Taking a closer look at the Cowboys’ handling of Josh Brent

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Much has been written in recent days about the fact that Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent made an appearance on the sidelines at the team’s most recent game, Sunday against the Steelers.

On Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk, Shaun King, Ross Tucker, Erik Kuselias, and yours truly took a closer look at the issue.

There’s no easy answer to this complicated question, but we tried to have an open mind and see the situation from every side.

Watch the video, and share your own views below.

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12 responses to “Taking a closer look at the Cowboys’ handling of Josh Brent

  1. The Cowboys caved under some weak media scrutiny and a few pathetic fans. They are so pathetic.
    Jerry Brown Jr’s mother forgive Josh Brent for the accident that caused the death of her son. If she can find it in her heart to forgive then who cares if some media and few fans do not like him on the sidelines. Her forgiveness means more than their worthless opinion.
    I see idiots writing that Josh Brent is a murderer when they have no idea what they are talking about. Brent did not intentionally kill his teammate. Involuntary means it was not intentional. Manslaughter means a death was caused without intent. It was a car accident that occurred while Brent was intoxicated. That acident could have happened if Brent was sober. It was an unfortunate accident. There are accidents that cause death when no alcohol is involved. That is not my opinion, those are the facts. Ask any lawyer.
    Brent also needs help coping with the fact that his actions has caused the death of a friend, that is punishment enough.
    Get over yourselves people.

  2. With all the tragedies this nation has suffered in the past few months the one thing that is often overlooked is personal responsibility. In this one instance both of these young men were victims of their own bad judgement. Either one or both of them could have made the decision not to get into that car and unfortunately for what ever reason good judgement was left by the wayside.
    As a parent it is very easy to understand that young men and women make bad decisions and that is often when they need the support of their families and friends more than ever.

  3. @dalucks …

    I agree with your comments to a degree, and think it’s also worth mentioning that Brown chose to get into a car being driven by someone who was intoxicated. So he had more say in his fate than other drivers who might have encountered Brent on the road. But you can’t just dismiss the whole episode by saying it was an accident and these things happen to sober folks, too. When you decide to drink and drive–or text and drive–you may not have the intent to kill, but you know you’re endangering yourself and others. You’re gambling with life and safety. And you clearly don’t care. So when tragedy occurs, it’s not strictly an “accident.” It’s a predictable outcome. And you should have to pay for your gamble.

  4. I give Jerry Brown’s mother a ton of credit for being able to forgive Josh Brent so soon after her son was killed, and I understand the other players wanting to support a teammate, but Brent being out there on the sideline was inappropriate. Accidentally or intentionally, his actions resulted in the death of another person and he faces some big time punishment because of it. And for him to willingly put himself out there like that makes me wonder if he really understands the seriousness of what he did.

  5. One worded definition of Moron: DALUCKS. It’s people like you that is bringing this world down….to come on here and say it is alright to commit Manslaughter while driving drunk compared to driving sober is ludicrous. The difference between killing someone with your vehicle while drunk and killing someone with your car while sober is PUNISHMENT….and there is a reason for it. And BTW…this was not “an unfortunate accident” as you put it…he chose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated therefore he made the choice to put someone else’s life in danger…no accident about that.

  6. Lemme ask you a question. Suppose your brother did something stupid and killed someone accidentally. Would you not support him any more? Would you not allow him to your home for Sunday dinner?

    In a very real sense, the Cowboys are all the family that Brent has. He showed up to camp with all his belongings in a trash bag. Brown’s family had kinda adopted him since the college days and he and Brown were like brothers. Brown’s Mom made a plea to the Cowboys that they not turn their back on him and that they support him through this difficult time.

    No one is forgetting the crime that he committed. And he will no doubt pay the legal consequences for it. The Cowboys have placed him on an inactive list. But he is still a member of the team, and the Cowboys are trying to support him.

    Now, some self-righteous types have gotten up on their soapboxes over this. Should they be? Would they be doing the same if it were their “brother”? Or is this just more Cowboy Hate from everyone?

  7. I had someone close to me die at the hands of someone driving drunk..IT MADE ME SICK to see him on the sidelines…

  8. No class whats so ever by the Dallas Cowboy players, coaches and owner. That was also classless on the network but more so that Brent would have even showed his face. As they say They are what we thought the are.

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