Christian Ponder gets married


Two Sundays ago, before the Vikings beat the Bears to climb back over .500, FOX’s Jimmy Johnson called Christian Ponder the worst quarterback in the league.

Maybe his wife can teach him to throw,” Johnson said.

At the time, Johnson was technically incorrect; Ponder had not married ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele.  If Johnson had waited eight days, he would have been right.

Ponder and Steele were married on Monday, according to the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

It’s the latest step in a whirlwind romance that began during the 2012 football season, with both Ponder and Steele spending plenty of time working but apparently enough time to decide that they each had found “the one.”

Though it’s unclear whether Ponder would be playing any better (or worse) if he hadn’t spent a large chunk of the season pursuing a fairly important off-field life objective since he hadn’t previously played enough for anyone to conclude whether he is or isn’t a good NFL quarterback, we can only imagine the storm of criticism that would have been directed to, say, Tony Romo if he’d done something similar.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I woner if they PONDERED having a CHRISTIAN ceremony!

    As for Jimmy “THE SNAKE IN THE GRASS” Johnson, he can take a hike! NOBODY CARES WHAT HE HAS TO SAY! Fans in Miami will NEVER forgive him for what he did to the Dolphins! The only reason Johnson won in Dallas is the Minnesota PIGEONS gave him a slew of draft picks for a washed-up Herschel Walker. If Barry Switzer could come out of retirement from college football and win with that Cowboys’ team, I COULD HAVE COACHED IT AND WON!

  2. You gotta give Ponder credit. He knows AP is carrying this team and that he’ll be a backup in short order. Samantha Steele is too hot to be dating backups, so you might as well try and lock her in now.

  3. Getting married never has a positive impact on one’s sport performance. My scientific proof is very simple to understand. In my normal golf group which consists of 5 plus me three of us got hitched within a a 5 week span in 2010. Within 10 days of each of our weddings all three of us went from 5-9 handicaps to barely breaking 90. This was not a quick fix as none of us returned to form for at least a year and one of the group did not get his swing back until his marriage fell apart. And yes he cited his golf game as a contributing factor in splitting with old battle axe.

  4. Romo might get blasted by the press but the press always pay more attention to the Cowboys or the teams on the East Coast or if the person is Manning.

  5. I can’t believe you vike fans are attacking him for getting married. He’s not playing terrribly because he is getting married, he’s playing terribly because he’s not very good.

  6. Call me unromantic, but stuff like this is what the off-season is for, especially if you’re a high-profile position player struggling to learn your craft.

  7. Good for him. Even if he’s not Vikings fans’ preferred quarterback, the guy has a personal life and he’s entitled to happiness. People need to get off his back and allow him to have a life off the field. Otherwise, you’re treating him no better than a criminal.

  8. I’d say its kind of odd timing, but we as outsiders don’t always what is going on in their personal lives other than they just got married on a Monday.

    There may be an ailing relative on either side that may not be around to witness this union in the off season.

    Just sayin

  9. Many level-headed folk out there rightly Ponder his decision, especially (most likely) absent a pre-nup to protect his financial future.

  10. “Back in the day” when people got married that quick it was always “when’s she due”?

    I agree wludford, this is an offseason thing unless they just went to the JP or something. I don’t get the rush, best case scenario for Minn, the season’s over in about a month anyway.

  11. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Dec 19, 2012 8:48 AM

    He’s not playing terrribly because he is getting married, he’s playing terribly because he’s not very good.


    and yet another sign of the pending Apocalypse, Carl Gerbschmidt makes a valid point…

  12. I heard the ceremony was followed by a short reception.

    But seriously, congratulations Christian!

  13. Jimmy Johnson and the rest of the panel on FOX,especially Bradshaw,are a joke.If you’re looking for mindless viewpoints and opinions,Tune In!!

  14. So his game suffers because he’s gotten hitched – the new wife is at fault for his on field performance? Does this mean the Mrs. Mannings should be held accountable for their husbands’ successes? If the women in their lives get the blame when it’s bad then they should get the credit when it’s good.

    Point is that it’s ridiculous either way.

  15. Some stuff ought to be off bounds for comment. It’s none of our biz what he does off the field as long as its legal.

  16. Congratulations and best wishes to them both, here’s hoping they can ignore all the dumb comments from Vikes fans who care more about a damn game than about being happy for the newlyweds.

  17. Hysterical comments by some of you on this topic. The whole “reception” comments are just so great. Hope the pre-nup is tight.

  18. they planned it months ago thinking theyd have no chance for the playoffs,

    “lets do it the 17th, day after we lose to the rams, il probably be benched by then anyways”

    then AD happened.

  19. Did it occur to anyone that now that they are married he may be able to settle down and play better instead of expending energy courting her?

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