Week 15 power rankings

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1. Broncos:  Nine straight wins are enough to put them straight at the top of the stack.

2. 49ers:  Two Niners teams showed up on Sunday night.  Only one of them can win the Super Bowl.

3. Falcons:  They should have saved a few of those points for their playoff opener.

4. Texans:  The road to New Orleans most likely will go through Houston.  The question is whether the team from Houston will be the one making the trip.

5. Patriots:  Those who think Sunday night’s loss to the 49ers removes the Pats from Super Bowl consideration apparently don’t realize that the 49ers don’t play in the AFC.

6. Packers:  They’d have a better chance of advancing in the postseason if Sidney Crosby was their kicker.  Or Bing Crosby.  Or Bill Cosby.

7. Seahawks:  The hottest team in the NFC will make their move to the top five if they can topple the 49ers.

8. Redskins:  Maybe Kirk Cousins is actually the rookie of the year.

9. Cowboys:  They’re playing just well enough to eventually blow their shot at a playoff berth.

10. Bengals:  They’re playing just well enough to eventually blow their shot at a playoff berth.

11. Colts:  The team that never quits will be tough to beat in January, especially if they get their head coach back.

12. Vikings:  If running the ball and playing defense were still the formula for winning championships, the Vikings would be in great shape.

13. Giants:  The fact that they expect to find the gas pedal when they need to could make it less likely that they will.

14. Ravens:  Fat, drunk, stupid and/or carrying a five-game losing streak into the postseason is no way to go through life.

15. Steelers:  The franchise has had three coaches since 1969.  More and more locals are ready for No. 4.

16. Panthers:  Ron Rivera is earning another chance to make good on Ryan Kalil’s prediction.

17. Bears:  Within Lovie Smith’s 2003 introductory press conference resides the main reason why the end of his tenure is near.

18. Saints:  That 41-0 win may have been aimed at persuading Sean Payton to believe that the team is still Super Bowl ready.

19. Rams:  Sooner or later, this team has to confront the quarterback question.

20. Dolphins:  40 years after 17-0, the Fins are still technically alive for the postseason.

21. Titans:  Given their mutual fondness for middle fingers, maybe Bud Adams should hire Rex Ryan.

22. Browns:  After a temporary outage, the Factory of Sadness is back on its normal production schedule.

23. Bills:  It’s a good thing they signed Mario Williams; otherwise, the Bills may have given up 100 points to the Seahawks.

24. Buccaneers:  At least they didn’t have to try to blow up victory formation.

25. Jets:  The next two weeks could be all about showcasing Tim Tebow for a possible trade.

26. Chargers:  Philip Rivers possibly wishes the next two weeks would be all about showcasing himself for a trade.

27. Cardinals:  Even if they win the rest of their games, that 58-0 blowout will likely blow out the coach and much of the front office.

28. Eagles:  Best evidence that Garrett Reid wasn’t distributing steroids?  The team’s won-loss record.

29. Lions:  Once again, the Lions will play the role of spoilers who couldn’t spoil milk.

30. Raiders:  By winning against the Chiefs, the Raiders merely lost the chance at a higher draft slot for 2013.

31. Jaguars:  It’s only a matter of time before Tim Tebow rides a donkey into his hometown.

32. Chiefs:  Ricky Stanzi may finally get his close up.  At a time when absolutely no one is paying attention.

93 responses to “Week 15 power rankings

  1. 1. Broncos: Nine straight wins are enough to put them straight at the top of the stack.

    Those 9 teams they beat, a combined 41-71

  2. The Jets Defense is very good. #2 Pass Defense in the NFL. #8 Overall Defense. Imagine if Sanchez wasn’t the worst QB in the NFL and wasn’t a turnover machine. Imagine if he didn’t have constant 3 and outs. The Defense doesn’t get enough credit to keep the team in games.

    That being said, the offense is so bad that they are overrated at #25.

    Clean House.

  3. 6-10 are exactly as I had them.

    1-5 could really be in any order. They’ll settle the argument in the playoffs.

    Colts will NOT be tough to beat in January. They haven’t beat a winning team since Week 5.

  4. 2. 49ers: Two Niners teams showed up on Sunday night. Only one of them can win the Super Bowl.

    Same team, different play calling on both sides of the ball. They can’t run up the score and then play it safe against teams like the Patriots. Their play calling got weak, not their offense or defense.

  5. I hate the Eagles, but that’s a reprehensible comment bringing Reid’s son into it. Come on.

  6. Pittsburgh fans want a new coach? Huh? I’ve never read anything on that.

    I’m a die-hard Ravens fan, but Tomlin is one of the best coaches in the league.

    If Pittsburgh doesn’t want him, I’m sure most of us in Baltimore would love to have him.

  7. The hottest team in the NFC has beat the Cardinals, Bills, and a Chicago team that is on a major skid during their little streak. Sure they dismantled the cards and Bills as has most of the league but they barely squeaked past Chicago.

  8. Quick, someone find me a DeLorean and start blasting Huey Lewis and the News, I need to go back in time to change the Broncos schedule so they can play better teams!

    If not, nobody on PFT will respect them!

  9. Four years ago when Pioli was hired he always said it was about the right 53. Kinda a joke when you say it now. Ranked at number 32 in the power rankings.

  10. Do us all a favor and just leave the Giants out of the rankings. They win a game, theyre the best team in the NFL and Eli is a top QB. They lose a game and you guys say theyre a bunch of scrubs.

  11. It’s funny how Texans fans keep saying they should be higher then the Broncos because they beat them week 3. The Broncos are so much better then they were week 3. The defense has come around under Del Rio and Manning is more comfortable with the team. Texans are a very good team but don’t assume you should always be ranked higher than Denver because of one game in September.

  12. The best game this weekend is shaping up to be Sunday night football between the 9ers and the Seahawks. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Seahawks fan, I’m saying that because I love the sport and these two teams are fun to watch. Great defenses. Great ground game. Young QBs. College coaching rivalries brought to the NFL… Division rivals. What’s not to like about this game?!

    I love football!

  13. Ok folks. The Giants 14 game preseason is officially over and the real football season starts for the defending champs this week. All of you fans of pretenders such as Atl, GB, SF and Wash better PRAY that the Ravens give you all the biggest Christmas present you can possibly ask for which is to win this Sunday and keep the fox out of the playoff henhouse.

  14. How can anyone with a straight face put the Texans over the Pats. I hate the Pats, but that’s absurd on so many levels. They had 2.5 awful qtrs, and still almost won the game against a team that’s just as good or better. The last 1.5 qtrs show why they in a class of their own on offense.

    The Texans barely survived the Colts at home.

  15. 7. Seahawks: The hottest team in the NFC will make their move to the top five if they can topple the 49ers.


    Ummmm, the Packers are 8-1 over their last 9 games compared to the Hawks 6-3 record. How are the Hawks the hottest team in the NFC? Don’t forget, the Packers already beat the Hawks in their stadium…

  16. That comment about Mike Tomlin was just dumb. Now if you had said it about Todd Haley then I’d have understood.

  17. “20. Dolphins: 40 years after 17-0, the Fins are still technically alive for the postseason.”

    What about the Saints still being technically alive for the playoffs?? Who Dat

  18. “15. Steelers: The franchise has had three coaches since 1969. More and more locals are ready for No. 4”

    I dislike the Steelers with every fiber of my being but c’mon…..

    Sounds like you guys are not only overly sensitive to the comments on this site but also the ones at the pittsburgh post gazette.

  19. tritz the packers lost to the seahawks in there stadium I remember hearing all the packers whining about that game,
    I dont see why the vikings are so far down adrian alone ran over 300 yards in the last two games and that is very good.

  20. Ummmm, the Packers are 8-1 over their last 9 games compared to the Hawks 6-3 record. How are the Hawks the hottest team in the NFC? Don’t forget, the Packers already beat the Hawks in their stadium

    Idk if you’ve been reading the numerous articles pft alone has wrote about it, or if you have been paying attention,or maybe you were sleep that Monday night but if I recall Seattle beat green bay. Rw as a rookie has been putting up pro bowl numbers, Lynch is the 2nd leading rushing back in the league, And in the past 2 weeks sea have outscored there opponents 108-17. Oh yeah and rich Sherman is in the league’s top 5 for interceptions. Sounds kind of hot to me.

    And goldrush, you barely squeaked by Brady and company. Take away the kick return you would have choked away a 31-3 4th quarter lead so I wouldn’t be quick to talk about “squeaking by”

  21. I love all of the people hating on the Broncos. Guess what they played the teams the league put in front of them. At the beginning of the year the Broncos had the second toughest schedule in all of the NFL. The teams they have played were not all supposed to suck as bad as they are. The Broncos can prevent that by how? The Ravens beat the Patriots in Baltimore, and then Denver just beat the Ravens in Baltimore. So I guess Denver should be #1. Not only that, the Patriots sloberknocked the Texans….

  22. sooooo the bengals are going to blow their playoff chances by losing to the ravens and/or steelers who are below them in the rankings?

    IF that happens then both the ravens and steelers would make it and the bengals wouldn’t. If that’s your prediction then for power rankings wouldn’t it make more sense to rank the bengals below those two?

  23. kane337 says:
    Dec 18, 2012 12:25 PM
    Are other teams saving points for their playoff run? Didn’t think so. Falcons beat the Broncos and have a better record than them.

    That was also in week 2. If you really think that the Broncos are the same team they were in week two, you are sorely mistaken. Peyton’s second game on a new team, new everything, and they still lost by only 6. Not only that, the Broncos had to play the Falcons and the replacement Refs all in the same game.

  24. Why does everyone say “oh but my team beat this team!!! How are we behind them?!'”

    Theyre power rankings people!!! Bascially momentum rankings, and if momentum is close then it goes to who is perceived to be the better team….broncos win 9 straight, hottest team in the nfl, they deserve number 1 regardless if houston beat them or not…houston just got blown out last week, and save for the changes in playcalling by SF on sunday, the pats would have gotten blown out at home. Therefore, the broncos are higher in the power rankings…really not that hard to figure out.

    But i havent heard a single peep about firing tomlin, not from any steeler fan i know, not from any host of a pittsburgh based radio/tv sports show, not from any caller into those shows. Idk where you get your info.

  25. ccjcsr says:Dec 18, 2012 12:00 PM

    Texans aren’t that good, easy schedule/division led to that record!


    It still blows me away that people continue to say the Texans have an easy schedule and division. They were the 8th TOUGHEST schedule as of last week, the #1 AFC wildcard is in their division and they beat 2-3 AFC division champions.

    And there are people who liked that comment, nice to see so many people have no idea what they are talking about.

  26. Power Rankings are designed to get everyone all worked up so they spew their Wad all over the place..

    The real rankings come out February 4th after the Super Bowl.. And all you need to know is who is Number 1.

  27. Was there a jerk tryout this morning and number 28 was your attempt to make the team? I can’t stand the Eagles and their hyena fanbase and even I think number 28 was over the top.

  28. So the same site that was bashing Rob Parker, and rightfully so, for his inappropriate comments about RGIII, today talks about a coach’s dead son in a very poor attempt at humor….

  29. I’ve never understood the purpose of these power rankings, this isn’t college football, don’t need some highly subjective rankings to determine anything. They’ll be 12 teams in the playoffs, they’ll determine it from there and these rankings will be as they are now, pointless.

  30. Seattle had more points on the scoreboard. They didnt beat the packers though. They were awarded a game by incompetent officials. Seattle blew out probably the two worst teams in the league. Bills have set a record for blow out losses this year. Arizona is just awful. Good defense. They all PED users but yeah they good.

    Btw I’m a bills fan. They should be bottom 5 of list. Pats should be number one cause they’ve beaten broncos. Texans are ahead of pats and got stomped by pats a week ago? These list are bogus.

    And nice Garrett Reid joke. Should have some more respect for someone’s dead family member instead of trying to wedge something “witty” but rather down right disrespectful.

  31. So the same site that was bashing Rob Parker, and rightfully so, for his inappropriate comments about RGIII, today talks about a coach’s dead son in a very poor attempt at humor….

    Exactly, hypocritical but that’s sports media, sadly.

  32. The Raiders still pick 4th.Its not like they just missed out on a chance to draft a franchise QB because there aren’t any in this years draft.They are still in position to get a LB DT or DE.They honestly should trade down and get more picks as one player isn’t going to fix anything

  33. Pretty tasteless comments about Mike Tomlin and Garrett Reid. If you’re going to preach about journalists maintaining professionalism (something Rob Parker isn’t good at), you’d be wise to get away from cheap shots like this.

  34. superpats90 says: Dec 18, 2012 11:46 AM

    I’m just wondering how the pats fall below the broncos and the Texans.. didn’t we whoop both of them?

    Any team can win 1 game. Not many teams can win 9 in a row. Broncos > Patriots

  35. Remind me again how the Colts,

    “the team that never quits,”

    positioned themselves to draft Andrew Luck?

    And what did they do when they were 14-0 a few years back and their opponents were fighting for a playoff spot?

    They’re a quitting, tanking, cowardly franchise right down to the core.

  36. Now that Denver is in their rightful position, #2 seed–let’s talk science.

    Three words–Acute Mountain Sickness–one of the reasons why Denver holds a 50% winning advantage at home against Brady. This is why NE was desperate to hold onto the second seed. They know they can’t win in Denver. Read the science below:

    If you live near sea level, traveling to a city of much higher elevation (1600m) can cause ‘acute mountain sickness’ (AMS) and cause a large decrease in endurance exercise performance and decision making!
    1. Fulco CS, Beidleman BA, & Muza SR (2012). Effectiveness of Pre-Acclimatization Strategies for High Altitude Exposure. Exercise and sport sciences reviews PMID:

    If the Patsies make it that far–welcome to MILE HIGH BABY!!!

  37. Absolutely right that 49’ers are two different teams. Bay Area sportswriters have called the 49’ers alternatingly dominant and lethargic. Who would have thought they would show both those traits in the same game against a team that had not lost a December game in Foxboro in a decade? Seemed like a good time to maintain focus instead of celebrating. Brady looked like an assasin waiting to pounce when the 9’ers started dancing when it was 31-3. On the other hand the ability of the 49’ers to turn it back on after it was tied was remarkable. Will be interesting to see which team shows up in Seattle.

  38. Yes, the Pats beat the Broncos, but that was much earlier in the season and isn’t really relevant to Week 15 Power Rankings. However, the Pats beat the Texans 42-14 LAST WEEK. Putting Houston ahead of the Patriots on this list is absolutely absurd.

    And yeah, making a joke about Garret Reid is pretty heartless, especially for someone like Florio that makes as many moral judgements about other people as he does, we had better see an apology for that posted on this site.

  39. 11. Colts: The team that never quits will be tough to beat in January, especially if they get their head coach back.

    Figured I’d bring up a different ranking than the ones getting people worked up…not really the ranking so much as the comment. Please explain to me how getting Pagano back as they go into the playoffs helps this team with anything other than inspiration? Which they shouldn’t be short of going into the playoffs….they had a losing record with him as head coach and have since turned into a 9 win team with playoff aspirations. He should absolutley be the head coach next year but I don’t think it would be the worst thing ever to let Arians run the show through the rest of the season and maintain some crucial continuity.

  40. For ignorant people… Yes the Broncos lost to Falcons, Texans, and Patriots. All of them were in the first 5 weeks. Peyton with the new team, still coming together. Now we are hitting on all cylinders. Top 5 Offense and Top 5 Defense… makes for a pretty good team. This team has changed so much from those 3 early losses. The revenge tour will be set up perfectly. Patriots will have to come to Denver this time, we will have to go to Houston, and hopefully meet the Falcons in New Orleans. Boom.
    I guess all 4 of New Englands losses were to the best teams out there… Oh wait, they were AZ, Seattle, and 49ers and Ravens. Broncos just beat the Ravens. Houston? Two major blowouts in primetime.
    Go Broncos!!

  41. In this season of giving you deliver one of THE most classless comments I have ever read. Good job!

    I really hope this comment goes beyond this gossip site and you become outed as the true scumbag that you are.

    I feel a public apology is due to Andy Reid, his family and the Eagles organization.

  42. johnschatzan says:Dec 18, 2012 1:06 PM

    Seattle had more points on the scoreboard. They didnt beat the packers though. They were awarded a game by incompetent officials
    Which was upheld by incompetent full-time replay officials. And then backed up by incompetent league officials who reviewed it the next day.

    The same league officials who said the incompetent regular officials and incompetent replay officials totally blew it last week with the Luck interception while his knee was clearly on the ground…

  43. This is THE worst power ranking I think I have ever seen. There is NO WAY the Broncos are the top team, sorry! The 6 teams under them would beat them hands down!

  44. While the rankings are fun, they are meaningless (obviously). Texans win one of the next two games, and we have home field throughout. That is what every team’s goal is for the regular season. We will have obtained our goal, and 30 other teams in the league will not have. Then it is on to our next goal — New Orleans.

  45. I dont understand how you (Mike Florio) can so casually indicate that Steelers fans want a new coach, and not say anything about how they are dumb fans or know nothing about football. You, as well as the rest of the national media have no problem throwing the other PA team’s fans under the bus when it comes to wanting the head coach gone. Pitt was won 1 Superbowl and been to another in the 5 yrs with Tomlin as their coach. Pitts fans want him out after that, and not a peep. 14 years with 1 Superbowl appearance (no wins), and it’s sacrilege for Eagles fans to even think we might do better. What weird hold does Andy Reid have on you people that only Mike Mayock agrees that he needs to go?

  46. “49ers: Two Niners teams showed up on Sunday night. Only one of them can win the Super Bowl.”

    Ask Hernandez if he played two teams Sunday night. His answer….no just one….that team is friigan lethal, hits like a wrecking ball.

    Everybody fears the Niners. Not Seattle or Denver. Harbaugh has Carrol’s # and Peyton Manning will be a shaky ole man in front of the Niner D.

  47. I agree with all of the comments above in reference to Andy Reid’s son.

    I love this site – but the blurp on the Eagles – c’mon man it’s a week before Xmas.

    After everything this country has gone through the past few days – really is that necessary?

    Why has it not been removed by now?

    Way over the top – were talking football here, not kids and death.

    I can’t believe you even thought that was funny?

  48. The Cowboys have earned your rude comment, Florio, over recent seasons, however THIS Cowboys team is quietly putting their head down and going to work for the coach that everyone but his brother had run out of town during the first 8 games. Dallas has won 5 of 6 and is just as much of a contender as the Redskins or Giants to win the NFC East. THIS Cowboy team will take it one game at a time.

  49. I don’t understand why my comment was deleted. I didn’t say anything rude.

    I simply stated that I thought the Pats should be #3. Don’t forget we are in December.

  50. I am a fan of the Dolphins so have no real business reading these rankings at all but if the 9ers who played MIA showed up in the playoffs then they’re going to lose. MIA has a pretty good defense but legitimately almost beat the 49ers in SF. NE not being able to trounce a team that MIA almost beat either means that MIA is better than I think or that NE isn’t that great either. I’m hoping for the former….

  51. What I find more troubling than the fact you actually posted number 28 was that after all the commenters pointed out how egregious your statement was you’ve yet to either change it, or make an apology.

  52. Are you serious with that Garrett Reid comment? What a completely asinine, insensitive thing to say. Maybe in a few weeks you’ll be able to work the mass shooting of a bunch of elementary school students into one of your one liners as well. Absolutely unforgivable, completely classless statement.

  53. Denver had the no2 most difficult schedule in football this season. 9 wins in this league are worth mentioning, whoever the opponents are. It’s nice to be a contender again.

  54. That’s right boys and girls BRONCOS #1. It is what was bound to happen once the Sheriff rolled into town! Would really like another shot at the Patsys on the way to the Super Bowl and give Gisele something else to whine about!

  55. Not sure if Broncos should be #1, but it’s very difficult to win nine straight in the NFL, regardless of the opponents.

  56. Falcons should be ahead of the broncos. We already beat them this season (along with the rest of their division) and have a better record. Our only losses came against our hated rival, the eggheads, and a carolina game that no one even cared about. I’m ok with the 9ers being ahead of us, we’ll still clinch home field and a bye

  57. Hey hawks fans, don’t worry about packer fans or any other hawks haters that talk about the Hail Mary at the end of the hawks packers game. They obviously didn’t watch the game and only saw the last play on sports center. Or, if they did watch, they ignored all the HIDEOUS calls the benefitted their team, or the 8 first half sacks…

  58. “5. Patriots: Those who think Sunday night’s loss to the 49ers removes the Pats from Super Bowl consideration apparently don’t realize that the 49ers don’t play in the AFC.”

    Yet you put them one behind the team they slaughtered the week before. It’s the little things like that which remind me you guys have no idea what you are talking about.

  59. Atlanta could win the Super Bowl and the next day you’d rank them less than 1st. 49’s have won 10, Atlanta 12. Denver ahead of Atlanta? When Atlanta beats them and has a better record? After trouncing the reigning Super Bowl champs? Yes sireeee, lot of credibility in this list.

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