Griffin could be cleared to play on Thursday

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Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III declared after fully participating in practice on Wednesday that he’s ready to play.

The doctors have yet to agree.

Coach Mike Shanahan explained after practice that the doctors may indeed sign off on Griffin playing, as soon as Thursday.

“What the doctors will do is evaluate him tomorrow,” Shanahan told reporters.  “Hopefully there is no setback, no swelling with the knee.  He will be evaluated through the week.  When the doctors tell me the ligament is ready to go, I will announce when he is ready to go. . . . I think they will be able to look at him tomorrow and watch him practice tomorrow. Hopefully there is no swelling but you just don’t know.  So, they will look at it tomorrow and hopefully they will tell us it is full-go.”

Griffin practiced only on a limited basis last week, in the days after suffering a Grade 1 LCL sprain.  Kirk Cousins started in place of Griffin, leading the Redskins to a 38-21 win over the Browns.

The Redskins play the Eagles on Sunday in what likely will be coach Andy Reid’s final home game.  Riding a five-game winning streak, the Redskins are closing in on their first playoff berth in five years.

14 responses to “Griffin could be cleared to play on Thursday

  1. It seemed like only yesterday as an Eagles fan I was laughing at the Redskin organization as a joke. Now the tables have been turned. The Eagles are the joke now. Whoever in the Eagle organization who had anything to do with hiring Jim Washburn must be fired yesterday..

  2. Philly is a very hostile environment to play in and I’m sure the Eagles are looking at winning their final home game as a sendoff present to Andy Reid who is probably coaching his last and final game at met stadium, so I would rest RGIII one more week and get him rested for the show down with Dallas for the final game of the regular season.

  3. Jump on the Eagles early and you have a shot at them giving up and throwing in the towel. Even with the ‘skins shoddy defense they should win in that scenario. Let the Eagles hang around or have an early lead and anything can happen…

  4. Definitely worried about this game. Have that feeling this game will be one of those knock down, drag out NFC East fights. The eagles will be feisty, and will do anything to get under the our skin to get us off our game. The skins have to go back earlier in the season, and look at that St. Louis game when we had the replacement refs, and the rams played dirty that entire game. Oh, and by the way we lost that game. We will need our best effort to get this win, because no matter what the eagles record is, they have a ton of talent on that roster. This is why it’s imperative that RG3 plays in this game.

  5. Failure ahead?! Maybe you are unaware of the situation, so I will fill you in — RG3 has ALREADY succeeded! Whether or not the Skins make the playoffs, he has revitalized an entire franchise. He makes fewer mistakes than seasoned veterans and has explosive playmaking ability. This team may lose, but it will be because of the Defense or a better performance on the other side of the ball, not because of RG3. The reason you are hoping deep inside that he is “not ready for the full Monty yet” is simple — you are not a Skins fan & this guy scares the crap outta you!

  6. i agree with some of what skinzfan23 said. no matter how we finish now this is a brand new Redskins team and with a few smart offseason moves could be superbowl contenders by next year. myself, I’m not giving up on this squad yet this year. I think we have a good chance to beat Philly no matter who starts at quarterback. these guys play for 4 quarters and i doubt philly can match it.

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