Banner reiterates that decisions are “quickly” coming


As the Browns introduced new team president Alec Scheiner, team CEO Joe Banner explained that determinations regarding other key jobs will be coming rapidly after the team’s season ends.

I think we’ll make the decisions quickly after the season,” Banner said during a conference call announcing the hiring of Scheiner, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “I don’t want to say if it’s one day or two days or three days but I think it will be quickly.”

Banner said that decisions haven’t already been made, at least not final ones.

“I don’t want to make it sound like we’re in the same place we were two or four or six weeks ago,” Banner said.  “That has advanced quite a bit.  But we’re not at the point where we’ve made definitive decisions.”

The non-definitive decision could be that G.M. Tom Heckert and coach Pat Shurmur will be gone.  After all, when Banner stepped down as Eagles president in June, Banner made it clear that he wants to be involved in turning around another franchise.  But how can a franchise be turned around if the G.M. and head coach that new ownership inherited are kept in place?

As we reported over the weekend, if Heckert goes the primary reason will be the failure to move from No. 4 to No. 2 in the 2012 draft to get quarterback Robert Griffin III, who along with Andrew Luck (and possibly Russell Wilson) could end up being once-in-a-generation talents.  With Heckert openly talking about the importance of retaining final say over the roster (something he surely never actually had under Mike Holmgren), the official, face-saving explanation could end up being that Banner and Heckert simply couldn’t agree on how much power the G.M. would have had.

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  1. ” if Heckert goes the primary reason will be the failure to move from No. 4 to No. 2 in the 2012 draft to get quarterback Robert Griffin III, who along with Andrew Luck (and possibly Russell Wilson)”

    And Ryan Tannehill.

  2. The Browns are masters at “wasting” football seasons on incompetent coaches, front office personnel, and at the quarterback position. It took me listening to one Pat Shurmur press conference when he was hired two years ago to say “yeah right…..NEXT?”

  3. Robert Griffin III, who along with Andrew Luck (and possibly Russell Wilson) could end up being once-in-a-generation talents.

    So wouldn’t that be like a twice (or possibly thrice) in a generation talent?

  4. I don’t agree with this authors assessment that not moving up for rg3 would be the sole reason he would be fired. For one Trent Richardson looks like he will be a great player and wheeden has been alright. Using this authors assessment Jeff fisher should be fired and banned from the league for not keeping the number 2 pick and taking the amazing rg3.

  5. Not to mention they were probably going to fire both coach and gm regardless the minute this team was sold to the new owner. It was inevitable even if they had drafted rg3 because every boss wants his guys in place.

  6. It would be a monumental shame if somebody got fired for not managing to acquire a quarterback who hasn’t actually proved he will be great yet.

    And before everyone piles in saying “OMG RG3 is awesome!!!!!one!” remember that this time last year we were saying the same thing about Cam Newton. And not too long ago we were saying it about Vince Young and David Garrard too. With these ‘dual threat’ QBs it takes a few years before you discover how good they really are.

  7. Eagles, Browns, Cards, Chargers, Jets, Chiefs- all will be in search of a new HC this offseason. I feel like pecking order for most will be Jets, Eagles, Chargers, Cards, Browns, Chiefs (based on pieces already in place, front office and market/national attention). So the thought of moving quickly to replace Shurmur (not stated, but implied) pretty much tells me that they’ll either throw a massive chunk of money at a big college name (Kelly? Saban? both say no but the almighty dollar always wins), or they’ve already have some sort of verbal agreement in place. Should be interesting, but I can’t see the likes of Cowher or Chucky jumping out of retirement for the gig, and I don’t see any of these soon-to-be booted HC’s getting the same gig this off season either.

  8. Failure to move up 2 spots…..really? RG3 is flashy but will never be a prolonged dominant force in the NFL….just like his predecessors before him (Vick, Young, Randall Cunningham) their body cannot take the punishment from being a running qb. Just look at that hit he took against the ratbirds. As of now, NONE of the qb’s taken are “once in a generation” because they don’t have multiple seasons under their belt. I think Weedon can be a very good qb for us, but not under the WCO. I have never been a fan of WCO, so hopefully the next HC and OC will bring a pro style so we can see what Weedon is capable of.

  9. I have a better shot at hitting the powerball
    Twice than Schurmer does at being retained. He has done nothing in two years that would warrant him returning. The game is to big for him, u can just tell. An Oc. At best.

  10. If they’re dumb enough to bring in Michael Lombardi it’ll snuff out our last remaining hope of becoming competitive in the next five years. It’ll also mean that they are totally not listening to us fans, so if it reaches that point, maybe we need to start making ourselves heard with our feet and wallets.

  11. The Browns are nothing more than a toy the rich play with.

    Haslam tied his own hands when he named Joe Banner to be his Pres/CEO, with everyone reporting to Banner.

    Many Browns fans have their hopes up, believing that Haslam and Banner will deliver a high profile head coach, such as Nick Saban.

    …I hate to be the one to deliver the bad news, but it is becoming clear that the highest profile and best qualified coaching talent WILL NOT be coming to Cleveland.

    Ask yourself one question…You think Nick Saban is going to report Joe Banner?

    Joe Banner has never been in charge of the football side of a franchise…thus he is a “rookie” in this new role.

    So now the Browns will search for second tier coaching talent, hoping they can find one willing to share power over the football side with a “rookie” CEO, Joe Banner.

  12. So let me get this straight … Heckert did not have final say over the roster, therefore did not have the authority to make a deal for RGIII, was told to draft Weeden by Holmgren, and is not responsible for how Weeden (or McCoy) is coached or developed – and therefore is to blame for the Browns having a better record and vastly better roster and must lose his job.


  13. As a lifelong Browns’ fan, I completely believe it is a colossal mistake to release Heckert. He has made good decisions on personnel and the team has improved under his direction. There is a lot to be said for continuity … something the Browns desperately need……………… New personnel, means a new system, etc. It’s square one AGAIN.

  14. @heygfy:

    My thoughts exactly at the Mularkey press conference.

    As far as the Browns, I think limiting the rationale to the “failure” to spend three drafts on one player is a bit much. The team’s record speaks for itself. However, not giving the Weeden-Richardson-Gordon (I would put Massaquoi in here if he could ever stay healthy) team a chance to grow up a little under the guys that brought them there doesn’t really give you a chance to evaluate their most-recent draft.

  15. what this article is missing is the fact that the personnel moves are and were largely on the shoulders of Holmgren.

    I the drafting of BRandon Weeden in round 1 was a panic button situation – when they failed to get RG3, moved up unnecessarily to get Richardson – and Tennessee taking Kendall Wright at pick #22.

  16. That’s how things go in Cleveland.

    1.) Clean house.
    2.) Start new regime.
    3.) Give new regime 2-3 years.
    4.) Once that regime starts showing progress revert back to step 1.

  17. You guys are dumb what have we done in 12 yrs nothing at all we need a change our GM stinks dont forget he passed up julio jones an with that draft pick drafted worthless Weeden what about we passed up JJ Watt also dont forget that. What we sld of done last year was draft Blackmon then Doug Martin instead of TRich an Weeden people wake up.

  18. That picture is pretty fitting. Banner will be bagging groceries after they let him and Lombardi make personnel decisions for a few years….

    Being a Browns fan is just short of an abusive relationship…

  19. Russell Wilson a once in a generation QB? I think you just lost more than a little credibility.
    How would you know he’s not? He was overlooked because of his size had he been 6 foot 5 he would of been a top 10 pick. It’s funny no one thought Tom Brady was a once in a generation talent. You don’t know anything about football.

  20. Leave it to the Browns to finally show REAL promise then clean house…cellar dwellers. “Hey,,,lets start over again!!!”

  21. “Once in a lifetime talents”.

    Weren’t Newton and Vick talked about the same way at first? You have to stay healthy. A few hits by Ngata or Watt or Mathews and the rest of your season doesn’t look quite as good.

  22. To coop 16

    U never listen to fans when it comes to talent evaluation and business inside the organization. My guess is Haslem
    And banner know more than you.

  23. This Brown’s team is allot from being back to a good team again.Their D is solid I will give them that but the Browns need a new HC and a new offense (besides Joe Thomas and Trent Richardson).

  24. themagicman1223 says:
    Dec 19, 2012 10:09 AM
    Russell Wilson a once in a generation QB? I think you just lost more than a little credibility.
    How would you know he’s not? He was overlooked because of his size had he been 6 foot 5 he would of been a top 10 pick. It’s funny no one thought Tom Brady was a once in a generation talent. You don’t know anything about football.
    Apparently, by judging Wilson with less than a full season under his belt, I think it’s fair to say YOU know nothing about football. I’m sure you also said this about Newton last year too? And maybe Vince Young in his rookie year? You don’t judge rookies in their first year, it’s a flawed concept. If he can show consistency into his second year and beyond? Sure I’ll consider him good. But the fact that you just compared Brady to Wilson? You’ve joined the list of those who have lost credibility.

  25. This means the decision has been made. Just for NOT replacing Weeden with McCoy means Pat has to go. He said “I never considered it”. That is just beyond comprhension. He does not give Cleveland the best chance to win and must be dismissed.

  26. Many Browns fans just cannot come to grips with reality. Heckert and Shurmur are gone. And, Weeden was a wasted, busted pick. And, Richardson is not going to be a “great” player.
    Browns fans are always grading their players through rose-colored glasses. It gives them hope and gives them a reason to keep watching. Following the Browns has almost become cult-like.
    Holmgren and Heckert truly blew the 2012 draft! Mr. Florio, even if Browns fans choose to hold their hands over their eyes, Weeden was a wasted pick and Richardson was wasted reach. You are right with what you say.
    The Browns have a new owner. Let him be the judge. Let him put his people in place. This blow up of the team is different from any before. Haslam will put his team in place and consistency will take root. That’s the way it’s going to occur.
    Browns fans must cease trying to defend what’s not there. Their fantasies have never come true. Never.

  27. Heckert might be better off lvg Cleveland, considering that his mentor, Andy Reid, may well be hdg for a new job and likely will need people…

  28. People interjecting Russell Wilson in with Luck and Griffin is getting annoying. He’s been an okay player, but get real. He’s asked to make a couple of plays a game on a team that runs the ball extremely well and has a top three defense. Defintiely fits what they need, but stop with the “he’s part of a once in a generation class” of QB’s nonsense.

    He’s a caretaker right now with physical limitations, which might be a problem for him in the future. Stop trying to shove him down our throat.

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