Crennel said Quinn’s ribs won’t keep him from starting

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After suggesting earlier in the week there was a “possibility” that Ricky Stanzi could start at quarterback this week, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel indicated he might not have to push that button.

According to Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star, Crennel said that starter Brady Quinn’s injured ribs wouldn’t keep him from starting Sunday against the Colts.

Whether it’s a good idea or not is another question.

There’s a reasonable “What’s it going to hurt?” case to be made for Stanzi. But he hasn’t played in a game in two years for the Chiefs. One of those years has been historically bad offensively.

At some point, the people who see him most must think he’s not an upgrade.

9 responses to “Crennel said Quinn’s ribs won’t keep him from starting

  1. Stanzi will probably never be a legitimate NFL quarterback, but we can’t know that until he gets a shot.

    And I don’t trust the coaches to know based on practice. He could play like Brady in practice, and Brian Daboll wouldn’t know it.

  2. Why hasn’t Crennel been fired?

    Sparano fired mid-season @ 4-9
    Haley fired mid-season @ 5-8
    Del Rio fired mid-season @ 3-8
    Singletary fired mid-season @ 5-10
    McDaniels fired mid-season @ 3-9
    Phillips fired mid-season @ 1-7

    This list is not all inclusive and there were other coaches fired at the end of those seasons but I think you get the point.

  3. There is nothing to lose by putting Stanzi in, and there is nothing to gain by putting Quinn or Cassel in. I understand Stanzi may be terrible but this team is also terrible! Give him a shot!

  4. It certainly isn’t unheard of for a third stringer to lead their team to victory, but I can’t imagine anyone leading this team.

    What happened to all the Quinn support after his post game comments and leadership after the post-tragedy game? Shouldn’t everyone be rallying around how tough Quinn is for trying to go out and play with bad ribs?

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