Chiefs have not delivered pink slips to Crennel and Pioli, yet


As the Chiefs wrap up what may be the worst season in franchise history, head coach Romeo Crennel and General Manager Scott Pioli may be ready to fall out of the hot seat and into the fire.

In fact, Nick Wright of 610-AM in Houston, who has previously covered the Chiefs in Kansas City, reported this afternoon that Pioli and Crennel have officially been told they will not be back next year. However, a league source tells PFT that Crennel and Pioli have not been given that message.

Much like the report that was quickly denied in San Diego about Chargers coach Norv Turner and General Manager A.J. Smith both being gone after the season, saying that the men haven’t been fired yet is a long way from saying they won’t be fired. The NFL is a results business, and when the results are a 2-12 record, the decision makers’ jobs are never safe.

But at the moment, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has not yet told Crennel and Pioli to clean out their offices.

36 responses to “Chiefs have not delivered pink slips to Crennel and Pioli, yet

  1. Considering what Pioli, Crennel and LB Coach Gary Gibbs went through a few weeks ago, I can’t imagine this news will either surprise or disappoint them.

    Wins and losses aside, these guys have been through hell anyway.

  2. One of Pioli’s biggest follies was trying to milk the Parcell’s tree for one last coach. He ended up making a big reach in hiring Todd Haley and that didn’t help things.

  3. The NFL is a results business, and when the results are a 2-12 record, the decision makers’ jobs are never safe.


    Unless you work for Mike Brown in Cincinnati!!!

  4. Romeo is 28 and 35 as a head coach. He should not get another chance. That’s not even close to success. But then again Marvin Lewis can coach almost a decade with .500 record and just a few winning seasons. Amazing.

  5. It is my belief that Romeo Crenel at least deserves another year, it is hard to win when you have a center who doesn’t know to snap the ball before the play clock expires along with subpar play at the quarterback position.

    In regards to Scott Pioli is has been shown Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were the true masterminds behind the Patriots brain trust. He has not proven the ability to form a team that can compete on a weekly basis.

  6. Romeo, I love you, but it’s time to admit that you’re one of those guys who is best suited to be a coordinator, not a head coach. No shame in that. Now please come back to Foxboro and get this defense back up to the standards set when you were running things over there. And while you’re at it, bring Pioli with you. He was a good counter-weight to Belichick and will have the gravitas to tell Bill he’s making a mistake when he wants to trade a 3rd round pick for a washed-up and undersized pass rusher past his prime.

  7. I remember when they officially gave Romeo the job after the interim status and I couldn’t help but think that he probably wasn’t the right guy for the job.

  8. Pioli arm wrestled with Haley & the Chiefs backed their GM. Haley was the reason that club had some W’s….good coach

  9. Pioli should be fired and Romeo deserves a raise.

    How did they win 2 games with those garbage QB’s?

    They have some talent on offense and defense. Charles is a stud and Bowe was underutilized.

    Give him a competent starting QB and let him stay.

  10. Further proof that Hunt fired the wrong guy last season; Haley should’ve stayed, Pioli should’ve gotten the ax. Going to be a mess in KC this offseason trying to undo what Pioli did; he practically gutted the organization, replaced all of the previous regimes people from the top down, and now they’ll be leftover for whomever takes over.

    Wonder if there’s any truth to the small story that Hunt dined with Cowher in Chicago a few weeks back?

  11. You have to laugh when you think about Peyton Manning’s 11 minute visit with the Chiefs earlier this year while he was choosing his next team. Giving them 11 minutes of his time back then seems pretty generous of him when you think about it now.

  12. What an NFL coach does to direct a team and players is slight. Yet, the flipside is that there is a slight margin between win and loss, even in seemingly blow-out games.

    I think a bad coach sometimes gets false credit when players and QB play well, and some good coaches get fired when there was nothing a coach could do differently with the players he was given.

    There are ways to evaluate a coach, but the W/L record is not always the best like people think.

  13. Anyone who thinks Crennel isn’t the problem obviously didn’t watch him in Cleveland. Terrible coach. Teams were always unprepared, his staff was awful at making halftime adjustments, and most of all, he could not think on the fly… time outs, 4th downs and any kind of clutch calls were routinely boggled. Worst head coach the browns ever had. EVER.

  14. Who would want to coach this team anyway? It’s a death sentence for anyone who comes in and try to win the AFC West. Who will win the west division in the next 3-4 years?? Think about it. Just say’n… KC will never be an elite team in the next 10 years.

  15. I think 2012 shows that the problem was not so much Todd Hailey. Rather it was Pioli. Is it irony that Peyton Manning didn’t want to talk to the Chiefs, even after owner Clark Hunt made a public statement that they wanted to talk with Manning? Or is it coincidence that Jeff Fisher didn’t want to talk to the Chiefs about their job opening after Haley got the boot? The answer is no. It’s Pioli and always has been Pioli. Bad reputation with many around the league,

  16. No way in hell a big name coach is going to work for a cheap ass owner like Clark Hunt or Mike Brown.

    It’s just not going to happen.

  17. Scott Pioli. Here is the perfect example of someone who has forgot where he came from and how he got started. Where would he be if Bill Belichick had not taken him under his wing and allowed him to sleep on the couch during training camp? Or married into the Parcells family? Being concerned about a candy wrapper on the floor for four days and telling the staff this is why they don’t win instead of focusing on player personnel? Come on man!! You fired all the personnel who had been loyal to the Chiefs organization because of your insecurities and paranoia? Perhaps he is best suited to be a custodian at a facility. Hey Scott, take a page from “The Packer Way” book. “WHEN YOUR EGO TAKES OVER, YOUR BRAIN SHUTS DOWN”

  18. Chiefs need a coach and a qb. The only reason crennel got the job was bc he was 2-1 as a head coach. That’s bc the chiefs had Orton (average at best) but he made this team so much better. New coach and new qb.

  19. Kansas City should keep Crennel for the same reason that Cleveland should keep Shurmur. If you fire you head coach every other season, you ruin the players you have by forcing them through too many scheme changes. You also are forever behind in trying to get the correct players to fit the scheme you are running.

    It used to be that a coach would get four or five years to bring in players, build a team, change the philosophy and be graded over the course of a body of work. Crennel gets one season and everyone is screaming for the ax.

    Pioli does need to go. He has been given his chance with multiple coaches and shown that he isn’t getting the right players to compliment the current roster and give the Chiefs a chance at winning. Give Romeo Alex Smith and see if all the sudden he doesn’t look like a great head coach.

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