Briggs sides with Urlacher: No one boos more than Bears fans

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Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has created something of a controversy in Chicago by saying he doesn’t care what the fans think about the team’s current losing streak. But teammate Lance Briggs says he stands with Urlacher.

Briggs said on CSN Chicago that Bears fans let their passion turn negative when the team is losing, and he agrees with Urlacher that the fans in Chicago are too quick to turn on their team.

I understand where he’s coming from,” Briggs said. “I’ve been here for a long time, too and I’ve seen a lot of boos. For a lot of the wrong reasons. Nobody, on any team that I’ve ever been on, gets booed more at home than here in Chicago. That’s also a point to the passion of the Chicago fans.”

Briggs also urged Bears fans to trust the team to do their jobs.

“Everyone is passionate, but everyone in Chicago doesn’t know how to run a football team. Everyone doesn’t know how to play professional football. It’s our job to do that,” Briggs said.

Briggs may be right, but if the Bears don’t win their final two games, a lot of the people getting booed won’t have their jobs much longer. Starting with Lovie Smith.

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  1. ***“Everyone is passionate, but everyone in Chicago doesn’t know how to run a football team. Everyone doesn’t know how to play professional football. It’s our job to do that,” Briggs said.***

    So….. then do your job: stop losing professional football games.

  2. Much respect to you “Michael David Smith” for getting it right and saying “he doesn’t care what the fans THINK”. Alot of these idiots in the media were trying to spin it to mean Urlacher said he didn’t care about all Bears fans.

    I am a die hard Bears fans but we have some of the dumbest fans on the planet. Bears were losing 14-7 at HALFTIME of some of these meatheads were already booing. Those are the idiots Urlacher and the rest of us good fans can’t stand. Those would be the same idiots are the front of the line at the parade if Bears ever won another superbowl.

    When that happens, STAY HOME MEATHEADS!

  3. People need to be more responsible for the articles they write. Urlacher NEVER said that he does not care what the fans think about the losing streak. He was asked what does he think about fans or media that think Lovie should be fired. His responded saying I don’t care what the fans think. They don’t see what happens behind closed doors. He hopes Lovie stays the coach for a long time.

  4. “I’ve been here for a long time, too and I’ve seen a lot of boos.”

    Don’t ask either one of these guys to do your taxes.

  5. Has he ever played in Philly? Minnesota?

    The Packers’ won-loss record for the last 10 years is near the top in the NFL, and they have gotten booed at home.

    Fans understand lousy performances. And that’s what the Bears gave their fans last Sunday.

  6. Urlacher and Briggs are missing the obvious issue- the team is playing badly, and so they’re getting booed. Don’t get pissed at the fans over being upset- get pissed at yourselves for giving them a reason to be upset in the first place. And if you dislike the fans’ reactions, ask for a trade and play somewhere else.

  7. Another shinning example of how all fans boo, not just Philly fans. Stop acting like Philly fans are the only ones who boo. Its everywhere fans actually care about their teams.

  8. Usually this crown goes to Eagles fans, but lately they’ve booed themselves out in the car before they even get to the stadium.

  9. I don’t know about booing most but no NFL fans make more noise during the national anthem than Bears fans.

  10. Maybe Bears fans boo because we demand better play. We are not apathetic and will not quitely settle for an average season like 3/4 of the league might. Bears fans will not say, “Oh, it’s alright. We started 7-1 and are now 8-6, but that’s ok.” I love the emblem on the helmet, but sometimes the people under the helmet ought not talk.

  11. Wow, this Bears team is going down swinging…at the wrong people.

    What will the excuse be when the Bears drop one to the Cardinals? Cutler likes to throw picks, the Cardinals only real strength of late is creating picks.

    Implosion by the Lakeside: 2012 Edition.

  12. When a team has lousy players the fans boo, but they are really booing management for doing a poor job fielding a team.
    When a team has the players to be competetive but the players are not performing they boo the players and the coach.
    When fans are cold, drunk, and pissed because their team isn’t winning every game, they are in Philly or Chicago.
    Hey, they paid their money. Players should bust their butts, collect their incredibly oversized paychecks, and say thanks.

  13. “Nobody, on any team that I’ve ever been on, gets booed more at home than here in Chicago”

    Where else has Briggs played? Is he saying Bears fans boo more than his pop-warner and high school teams? I would hope so, or that must of been a tough neighborhood to grow up in….although you think it would of made him develope thicker skin

  14. I despise fair-weather-fansmanship, and I’ll usually side with the players.

    But at some point you have to give the fans a little bit of credit in putting 2 and 2 together. Since losing Super Bowl XLI the Bears have had 4 major needs that kept them from being a great team: a QB, an offensive line, 2 capable WRs, and an offensive coordinator committed to getting away from the “get off the bus running” mentality Lovie Smith has been locked into.

    It took them how many years to even attempt to line all those things up? You can’t come into the season and leave with the exact same problems every year and expect to win the “we know what we’re doing” argument.

  15. It’s the fans’ fault for buying the hype when the team was 7-1 after playing a cupcake schedule the first half of the season. Anyone who wasn’t a Bears homer knew this team was not as good as their record

  16. Be thankful for what you have you 2. Ever been to a San Diego game? More than half the stadium is cheering for the other team. Believe me, that’s much worse.

  17. Convenient for the Bears that their last two games are on the road. Additionally, I don’t think they will have the worry of a home playoff game if they do make the playoffs. Now, Messrs. Briggs and Urlacher won’t have to hear those ungrateful Bears fans boo any more and hurt their feelings.

  18. We know garbage football when we see it. And we boo it

    How about taking responsibility for your abysmal play, rather than chastising fans for being frustrated with it.

  19. It’s time for a change in Chicago. They need to bring in the best offensive line evaluator in the league and completely overhaul that line. It’s the worst line I’ve ever seen. Fixing that will help them out tremendously because they have some weapons on offense and they are still relatively young. And please, for my sanity, get somebody who can call plays and get the play into Cutler. I’ve never seen an offense have to waste so many timeouts because the play wasn’t called in.

    Lovie should be done in Chicago. He did some good things with that team but it’s time to move on.

  20. I mean, this is not any kind of a story. It gets rehashed year in and year out. The fans boo when things go bad. The players either don’t care or think they should be supporting the team. Occasionally, a player will acknowledge that they are letting the fans down, etc. None of it matters.
    The players are out there and either they want to win or not, and something tells me that for most players they aren’t doing it for the fans. They are doing it for themselves.
    As for the fans, let them boo, they have every right to, but don’t take it personally when a player is annoyed by having 70,000 people tell him he sucks at his job.

  21. Huge Bears fan here, but until Soldier Field is half full every week, this organization will continue to settle for mediocrity.

  22. Philadelphia, New York and Minnesota come to mind as cities that would rival Chicago for the “band wagon” award….. They still show up but their pure support is questionable at best….

  23. I am an Eagles fan and I beg to differ,I don’t boo at my team (because it would sound dumb booing at your own TV) but if you ever seen a Eagles game 95% of the fans boo when something goes wrong.

  24. these guys are in their own world, every team gets booed, it’s better to be booed with fans in the stands than fans not being at the game..its more embarrassing to see lots of empty seats..geez.

  25. Get over it! You guys get paid millions of dollars to play the game of football for a living. You should be able to take a few boos.

  26. Lach and Briggs it isn’t you they are booing’s the less than mediocre offense that Lovie keeps putting together year after year that the fans are getting sick of. Fans pay big bucks for tickets, parking and whatnot that pays for yours and Lach’s salaries…so if ya want to whoop on us it’s ok, but it’s not meant for the defense as much as the offense.
    Games are won by who has the most points and the offense isn’t getting the job done.

  27. I think the bears are trying. The fans go nuts cause they can’t CONTROL squat. obviously. Cutler didn’t need the vikes jared allen to drill him in the head.

  28. These players have lost their mind! It’s like going to a restaurant and getting a bad meal! You’re not going to be ok with it! You’re paying money for it.

    When you make $8 Million, or whatever, per year, and you play like garbage, the fans that pay a lot of money to see it, want to see a good product in the field! They have every right to let you know about it, if you’re not living up to the standards!

  29. I don’t know. I’ve been to some Eagles games and it can get ugly. I never thought I would hear “Hey Mcnabb, you suck!!!!” After he gets a first down.

  30. When a team is playing poorly fans have a right to boo just like they have a right to cheer when the team is playing well. Tell these players not to be so thin skinned.

  31. Bears fans are stupid too. You can hear them cheering while their team is on offense when Cutler has the team at the goal line. It’s really hard to take the home fan base in Chicago seriously when they don’t understand these basic concepts.

  32. What a bunch of girls. You’re a football player getting paid millions to play a game. No one cheers any of us at work. And we don’t have parts of our contracts guaranteed or roster bonuses.

    Just doesn’t seem wise to say Bears fans boo all the time. Makes you sound like a fickle player.

  33. anyone ask him why they were booing? Maybe it’s cause cutler threw a pick the defense fell flat and gave up a td at halftime? Or because cutler ended the game with stat padding completions that gave us no chance to win? Maybe it’s cause the team is imploding out of a playoff spot again?

    It’s not the losing it’s the crushingly dissapointing way the losses are coming. It’s like no one on the team even cares except Marshall.

  34. When teams play good, they get cheered. when they play bad, they get booed. What don’t players understand about this. They whine and cry about this all of the time. They don’t have a problem if 65,000 fans are praising them when they are winning, but God forbid someone boos when they play terrible. It is an easy concept….win = cheers…..lose = boos

  35. ‘It hurts my feelings when you boo me’
    What a bunch a whiny babies. You earn the cheers of your fans along with the boos.
    The worst part is they actually admit to hearing the boos.

  36. At least fans attend Bears games. Did you see the Miami stadium last week?


    That’s true. I’m a Titans fan, and I completely understand that we suck. But there were litetrally more Bears fans in our stadium than Titans fans. And they were MUCH louder. Really a new low for me as a fan.

  37. Just for the record and in response to a post above, not only did the Philly fans boo Santa Clause, they try to take his head off with snow balls. What they didn’t realize at the time is that the Santa was also an Eagles fans so you can’t really hurt the guy if you hit him in the head.

  38. That’s the problem with the Philly stereotype…fans embrace it than complain when other fans bring up snowballs, Santa, batteries, and jd drew….can’t have it both ways…I’m a fan and I’m passionate. That’s all I need to say.

  39. “Nobody, on any team that I’ve ever been on, gets booed more at home than here in Chicago. ”

    Thanks Lance, though from what I recall having watched the Bears since the late 70’s, I don’t recall you playing on any other NFL team in your career. If you’re going to make a statement like that don’t have a sample size of N=1. (Yes, I don’t count high school and college, schools are all rah rah!)

  40. Be sure and get the media to show their support for the players. Like they did with Eric Winston in KC when he was complaining about his team sucking, I mean the fans booing. And in case Eric hadn’t noticed, us KC fans are watching a team that many in the media said would win the AFC west, even with Manning being the QB in Denver. So bash KC fans for our team being 2-12 and playing their 3rd string QB this weekend, even though their #1 QB Cassel is healthy… Ya, it’s the fans that are ignorant.

  41. Closed Circuit to Urlacher and Briggs: It’s part of the game/business! If you don’t want to hear the boos, then stop charging admission that allows you to cash those nice checks.

    This isn’t High School football.

  42. We here in Philly would boo you before you set foot in training camp. And we’d chant for you, Lovie and washed up Erlacher to be fired by now. You have no idea. Chump.

  43. Wait hold on…Philly fans booed Santa? Threw snowballs at him? When did that happen? You’d think people would have talked about it or brought it up in every conversation about any football fans anywhere.

  44. Philadelphia has the worst and most negative media and fans there are.What makes a bad situation even worse is when the media talks and writes negatively about the coach and the team everyday and gets all of Philadelphia’s brain dead fans to follow right along with them .I honestly think the Philadelphia media would rather see their sports teams not do good so they can nitpick the coach and run him down to the fans instead of supporting their teams.This is why I think their teams haven’t won on a consistent basis and why they don’t win championships.If I was a top coach in any sport I would not want to be a head coach in Philadelphia because of their negative media.

  45. im sure as bear fans they can spot weaknesses on there team that players bais to team greatness cant see or wont admit publicly.. an example, as a giants fan i can tell you hakeem nicks hasnt been the same this year due to injury, tuck hasnt been to good in almost 2 seasons minus the playoff run, osis TERRIBLE against the run and c-webb gets burned way to often.. those are pretty much facts im sure i could find the numbers somewhere if i cared that much

    but when ur only down 7 u should be booing and giatns fans do the same thing but so does every team..and its annoying.. the only time u have a right to boo is when ur a jets fan and rex refuses 2 pull out sanchez, other than that just shut up booing doesnt help anything

  46. i also go on the record of saying philly fans are morons.. philly fans ate up the idea of vick startings, loved and praises reid for months when they got asomugha and DRC and it didnt work so its fire ried now fire ried now (the best thing to EVER happen to philly)… philly fans wanted it, didnt work and call for there head coach..philly fans suck

  47. Briggs is under contract and can still play at a high level. Lovie’s gotta
    go and if Urlacher dont like it he can
    go with him. The Chicago Bears need a Offensive minded coach who will place value on his O-line. this aint Urlacher’s team anymore This is Cutler’s team ASK EMERY

  48. Philly fans are the best in sports. What other fan base would be talked about this much in an article that is actually about another fan base? People call them names and complain but that just proves my point even more. What other team that hasn’t won squat in 50+ years has a fan base that supports and travels as well as this one? So yeah, the knuckleheads at home games give the city a bad rap, but if you’ve actually been to an Eagles game you know the fan base is so much more than that. Keep talking about Philly fans, you only prove the point that they are the most passionate.

  49. Anyone been to a Browns game? The fans boo more at the Browns than any other team in the league.

  50. I think the Bears players need to understand why their fans boo them:

    Poor play on the field.

    Sometimes it can be a bad call (by either a ref or a coach) but other than that, its poor play on the field.

    Chicago fans were expecting a Super Bowl, or at least a deep run into the playoffs. Instead they got a repeat of last year and a team that probably won’t make the playoffs, or if they do will be a quick one-and-done without question.

  51. What really aggravates us is that aside from Marshall, most of the team appears more worried about boo birds in the stands or Lovie’s resume. Lousy play when the chips are down seems to be of no concern or at least doesn’t give Urlacher verbal diarreha.

  52. Payton might stay with the Saints
    Brees will want him back But the owner might want a clean slate.
    that said… Payton would be a nice up grade in Chicago. he would know how to use Cutler.. Forte and Marshall and would beat Greenbay

  53. So the fans boo. Maybe put on your big boy undies and deal with it. That and going from 7-1 to 8-6…I would boo, too!

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