jets source says “there’s no way” Sanchez starts

  1. They’ll pump this all week to drum up attention, and Tebow love. Then Sanchez will start Sunday, and play horrendously.

  2. It all snaps into place when you stop thinking about the Jets as a football team, and start thinking of them as the world’s greatest comedy improv troupe. Rex Ryan somehow pulling out 8-8 and retaining his job over the next few weeks will be their curtain call for the season.

  3. The Jets are so screwed, 2 QB on roster that don’t even belong in the NFL. A coach that doesn’t know what he’s doing. I.E Soprano. and a no talent team. Congratulations on making the Dolphins look competent.

  4. No, he shouldn’t start. Or even play.

    But this continuing Jets team management by anonymous “source” stories will harm the Jets far longer than Sanchez.

  5. I hope Tebow just gets in there and crushes it. Nothing like being stupid enough to wait until you are mathmatically eliminated to FINALLY see what you have Rex.
    Ryan should be canned just for not trying everything before they fell of the playoff cliff.
    Nice knowing you Rex. You and your mouth brought this on yourself.

  6. USC QB’s don’t seem to pan out anymore!… A nice way of saying they are overrated!

    Another side not, wasn’t Pete Carrol the one who said he wasn’t ready for the NFL?

  7. The only logical starter is Greg McElroy. Tebow is no one’s idea of a permanent solution to the starting QB question, and Sanchez is gone one way or the other, $8.5m or no $8.5m. They need to see if McElroy has any chance to be an effective starter in this league.

    And since it makes so much sense, there is no way the Jets will do it.

  8. Speaking of Matt Flynn…..the Seahawks guaranteed him 8 or 10 million and then benched him in favor of Wilson. They didn’t care who had the higher salary, they played the better guy.

    Who cares how much Sanchez is making….he sucks and he needs to be benched.

  9. Does Manish Mehta get a thrill from digging up dirt about the Jets or something? How many times have “unnamed sources” allegedly given info to Mehta about stuff like Sanchez stinking, Tebow isn’t cut out to be QB, they don’t like Rex Ryan or upper management, etc.

    Has Mehta ever actually reported news, or does he only cite unnamed sources?

  10. Gotta love Jet Nation. After Sanchez went to his 2nd consecutive championship game all the Jet fans were chirping how much better he was then Manning. Sanchez was the product of a good offensive line.

  11. I think they should bring on tebow time for at least half… give him a shot and if they’re doing well keep him in if not, drop back down to McElroy… either way, Sanchez had his chance and blew it multiple times on Monday.. he’s done!

  12. I normally don’t like to revel in peoples misery, but I’ll make an exception for the Jets. Even last night at the end of the game Tirico seemed to be fairly gungho in busting the Jets’ balls. Good times.

  13. A long time ago I was upset that the redskins didn’t trade up to get this guy. I guess that’s why I’m not a talent evaluator in the nfl.

  14. The minute the Tebow trade went down, I felt sorry for Jets fans. Tebow will never be even a decent serviceable qB in the NFL and it took all of this season to prove the same thing for

    So now the Jets have to blow the whole thing up and start over. Considering all the draft choices they gave away to get Sanchez, that is a very expensive lesson to learn. Heads need to roll starting with the GM.

  15. No way Rex can start Tebow. If he does and Tebow crushes it, Rex will look follish for leaving Sanchez out there to ruin the season. At least if he goes with McElroy, he can say he was giving Sanchez every chance but “now it’s time to move on”.

  16. Tebow can’t start at QB. That said, he could be a nice fullback with some opportunities to use him to throw the deep ball from time to time in a trick play. Tebow will catch on somewhere if he leaves. After two years someone will convince him he isn’t a NFL level QB and move him to a better position.

    The Jets just left Tebow on the sideline all season. They should have tried something with Tebow at least since they were going nowhere anyway. Rex and Sparano should both be fired.

  17. I hate the Jets, but I actually feel bad for Sanchez. Ryan really messed with his head by bringing in Tebow.
    I know we’re all supposed to laugh at and never agree with Bayless, but I have to agree with him about that. All that crazy move did was shatter Sanchez’s confidence.
    That team really needs a lot of changes, especially at GM and head coach.
    (of course as a Dolphins fan I say keep the team as is…)

  18. the jets defense played their heart out. Sanchez LOST that game. all by himself. I am a skins fan and know how Grossman lost many games for us, but Sanchez is far worse. Last night was the most pathetic QB performance I have ever seen. Worse than John Beck. I don’t understand Rex Ryan. How could he continue to have “faith” in Sanchez? maybe sanchez has damaging photos of Ryan? GM should be fired for trading for Tebow. Ryan will probably be back for getting close to 8-8 with a loser like Sanchez. Ryan should be congratulated for keeping the defense working hard trying to win when the offense is continually giving the game away.

  19. So to recap:

    – Everyone knew that Sanchez stinks as recently as last offseason.
    – Traded for Tebow to officially serve as a personal protector for the punter.
    – Tebow trade hurt Sanchez’s feelings, so they gave him a contract extension that apparently guaranteed his $8.75 million salary for 2013. He then says “This contract proves that I’m the leader of this team” amid reports that nobody in the lockerroom shares that sentiment.
    – Are now stuck with Sanchez at least through 2013 due to stupidly guaranteeing his salary, when you already knew he stinks.

    It would be “horrifically stupid” for their GM to be employed after this season.

  20. Who F-ing cares?!?!?!? Enough of the Jets. They suck – period. Sanchez sucks too. Tebow sucks too. Rex Ryan sucks too. I was so hoping after their embarrassment last night we wouldn’t have to hear about them for the rest of the year and get some more news on worthy teams. I guess the media just can’t resist. As if anyone cares about anything to do with the Jets.

  21. Now if you genius’ would have said this back in the draft/war room a few YEARS ago – you might not be in this predicament right now…

  22. samanthasteeleruinedmyqb says:Dec 18, 2012 1:01 PM

    Watching Sanchez and Locker last night made me feel a lot better about Christian Ponder.
    What hurts more is that we reached for Ponder rather than Colin Kaepernick.

  23. McElroy or Tebow — winning will get jets better trading value, loss will help Jets climb the draft rank. Win-win for Jets.

  24. Skipped the Sanchez/Locker matchup to watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives reruns with my wife. By the sounds of it, the fried soft-shell crab sandwich was much more entertaining.

  25. I hate the Jets, but it is getting harder to not have sympathy for their Fans. Coach is an idiot with a big mouth. If he stays, he will probably try to get Chad Henne from Jacksonville whom even the hapless Dolphins rejected.
    My guess is Sanchez knows the whole story behind the foot fetish video, so Rex must play him. In fact, maybe it’s Mark’s feet in the video??

  26. When Sanchez left USC a year early his coach Pete Carroll said he wasn’t ready – he should have played another year. He was right.

    Then the Jets moved up in the draft to #5 to draft him. Floperoo.

    As a Pats’ fan I am obligated to hate the Jets, and to hope fervently that all manner of bad stuff happens to them, at least 75% of their own making, which I am happy to do.

    They’re just making it so easy.

    That’s no fun

  27. It’s ridiculous to blame the Jets Org for bringing Tebow in and “ruining Sanchez confidence”. He’s supposed to be a professional. MAN THE F-UP! Your being paid $9M a year! Act like a man, not a whining little girl with wet panties.

  28. This Jets era is like the month of March. In like a lion…out like a weak little lamb.

    Bye bye Jets…have fun searching for yet another QB to go 6-10 with. I’m sure even that won’t quiet your Jersey mouths though…

  29. He “may have been not ready for the NFL” by Carroll, but he did help lead the Jets to 2 AFC Championships and other playoff game, including the game winning drive vs. Manning in Indy. I know their defense, and Revis, was a big part of it, but he played a lot better than now. His confidence is shot, has no WRs and a terrible OC, and would be well served to move on.

  30. Too bad for Sanchez, Tebow and McElroy. All 3 are suffering through horrible mismanagement and possibly the worst Offensive Coordinator in the NFL (Sparano). But the sky is not all dark for the Jets. They are not a big disaster as some are saying. In fact they are just a decent QB and a few receivers from being a very good playoff team. The OLine is very good. Good running backs are plentiful in college and on the free agent market. The defense is great when it is healthy. And I think Rex will be a much better and tougher coach in 2013 after going through this debacle.

    His Offensive staff needs wholesale changing. But don’t throw out the baby with the bath water (Ryan & defensive staff).

    The Jets need to try to deal Sanchez to San Diego for Philip Rivers. The change would do both QBs good at this point in their careers. If that is not doable, bite the bullet and trade him to Oakland for Carson Palmer or Tennessee for Matt Hasselbeck as a 1-3 year fix. Then develop McElroy or draft someone good to play behind Palmer. They could also take a shot at Matt Flynn in Seattle. But he is an unknown too. May not even be as good as McElroy. In all candor, I really think McElroy is their guy. He plays well when given a chance. And he has strong leadership skills. Seems like he and Rex just rub one another the wrong way. And finally, they need to just release Tim Tebow. Give him the freedom to sign with whomever he wants.

  31. I would just tell them, I had enough and I’m starting my x-mas and new year early, call up Eva and go to Vegas. I would then hit the Caribbean in late January and I get 9.5 mil next year.

  32. Another USC QB who couldn’t cut it as a pro. If not the worst, then I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t have much competition. Not a Jets fan but they could be so much better without him under center. They might be able to address that problem in the off season but it will be costly.

  33. They should start Sanchez. I’m sure he still has a chance to break some turnover records for the season.

  34. This will hopefully be the end of 2 QB careers. Every team should take note how bringing in Tebow causes more harm than good while he’s on the roster. The fact Sanchez couldn’t distance himself from a hack FB/TE/QB and has completely regressed as a QB should effectively end his starting days.

    One year removed from Tebow, Broncos are a SB threat. Maybe because the organization jettisoned it’s dead weight for a real QB. Jets could learn something. Start McElroy.

  35. Yeah now that it doesn’t matter who starts you will bench Sanchez . One first thing that stuns me is that the Jets have such little talent . The second thing that kills me is that they went to the wildcat right after two great Sanchez throws . Really a strange team .

  36. I wonder what Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch would look like with a few more playmakers around them. Sanchez isn’t as fortunate as Ponder & Flacco.

  37. samanthasteeleruinedmyqb says:
    Watching Sanchez and Locker last night made me feel a lot better about Christian Ponder.

    It shouldn’t. As bad as they are, both of them are probably better than Ponder. The guy averages less than 6 yards an attempt. In Sanchez’s worst season, he averaged no worse than 6.4, and locker is averaging a very respectable 7.0.

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