Ben Roethlisberger apologized to Todd Haley


It isn’t quite Festivus yet, but there’s been some grievance airing in Pittsburgh all the same this week.

In the holiday tradition, everyone takes a turn blowing off some steam and then tries to move on with their lives. It seems that what Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was doing Sunday when he had some critical words for the offensive play calling during last Sunday’s 27-24 loss to the Cowboys.

Coach Mike Tomlin already brushed off concerns about the relationship between Roethlisberger and offensive coordinator Todd Haley as being nothing more than frustration in the wake of a loss, and Roethlisberger followed suit on Wednesday. Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Roethlisberger said he apologized to both Haley and the Rooney family for his postgame comments.

“I’m just apologizing for the storm I created and caused,” Roethlisberger said.

That should quiet things down for now, a good thing since the Steelers don’t need any outside distractions while preparing for a must-win game against the Bengals. You can be sure there will certainly be further rounds of discussion about the Steelers offense if they aren’t able to steer their way into the playoffs over the final two weeks of the season.

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  1. My respect for PFT goes up a notch & Yada-Yada-Yada every time you guys use a ‘Seinfeld’ reference. But my respect for Big Ben goes down a notch when he goes into [I’ll use the PG term here…] Apple-Polisher mode, particularly when he knows his original anger/criticism is justified.

  2. With a 7 point lead, if Antonio Brown does not drop the ball while running at the same time when the bad guys are near, Steelers most likely get the victory. No OT and no INT and no apology. 3 pump fakes, 2 pirouettes and a side step then a 30 yard TD strike to Miller required no apology, did it ?

  3. Ben often sticks his foot in his mouth, but in this case, his comments weren’t particularly divisive and his performance Sunday certainly wasn’t the problem. It’s good he’s taken a leadership role in quashing dissension over Haley’s play-calling. But the team has more important issues to address going forward. For one thing, some of the criticism about Haley’s play-calling was valid. And it doesn’t matter what plays are called if our receivers can’t hang onto the ball. That game turned on Antonio Brown’s fumble. Too many games have been lost to fumbles this year.

  4. The “must win” against the Bangles will, in all probability, be a loss by the Steelers. BIG problems they have.

  5. Another media driven article. I am sure it’s good fuel to fire up the posting trolls. This stuff happens on all teams, but a slow media weds. Brings this stuff out. IMO Ben has a right to be frustrated , but must keep it in the family not in the paper.

  6. The OC’s play calling is the least of this teams problems. With the injuries to the OL & RBs, and WR drops & fumbles it’s not hard to see why the offense has had a hard time sustaining any type rhythm this year. It also doesn’t help when your three biggest impact players on Def ( Troy, Woodley, Harrison) are not the players they used to be.

  7. Everybody calm down. Ben will lead us to the promised land. It’s what he does. I mean seriously people. Are you gonna take Andy daulton or big Ben in a winner take all game?? Don’t make me laugh!!!!!!

  8. As a Steelers fan I believe this isn’t an issue. I do believe it’s time the Tomlin era is over in Pittsburgh. With guys getting in trouble with the law, bringing Plaxico back, dropped passes, fumbles for no reason, lack of motivation (playing to the level of their opponents) it’s time for a change at the Head Coach position.

  9. Haley’s offense is a problem. When Carr is saying, “I knew the play from practice” it means that he isn’t changing things up enough.

    But, much like the wide receivers, Haley doesn’t catch the ball. And, much like the running backs, Haley doesn’t hold the ball high and tight to keep from fumbling. Haley isn’t an offensive lineman, play corner back, play safety, or rush the passer.

    At least Bruce Arians isn’t doing anything in his retirement…

  10. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but this team is not good enough to withstand injuries, turnovers and drops. Even if they were to win the next two, they will bow out quickly in the playoffs. Change is always inevitable, not always bad.

  11. Roethlisberger doesn’t need to apologize to Haley. He said nothing overly critical of Haley after the game. He had no malice in his voice as he calmly answered questions from the local sports media…
    The ones who need to apologize are Bob Pompeani and Jory Rand of KDKA-TV. They are the ones who fueled this fire…
    Pomepani obviously has a close, personal relationship with the Steelers quarterback, which clouds his judgment and puts into question his professionalism.
    There is zero objectivity and impartiality among the sporting media in Pittsburgh and, for that, an apology ought to be issued.

  12. Who cares about when they won when the defense gave up so many points? The better questions are how many games has Ben played with a reasonable number of starting OL playing in front of him? How many games has Ben played when the running game gained over 100 yards? How many times was Ben responsible for missing blocks, dropping passes, etc. A few posters that only talk about Ben being the one that is the cause of all Steeler woes make no sense, and everyone reading knows it. There are no other NFL offenses that score more than 25 points a game week in and week out with the generally beat up OL the Steelers have had to suffer with and with basically NO running game at all. Neither Brady, Rogers, nor Manning run for their life bascially the whole game. They have some running game as support to the pass and have WRs who consistently make the tough catches.

    Yes, Ben is very good in many respects, but he cannot and should not be expected to be THE WHOLE OFFENSE. Please make some sense.

  13. @holeinone09 …

    Amen. I really don’t want my offense scoring more than 25 points. Shoot-outs aren’t my thing. I’d rather watch a 9-6 defensive brawl. The only thing that matters to me is who’s in the W column when the game is over. For 26 years without Ben, we watched Super Bowls that ended with someone other than Pittsburgh in the W column. With him, we’ve twice watched our team hoist the Lombardi. Anyone who doesn’t understand that he was the differencemaker between not winning a championship and winning a championship wasn’t paying attention during those 26 years.

  14. holeinone:
    When the Steelers win, it’s always all about Big Ben. But when they lose, it’s always all about someone else…

    You actually believe that one position was the sole reason the Steelers took 26 years to win another Super Bowl?
    Santa Clause?
    Easter Bunny?
    Tooth Fairy?
    Think playing the 1995 dynastic Dallas Cowboys might’ve been just a tad bigger challenge than playing the 2005 Seahawks and the ’08 Cardinals?

  15. bobzilla, did you read my post? Don’t twist my words, they are there for intelligent people to read. My point was it is NOT ALL Ben’s fault when they lose. Of course it is not all his credit when they win either, although as QB he plays a very signficant part, and considering the almost 100% lack of a running game and normally below average OL play (due to injuries, whatever), he is normally a big part of the wins. His career stats tell a decent part of the story, but he is one of 11 on the offense. He takes the blame when he makes a mistake. How many times did a McNabb do that?

    And Deb is 100% correct, the Steelers didn’t win a Super Bowl since Bradshaw until Ben arrived. While he didn’t have powerful stats in the SB’s, they wouldn’t have reached the SB’s without him, and IMHO he should have been MVP when they beat the Cardinals, taking them down the field at the end as time was running out for the win. It takes a winner to do that, and Ben did it flawlessly when everything was on the line in the biggest game. Anddon’t forget, Holmes dropped a game winning TD Ben threw him the play before he caught the game winner. And Holmes gets the MVP. SMH.

  16. @bobzilla …

    We’ve had this conversation before. No, I don’t think Ben is star-kissed. I don’t think he’s Brady. I don’t even think he’s all he could be if he worked a little harder. But we had great defenses before, great running games, great receivers, great coaches, and far better offensive lines. What we didn’t have was the team leader who was able to extend plays, get the ball down the field (to players wearing Steelers unis, not Cowboys unis if we’re referring to SBXXX), the guy who was able to make the rest of the team believe they could win. Ben was the missing ingredient.

  17. All you smart guys blaming Tomlin for these blown games..blame the 27 turnovers on Offense..blame Colbert & Co for terrible draft picks and contract mismanagement and the lack of using free agency like every other team in the NFL..Lol @ fire Tomlin!Who you want to replace him? Andy Reid? Let me guess..A Coach Bill comeback? Some NCAA coach like Nick Saben? All coaches make head scratching calls but he is NOT the reason we slipping and 1 game from being booted out the playoffs..just like he WASN’T the reason we got TEBOW’D out last year

  18. This marriage wasn’t going to work from the start. Add Tomlin’s terrible coaching to the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

  19. Mike Tomlin is an excellent coach and he isn’t going anyhwere. This team has been ravaged with injuries since the preseason.

    The lack of depth at DB can be blamed on, if anyone, the personnel department.

    Most of these losses have been caused by the self-proclaimed “Young Money Crew” of Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, and Emmanuel Sanders.

    At the very least they are to blame for the losses in Oakland and Dallas. They should be called the “Sir Drops & Fumbles A lot Crew”

    Every time they commit a turnover it is at the most critical point of the game and always results in a shift of momentum.

    The dropped passes are also a huge problem, but more recently the turnovers are my primary beef.

  20. Ben was playing MVP ball before he got hurt. He’s looked a little rusty his 2 games back, but turnovers have been the killer that stretch, not his play.

    The big question to me is this (assuming turnovers stop) – can Ben get back to playing MVP ball quick enough to go on a 6-game run?

  21. The Steelers “have had great defenses before”?
    I can’t recall any Steelers defense between 1980 and 2004 that produced not one but TWO Defensive Players of the Year like the Steelers defenses did from 2005 to 2010.
    The Steelers’ Ds of the 1990s were very good. But they also were shortlived. Kevin Greene, one of the NFL’s all-time great pass-rushers, spent just three seasons in Pittsburgh…
    Imagine, for example, if James Harrison or Troy Polamalu had only played three seasons with the Steelers…
    Big Ben would probably be minus a couple Super Bowl appearances…

  22. If you minus those 8 Turnovers Vs the Browns that puts it at 19..still to many right around middle ground for the NFL. I think Lefty had 3 picks and Batch had 4 during Ben’s absence. We just don’t have the Defense to overcome those anymore..Lack of a pass rush..lack of talent at backup DB any team with a halfway decent QB will feast! some teams have 1 or more players with more sacks then our whole team. THATS DISGRACEFUL and a slap in the face to all past Steelers Defenses. Steelers need to start trading some of those draft picks for PROVEN NFL players..dump some dead weight and use that $ in free agency cause all Colbert & Co. have been getting is a bunch of SPECIAL TEAMS players!

  23. bobzilla1001 says: Dec 19, 2012 7:03 PM

    When the Steelers win, it’s always all about Big Ben. But when they lose, it’s always all about someone else…

    You actually believe that one position was the sole reason the Steelers took 26 years to win another Super Bowl?
    Santa Clause?
    Easter Bunny?
    Tooth Fairy?
    Think playing the 1995 dynastic Dallas Cowboys might’ve been just a tad bigger challenge than playing the 2005 Seahawks and the ’08 Cardinals?
    1994 – Neil O’Donnell cannot finish a drive from the 3 yard line vs. an inferior Chargers team
    1997 – Kordell gives the Broncos the Super Bowl with 2 INTs in the redzone
    2001 – Kordell throws 3 INTs and the Steelers give 2 Special Teams scores to Patriots.

    Roethlisberger arrives – and his first loss as a starter was to a 14-2 Patriots team that perhaps was the most balanced offense/defense and best Patriot team of the decade (2007 included).

    Immediately after that, 2 Super Bowls in 4 years….

    Are you going to hold the 85 Bears win in less regard for beating a lame Patriots team instead of the Marino led Dolphins?

    Or Peyton Manning’s lone Super Bowl vs. the Rex Grossman led Bears?

    Do you think Roethlisberger would have been as awful as O’Donnell was vs. that Cowboys team that was outplayed save for two perfect passes to Larry Brown?

    Very weak and very jealous.

  24. fsf7:
    You make some excellent points.
    However, Roethlisberger stunk in his first postseason game, a win against the Jets, in 2004. He stunk some more the following week in the loss against the Patriots.
    The 2004 Steelers defense ranked No. 1.
    Over the past 25 years, the Steelers’ D has been ranked No. 1 six times: 1990, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2011.
    Neil O’Donnell and Kordell Stewart never had the defensive support that Roethlisberger has had… in four of his eight previous seasons before this one.
    But who’s counting?

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