Stafford says there’s nothing wrong with his mechanics


The Lions are 4-10.  And while their franchise quarterback has more than 4,250 passing yards with two games to play, his passer rating is south of 80 this year — which makes him arguably not a franchise quarterback.  At least for now.

All year long, it has appeared that Stafford is throwing the ball differently, with more than a few Uncle Rico-style sidearm throws.  He (Stafford, not Uncle Rico) addressed the topic in a radio interview with WXYT radio in Detroit.

“Very comfortable with my mechanics,” Stafford said, via  “I feel good about them.”

As to the periodic sidearm throw, Stafford said he’s not doing anything differently than in the past.

“I really don’t feel like it’s too much different, to tell you the truth,” Stafford said.  “I’m just trying to make the plays that are there. . . .  I feel like I probably threw two balls sidearm [Sunday] and I think both of them were complete.  If that’s a problem, then I don’t really know what to tell you.”

Stafford also says there’s no problem with coach Jim Schwartz’s ability to lead the team.  “Absolutely not,” Stafford said. “Everybody in that locker room has a ton of respect for Coach Schwartz and he has everybody’s attention when he speaks.  We believe in him, we’ve just got to put it together and play a little better football.”

They’ve got to play a lot better football.  The Lions are 4-10, and they could end up being 4-12.  Which is a far cry from a last year’s playoff appearance.

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  1. The fact that Stafford and the coaches don’t think there’s anything wrong with his footwork and mechanics is perhaps the most troubling aspect of all this. The Lions seem to have far too many players not living up to their full potential, and there seems to be a lack of discipline on and off the field. Stafford’s poor mechanics nobody on the team seems to care about, Suh’s numerous issues, it all traces back to a team and coaching staff who just don’t get it.

  2. Well when the run game is atrocious, the WRs outside of Megatron are atrocious, and your team leads the league in drops, I guess it would be kind of hard to put up a good passer rating.

  3. “All year long, it has appeared that Stafford is throwing the ball differently, with more than a few Uncle Rico-style sidearm throws. ”

    Oh man, my side hurts from laughing so hard at that Uncle Rico clip.

    Times like these I’m reminded why I keep coming back to this site.

  4. I don have a problem with Staffords mechanics and I wouldn’t take any other of the quarterbacks over him not named Aaron Rodgers. Because he is so young and so good. Remember that the lions lead the league in dropped passes and he has lost the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wideouts on that team, and his starting tight end. Also against popular belief(which has always confounded me as a lions fan) he is dealing with a god awful offensive line with the exception of Rob Sims…and maybe peterman…maybe

  5. I don’t know what the issue is, but Stafford absolutely has not been as sharp this season as last. I don’t think you can blame the injuries at wide receiver either, he’s looked off since game one. Stafford’s poor play is really why this team has dropped off since last year.

  6. All this stuff about Stafford’s mechanics is just silly. Yes, he’s had a rough season, but unless you take into account all factors, you’re not going to understand why. It’s not his throwing style, that’s for sure. We all like to pin blame to the simplest things – but football is far from simple, and often there is no magic bullet to point to. We’ll just have to see how he closes these last two and then wait for next season to see if they’re just a little bit off the mark or whether they’ve plateaued.

  7. He has always just relied on his ridiculous arm strength instead of learning good mechanics, and I don’t expect him to change…one of the reasons I don’t think he’ll ever be great.

  8. Poor guy has one good WR that knows the offense. The other guys are young and inexperienced. Get some better talent at the position other than Calvin Johnson.

  9. I think it’s more about footwork than it is about arm angles with him. Why not ask him about his inconsistent footwork?

    P.S. I think the Lions horrific interior OL should shoulder some blame in this. Having your C and RG getting consistently walked back into your face doesn’t let you step into your throws as much as you may need to.

  10. Does anyone really think the Lions coaches are going to criticize their franchise QB’s mechanics/fundamentals in public?

    There is little way of knowing how they are really working with him.

  11. His mechanics ARE fine. Most of the time he has to make a crazy throw, however, because his offensive line is about as strong as a wet paper bag.

  12. He’s never had great mechanics, either with his arm or his footwork. He’s had amazing success with that style but this year it hasn’t went as well. The optimist in me says his rating will improve once he gets his injured receivers back. The pessimist in me says this conversation will return numerous times over his career because poor mechanics tend to come back to bite guys.

  13. They lead the league in drops, because they lead the league in pass attempts. Just numbers.

    The Cards game was an anomaly for sure, but this isn’t a team who’s season is in the pits because of the QB alone….like the Jets. Everything week, it’s been something different, and Stafford accounts directly for 2 of the losses.

    Stafford’s fine. This season is the stuff of curses, not of QB mechanics.

  14. At this point, maybe they should end up 4-12…though I’d like to see them have one good game where they’re all in sync vs the Bears.

  15. Stafford’s mechanics aren’t the problem. It’s an easy scapegoat for people who don’t want to do the legwork to get the facts from all angles, is all it is.

  16. I am a lions fan…and there is definitely something different with his throwing motion this year. He may only think he is sidearming a couple passes per game, but it looks like he is sidearming at least half of this throws…and I dont remember him doing that much last year…although those details may go unnoticed if you are winning.

  17. It is so troubling that there is absolutely no accountability with this organization. NEWS FLASH: Stafford has 43 starts and only one win against a team with a winning record which was this year against Seattle. Because of his terrible mechanics and lack of patience in the pocket, he is erratic. He has periods every game when he is great, and periods where he misses easy throws. His hot streaks are just enough to beat average teams, but as you can see by the record, he cannot get away with it against winning teams. To beat the good teams, the QB play has to be consistent. And without sound mechanics, consistency will always be an issue.

  18. He definitely could benefit with a new center but as a Lions fan I also think he needs work on his footwork and needs to limit his sidearmed throws. How bout working with Joe Montana?

  19. I have been listening to you all and reading everything you said, but you forget he is on his 4th and5th string receivers after Mega! His TE’s are 2nd and 3rd string and his OL are getting beaten every play. You can only do so much. This is a team game and you win or lose by how your team plays. They didn’t against the cards and haven’t this season. So time to hold your head up, finish the season strong and correct for next year. Team game, every do there job.

  20. What the hell do fans know about mechanics anyway? I will say this, there must be something wrong given the Lions’ 4-9 record.

  21. If by a lot better you mean one or two plays a game, then, you’re right. Every loss this year except for one has been by one score. Too many chicken littles in DeTwa

  22. I’m not a QB coach so I can’t comment on his mechanics. I do know that Stafford is getting the job done. The Lions are 1st in passing yards and 2nd in total yard behind the Pats. The blame is on the defense which rank 28th in total points allowed. They are only better than the Jaguars, Titans, Bills, and Raiders in that regard.

    P.S. Favre’s mechanics were bad and he won a superbowl

  23. If there is nothing wrong with his mechanics then why does he consistently have accuracy problems?

    And why dwell on “mechanics” if the decision making process and playing logic are more important areas of concern?

    The point Matt is that you don’t have any area of your game perfected and it’s time to start identifying and solving problems instead of denying that you have lots of areas to improve.

  24. seanje says:
    Dec 18, 2012 2:34 PM
    I think it’s more about footwork than it is about arm angles with him. Why not ask him about his inconsistent footwork?

    P.S. I think the Lions horrific interior OL should shoulder some blame in this. Having your C and RG getting consistently walked back into your face doesn’t let you step into your throws as much as you may need to.


    This comment is so spot on I had to copypasta it. His sidearm throws aren’t a problem at all, in fact they are usually accurate. Sometimes when he goes for a deep ball and has time to set he feet he won’t and instead will throw off his back foot or flat footed, etc. and his ball will either sail or come up short. Its happened multiple times this year and its on film so it can’t be denied. He undoubtedly has missed guys wide open deep this year and it SEEMS it might be due to lazy footwork, and this is the first year it looks obvious.

    Seanje is also correct on the interior O-line. Our line has been pretty solid the last couple years in pass pro, but has been borderline atrocious in run blocking. When i say they have been pretty solid in pass pro I mean not giving up sacks, but the interior constantly gets pushed back and basically gives Matt no consistent stable pocket.

  25. 4 years ago the Lions had the chance to draft two not one but two top o-line guys both named Smith one out of Baylor the other from Bama in the first round, instead of Stafford. Had they done that they could have gotten Bradford the following. And this issue with Matt mechanics would be another team’s problem.

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