Broncos considering building new indoor practice facility

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Despite being located in a city that can be prone to some fairly serious weather from time to time, the Denver Broncos do not have a functional indoor facility at their headquarters to utilize in inclement weather conditions.

However, it appears as though the franchise is exploring options to end that problem.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the Broncos have talked about building a new indoor practice facility for the team.

“We’ve had several discussions about building an indoor facility and are giving it strong consideration,” Broncos president Joe Ellis said. “While nothing is finalized, we certainly understand how important it is for our team to have an indoor facility at some point in the very near future.”

When weather has become a hindrance to being able to practice, the Broncos have been forced to bus to an indoor location a few miles from team headquarters that is generally used for soccer. That facility isn’t even big enough to house a regulation football field. The Broncos were forced to practice there on Wednesday as wintry conditions forced them to take practice indoors.

According to Klis, the team has not had an indoor practice field since 2003 when their inflatable bubble blew away during a windstorm in training camp.

10 responses to “Broncos considering building new indoor practice facility

  1. I knew this would come up due to the weather we had today. The indoor bubble they play in is entirely too small and is a joke.

    “The bubble that Peyton built!”

  2. First come Lucas Oil Stadium….

    Now it’s the Broncos indoor practice facility….

    All built and brought to you by Seyton Manning.

    Papa (Archie and Johns) are proud.

  3. An owner is supposed to provide things that the team needs. So much for Pat Bowlen being considered one of the best owners in the league. He’s been in the cheap owners club for the last decade. Hello Mike Brown.

  4. What ever happen to Global Warming because Al Gore said so ? He did invent the Internet. He said so.
    We just had not 1 but 2 snow storms here in Northern California.

  5. Really? Just assumed every team has an indoor facility. Especially a team that has lost as many Super Bowls as Denver.

  6. Kane, how can you seriously spew that nonsense? In case you didn’t know, Mr. Bowlen is about to fork over $96,000,000 to the Sheriff. He also had mike shanahan, Josh mcdips@&$, and John fox all on the payroll at the same time rather than let their contract run out when they (shanny & dumb arse) weren’t producing. Must be a raider fan with as much stupidity and Bronco hatred as you’re showing.

  7. I think Denver has had pretty decent ownership. They’ve lost some SBs, but they’ve won a couple too. It’s hard to get there multiple times with a truly bad owner. Ask the Cardinals.

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