Tomlin: Roethlisberger “on board” with offense

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Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger expressed some displeasure with the offensive play calling after Sunday’s 27-24 loss to the Cowboys, creating fears of dysfunction on the offense as the team moves into a game it must win to make the playoffs this season.

Coach Mike Tomlin was asked about Roethlisberger’s postgame comments during his Tuesday press conference and did his best to bury worries about a disconnect between his quarterback and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Tomlin chalked up Roethlisberger’s comments to frustration after a loss and said that everyone is still pulling in the same direction in Pittsburgh.

“I met with Ben yesterday. He’s ready to move forward and he’s on board with what we’re doing,” Tomlin said, via Aditi Kinkhabwala of

If this were the first negative comment from Roethlisberger about the offense, it would be a bit easier to accept that it was just frustration boiling over. There have been other utterances from Roethlisberger casting doubt on what the Steelers are doing offensively, though, and that suggests something more at play.

Either way, the Steelers have to figure out a way to get everything working as well as possible before the Bengals show up on Sunday afternoon.

50 responses to “Tomlin: Roethlisberger “on board” with offense

  1. ha ha ha always trying to stir that pot aren’t you….seriously you guys need a new cookbook….there is NOTHING to see here no matter how badly you want there to be!!!

  2. Ben should be upset, he has been playing his butt off for what? Dropped passes, no running game, and no help from his o- line. But thats all BEns fault….right? Fire tomlin and haley.

  3. Todd Haley is an egomaniac and therefore, this will not end well. Everywhere he goes it just turns to complete crap.
    You know how there are people you can just look at and think, I don’t know you, but you strike me as a complete DB. He is one of those guys!

  4. What else is he going to say….especially after the Rooney’s have pulled Ben’s butt out of the fire, over and over, again? He’s lucky he still has a job.

  5. Ben publicly took the blame for the loss due to that interception. But frankly, I don’t see how you can expect him to have a “perfect game”, nobody does. Unfortunately, the recent games have been very close and any mistake was magnified. The Facts are: There is no running game. The OL is replete with back ups and people playing out of position. The secondary is in even worse shape and allowed the Cowboys to come back. The biggest mistake in the Cowboy game was Brown’s fumble on the punt return. The Steelers might have been able to close it out right there if he held onto the ball. Finally, some of the calls (and non-calls) by Tomlin this year have been questionable.

    Ben is about the last person I would blame for the Steelers situation right now. I also don’t think Haley’s play calling is a significant negative either, although I have scratched my head on some of the plays and could understand if Ben was upset. I think they should have gone to the no-huddle earlier and often. The injuries are the biggest issues right now. This weekend’s game is a must win. No excuses, they have to get it done against the Bengals.

  6. Steelers blew the game in Dallas, especially lost momentum with Antonio Brown’s punt return fumble that gave Dallas life again, but I believe steelers will bounce back with a must win against the bengals, cause when steelers need a big win..they usually come thru. I don’t trust Andy Dalton and bengals in big games.

  7. Roethlisberger was bottom third in scoring offense last year with Arians and he’s bottom third in scoring offense this year with Haley.

    You could bring in Don Coryell in his prime and Roethlisberger would still be bottom third in scoring offense. It’s what he does.

    Roethlisberger is the type of “elite” quarterback who specializes in 13-9 wins against crappy teams and without exception loses every game when the Steeler defense gives up 20 points.

    He’s never going to win any shootouts. Not even against Tim Tebow.

  8. So the Steelers ran Bruce Arians out of town, and now he’s looking like a Coach of the Year candidate with the Colts…

  9. If you honestly think Tim Tebow is better than Ben, then you don’t know anything about football, period.

  10. Okay so Ben is onboard with the offense & Haley is onboard with the offense, now Tomlin needs to get them onboard the SAME offense.

    Then they can unleash Hell again!!!LMAO!

  11. The real reason for the Steelers slumping isn’t the Big Ben/ Haley relationship its injuries and WR errors. I love Antonio Brown but his late game fumbles along with inexplicable attempt at a fumble recovery a few weeks ago have cost the Steelers at least 2 games. Wallace’s dropsies and true lack of effort (not tagging down Carr after the interception & and his putrid performance in the Sunday night Baltimore game for examples) have cost W’s and in turn him $$$. I’d like to see Ben get in his WR’s face as opposed to making references to Haley’s play calling.

  12. I’m blaming Antonio Brown for this loss, not the OC. Ben might not have agreed with all the calls, and I admit not going to Heath in the 2nd half was questionable, but they were winning the game and had a chance to put it away before Brown fumbled.

    Haley does need to stop the WR bubble screen crap thought. I’d love to know the most yards they got on one of those this season.

  13. steelerstrong says:Dec 18, 2012 3:04 PM

    What’s really funny/pathetic, is to see a ravens fan come on a Steelers article and talk about getting blown out at home. Do baltimore fans have amnesia???

    Really? Because Stiller fans are never on Ravens threads?

  14. these imposers have way more problems than this. how about this STINKIE NATION. this is the beginning of tomlins ending, they’re recent drafts will come to haunt them. baltimore already surpassed them as class of division and that’s not sayin much NOW cincy is better and will thrash em this week at mustard bowl pavilion. its all over stankies you’ve had ur fun in the sun but its over. 2 bowls in 3 chances not bad. but nothing even playoff worthy since. the league has u figured out. and tomlin can always get a job. hey I think the jets is hiring

  15. Tomlin revealed at his weekly presser that Miller was “an eligible receiver” in the second half of Sunday’s game, but Roethlisberger chose not to throw to him.
    End of story.

  16. I like what Tomlin said. He made it clear that Haley is his coach and he needs to accept that.. either he’s in or he’s out but they are not changing for him..

  17. Well it’s refreshing to hear that Ben is on board with the offense going into a must win week 16 game against the Bengals. I’m sure there are no problems within that organization regarding this matter.

  18. The Steelers have known for years now that their biggest weaknesses were O line and secondary. Their draft picks have been fair to middling at best, and they generally refuse to trade for players. This was all foreseeable. I guess I don’t understand the reticence to sign a cornerback from another team if that guy can play. Same goes for a decent tackle or guard. 7 or 8 picks is not getting the job done, and the decline is now affecting every part of the team.

    Where will the cash come from? By dumping the guys who are not playing up to their level (either over the hill or never had it to begin with).

    It’s time to clean house.

  19. “Tomlin revealed at his weekly presser that Miller was “an eligible receiver” in the second half of Sunday’s game, but Roethlisberger chose not to throw to him.
    End of story.”
    This does not in any way force Miller to actually run any routes. And Dallas changed the cover man on Miller in the second half which Roethlisberger clearly recognized.

    And how about that 8.9 seconds that Ben made the defense look like puppets on a string and then lit them up with a TD to Miller. Take the good with the bad.

  20. If anyone has a problem with anything it should be the rec’s fumbling. That’s it …Sanders and Brown hold onto the ball and Wallace it would be nice if you would try something different this year…. like catching the ball. So if you don’t like the play that’s called Ben audible out of it. You’ve been in the league too long to blame the play caller.

  21. Shouldn’t Ravens fans be more concerned about the tailspin CHARLIE BATCH put them into, which is going to take their 9-2 team all the way to 9-7?

    And they even want to use the word “collapse”. That’s just adorable.

  22. “I guess I don’t understand the reticence to sign a cornerback from another team if that guy can play. ”

    Keenan Lewis and Cortez Allen both have very bright futures, and Ike Taylor still has a few years left in him. What games are you watching? The secondary was playing lights out before those guys started getting hurt.

    I also don’t mind an o-line consisting of Pouncey, DeCastro, and Gilbert for the foreseeable future, either.

    They’re a first and second round draft pick away from making those two areas the team’s biggest strengths.

    But yes, let’s clean house and rebuild. I’m sure the most fickle and idiotic fanbase on the planet will be able to endure that for a few years.

  23. Turnovers and playing down to the level of competition are the main reason the Steeelers are losing right now.

    Steelers lose to an inferior Ravens team at home, but then beat them with a third stringer in Baltimore.

    We need to take care of Bengals this weekend and get into the playoffs.
    Get in, then hopefully play the Ravens first so we can take them out once again.

  24. I’m far from a Steelers fan, but I think people are missing the facts. The Bengals had a horrible performance until the Eagles literally started giving them the ball. The Steelers played a decent game with some bad timing, crucial mistakes. Steelers at home versus the Bengals will end up with Pittsburgh fans going home happy.

  25. No story here. Before he got injured he was having a career year in this offense you guys wish he hated. It had gotten pitiful how much this site is dying for there to be a blow up between haley and ben

  26. grs27 says:
    Dec 18, 2012 4:47 PM

    Steelers lose to an inferior Ravens team at home, but then beat them with a third stringer in Baltimore.


    We’re the inferior team? That’s rich, what’s your record again? 7-7? With losses to the Raiders, Titans and Browns?

  27. I’m thrilled that Ben and Haley are on the same page and everyone is on board with the offense. I’d be even more thrilled if our offensive players could hold onto the ball when it’s in their hands, and opposing DBs who once played for Haley weren’t able to read the plays better than our own receivers. Right now, whether or not everyone’s happy is the least of this team’s problems.

  28. citizenstrange

    Roethlisberger hit 25,000 yards passing in fewer attempts than any quarterback not named Kurt Warner.

    That’s a list that includes Unitas, Manning, Brady and Marino.

    Not going to win in any shootouts you say? Sounds like someone who is utterly clueless.

  29. The offense has been OK this year with Haley. Unfortunately, that’s how the Steelers offense was last year without Haley. Whatever Ben wants, give it to him. He’s a future Hall of Fame player.

  30. randallflagg52

    Pittsburgh lost 2 games they should have won (against Balt and Cleveland) and Baltimore won about 4 games they should have lost, but lucked out in the end, as usual.

  31. johntonioholmes says:
    Dec 18, 2012 7:53 PM

    Pittsburgh lost 2 games they should have won (against Balt and Cleveland) and Baltimore won about 4 games they should have lost, but lucked out in the end, as usual.


    Baltimore won those games because they stay mentally tough and don’t make dumb mistakes in crunch time.

    pittsburgh lost them because they are soft, and screw up often.

  32. johntonioholmes:
    Twenty-five-thousand yards?
    Yards mean nothing without touchdowns. Compare Roethlisberger’s TD passing totals with those of Brady, Marino, Manning, even Bradshaw.
    I dare you.
    Be sure to get back to all of us with the results.

  33. stirring an empty pot…begging for page views at its’ best.

    after back to back home losses (one of which to us), you troll on our board to discuss home implosions? keep riding that soon-to-be 5 game losing streak into the playoffs.


    “Out of playoffs as soon as bengals blow them out this weekend”

    i think i’m going to save this little nugget until next monday…i’ll be sure to let your words marinate until then…i want them to taste delicious when the Bengals put it on you next week. though it wont put you out of the playoffs, it will complete your moonwalk into the tourney.

  34. randallflagg52

    Baltimore won those games because they stay mentally tough and don’t make dumb mistakes in crunch time.
    KC fumbled the ball and the game away and Baltimore never sniffed the EZ once.
    Bryon Leftwich with broken ribs almost won the game. And if BAL is so mentally tough, why could they not beat 38 year old 3rd string Charlie Batch in M&T Bank stadium or two rookie QB’s from WAS ? Why have they lost three straight ? Flacco gets burned in “crunch time” for a 98 yard pic-six – is that your definition of “mentally tough” ?
    Because of freakish bizzare luck, which has completely run out as evidenced by three straight losses.

  35. @bobzilla says:
    “Tomlin revealed at his weekly presser that Miller was “an eligible receiver” in the second half of Sunday’s game, but Roethlisberger chose not to throw to him.
    End of story.”
    “The reality is, the Steelers called nine plays designed for Miller in the second half, but the Cowboys’ coverage forced Roethlisberger away from throwing to Miller.
    “Maybe in some instances, he was covered,” Tomlin said. “Maybe in other instances, Ben chose another option. Maybe sometimes other options were dictated by coverage.”
    Dallas swicthed the DB in the second half covering miller to a smaller yet faster player, which is what they should have done considering Miller burned them for 92 yards and one TD, in a single half game. So Ben most likely avoided an INT by throwing where he did. End of story.

    While you’re comparing TD passes (which mean nothing unless they win a championship), please also compare Dan Marino’s Superbowl rings to Ben Roethlisbergers Superbowl rings. The NFL has no rings commemorating TD passes, wonder why ?

  36. mostlombardis:
    As usual, you Roethlisberger Obsessives aren’t seeing the BIG PICTURE…
    The fact that an average QB like Roethlisberger has more rings than Marino only supports my claim that TEAMS, not quarterbacks, win championships.
    Thanks for the help!!!
    Much appreciated.
    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that for the 7th time in nine years, someone not named Roethlisberger will win the Super Bowl this season…

  37. @bobzilla: your obvious bias against Ben discounts any chance of a logic based opinion from you. I view your posts as trying to impress/mentally bully others to your point of view. You have your opinion which I respect as that and nothing more not gospel , not sage advice, just a rants from someone who hates Ben?

  38. Nofool:
    I’m not biased against Elvis, er, I mean Ben. I am biased against people like you and the media who think he’s bigger than the organization.

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