Report: Richard Sherman appeal coming Friday

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Nearly a month after it was first reported the Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner were facing four-game suspensions for a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy, Sherman’s appeal has finally been scheduled.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Sherman’s hearing is expected to take place this Friday. Browner is already serving his suspension after dropping his appeal two weeks ago. Sherman’s appeal had initially been scheduled for last Friday, Dec. 14, before being pushed back an extra week.

Sherman has maintained his innocence throughout the appeals process. Sherman reportedly has tested positive for amphetamines with Adderall being the supposed culprit.

It’s unlikely a ruling on the appeal would be levied before the Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night making Sherman still eligible to play. If he is suspended after this weekend, Sherman will miss the team’s final regular season game against the St. Louis Rams and up to three games in the playoffs.

With the Seahawks looking likely to earn the 5-seed in the NFC, he could be eligible to return for the Super Bowl. If Seattle doesn’t advance that far, any remaining games would carry over to the start of the 2013 season. If Seattle somehow ended up as the 2-seed (which is a very remote possibility), he would be gone for the entire postseason.

Browner has already served two games of his suspension and will be eligible to return for the playoffs. Rookie safety Winston Guy just completed a four-game suspension for a PED violation and has been reinstated by the team. The league has granted a one week roster exemption for Guy allowing him to return to practice. Seattle will have to activate him to the 53-man roster by next Monday.

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  1. What pressing business does the nfl have that it takes up to three weeks to hear an appeal of a PED violation and dish out the discipline? While in the meantime the player plays. Basically, they failed a blood test. Give your excuse. Its either valid or not. This should take at the most, 2 hours of one day over a speakerphone.

  2. he better win this appeal or he is going to regret missing the playoffs. i dont think they can win without him. They could have beaten the teams they are crushing lately with or without him in the lineup

  3. Doubt anyone is gonna believe that Sherman drank another players spiked drink. Bet he Wish he excepted this fate weeks ago

  4. How does it take a month to hold an appeals hearing on a drug suspension? By having one CB accept an immediate suspension while the other held out on an appeal for as long as possible the Seahawks have assured themselves of having at least one of them available for every game but a potentially meaningless week 17 matchup. The system has been gamed here and the whole thing stinks. These suspensions are supposed to hurt the player and, by extension, the team.

  5. He’s innocent , and this is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to reign in the best cover corner in the NFL : )

    The Hawks are on fire and will win out , going 11-5 to finish the regular season – then riding on the shoulders of the most remarkable rookie QB in the league in Russell Wilson , with Beast Mode running amuck , the glorious Seahawks will take the Vince Lombardi trophy home this year !!

    Drink the KoolAid ; Feed the Beast , Taste the Rainbow ..

    GO HAWKS !

  6. Cheating Pete has never run a clean program so it comes as no surprise that there are problems in Seattle.

    At least the Seahawk fans have a built in excuse when they fizzle in the playoffs.

  7. seeingwhatsticks says:Dec 18, 2012 4:21 AM

    How does it take a month to hold an appeals hearing on a drug suspension?

    Given the tests were administered in September and the suspensions weren’t mentioned until late November, the entire process moves at a glacial pace. Ever hear of the concept of “due process”?

  8. Not that a Bills fan has any right to talk smack to a Hawks fan but…he is OVERRATED. Stevie absolutely torched him for over 120 and a TD. He was open almost every play and would have gone for over 200 if he had a QB that could actually get him the ball. If you ask me, Seattle is better off without this loud mouth, cheatin, scrub.

  9. skins30 says:Dec 18, 2012 12:31 AM

    seahawks played this well. one corner in, while the other corner is out. seems a little fishy to me….


    Awful rich talk coming from a skins fan, when your team just had its what…SIXTH drug related suspension yesterday in the last 2 years.

  10. It is weird that everyone thinks cycling has more dopers than any other sport. In cycling, if you test positive, you are banned for 2 years. A 4 game ban is a joke. If you test positive, you should be done for season at least.

  11. That is quite humorous coming from the fan of a team that has the most OVERRATED defense in all the NFL. the bills torched nobody

  12. Let him play this weekend – then he can sit on the bench for the Seahawks only playoff game and the start of next season.

  13. I’m surprised that no eyebrows are being raised at the huge leak from inside the NFL feeding Schefter information specifically about the Sherman/Browner testing.

    To allow due process, results usually aren’t publically announced until after the player has either a) waived/dropped his appeal; or b) had the results of his appeal handed down. The drawn out ‘guilty until proven innocent’ cloud over Sherman and Browner has smelled fishy from the get go.

    Don’t get me wrong, cheaters should punished swiftly and without delay. But that point should be arrived at *after* due process has been completed with no rush to judgement by the peanut gallery.

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