Jerry Rice: I have 40 records, I don’t mind Megatron taking one

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As Vikings running back Adrian Peterson threatens Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing yardage record, Dickerson says he doesn’t want Peterson to top him. But as Lions receiver Calvin Johnson threatens Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving yardage record, Rice has a different view.

Rice, who rewrote the NFL record book during his 20-year career, said on SportsCenter that it won’t bother him if Johnson breaks the record he set in 1995, when he had 1,848 receiving yards.

“I have 40 records. I don’t mind giving him one,” Rice said of Johnson. “This guy is just awesome on the football field, and it shows his dedication.”

In fact, Rice said he’s not only hoping that Megatron (currently at 1,667 yards) gets 182 yards over the Lions’ final two games to break the single-season yardage record. Rice would like to see Megatron get 333 receiving yards over the final two games and become the first player in NFL history to have 2,000 receiving yards in a season.

“Calvin wants to get the 2,000 mark,” Rice said. “That was my goal also. I wanted to get to the 2,000 mark. I never knew 1,848 was the record, I wanted to get to 2,000.”

Getting to 2,000 would be a stunning achievement for Johnson, who’s making a strong statement that he’s the best receiver the NFL has seen since Rice was in his prime.

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  1. Calvin Johnson is certainly on another level.

    And no matter where you fall on the Greatest QB of all time debate, I don’t think I’m alone in suggesting that #80 was perhaps the best player the game has ever seen.

  2. I don’t see how he does it if Peanut Tillman shuts him down like last time(3 catches for 34 yards) and they have basically no one else to throw to.

  3. I love Megatron, he’s our “Barry” to look forward to every week, and he’s a great person, hate Detroit all you want, you have to respect him and his numbers, especially a guy thats caught passes from Kitna, Culpepper, Stanton, Hill, and Stafford…..and not from guys named Young, or Montana

  4. I don’t get how people think that Rice was that good. He wasn’t very tall and wasn’t nearly fast enough to be great.

    Combine Over-Analyzers everywhere

    Rice was a beast!

  5. Thats so awesome! For those that didn’t get to see Jerry Rice play in his prime you have no idea how incredible of a receiver he was.

  6. Jerry Rice is a class act, and a fan of the game, to boot.

    Dickerson rubbed me the wrong way with his answers. He even said he no longer watches football.

    Megatron is in a whole other league right now. I wish he was on a better team so he could earn some hardware. But at least he’s not gonna pull a Barry Sanders.

  7. Rice broke the record on the playoff bound 11-5 ’95 49ers. (with Elvis Grbac as the starting QB for 5 games)

    He’s certainly a beast, but if Calvin Johnson breaks the record with these 4-10 Lions it won’t mean nearly as much.

  8. One other angle to appreciate —

    With the way Megatron’s season is going, you also have to give props to Charles Tillman for his performance about a month ago.

    He held Megatron to like 33 yards? And most of those yards were in the last couple drives when they were playing cover 2.

  9. Not many receivers can go full speed down the side line and catch the ball in stride with the outside hand and take it in for a touch down.

    Or have the sense of mind to drop to one hand catching the ball, get up and just simply jog into the endzone.

    Or Catch a record breaking touchdown and still give the ball to the ref, even though it is Going to Canton.

    G.O.A.T. Indeed.

  10. Rice did while helping his team make playoffs. Megatron is doing it in a high passing era and while playing mostly from behind in games on a losing team.

  11. “Getting to 2,000 would be a stunning achievement for Johnson, who’s making a strong statement that he’s the best receiver the NFL has seen since Rice was in his prime.”

    Already forgetting about Moss?

  12. This NFL is so much different than it was back then he wouldn’t be great nowadays just like Adrian Peterson is the greatest running back to play this game EVER!

    Give Megatron the years he had and we will see who has the records. He has Matt Stafford and he had Joe Montana.

  13. Calvin is a beast. But this Johnson’s play call of this other Johnson has been beastly for 10 years… and counting.

    Gus Johnson: “Andre Johnson!!! And he’s poppin’ his collar!!!”

    And he’s challenging more than just one of Rice’s records.

  14. thebadguyswon says:
    Dec 19, 2012 4:00 PM

    Jerry Rice has retired. His ego hasn’t.

    I would say he is entitled. When you set 40 records in your chosen line of work you won’t have to retire your ego either.

    And breaking the record for the fastest time of getting an order out the drive thru window doesn’t count. Unless you can break it 40 times.

  15. He should try getting in the end zone every once in a while. Big deal if he breaks the record or gets 2000 yards! It’s never been easier in the history of the NFL to compete or catch a pass. The rules are a joke and the defense can’t do anything! Guys are throwing for 5000 yards like its nothing!

  16. Ahh…. Randy moss Ring a bell, Randy in his prime was the most feared Wr in Nfl History, im sorry Megatron is great but isnt current as good as moss was in his prime, doesnt mean that he cant get there is just dont believe hes playing at that level currently, Moss single handedly changed how defenses approached and covered number one wide receivers, either way the point is mute, J. Rice was the best of all time, better then moss or megatron

  17. cowboysspurs88 says: Dec 19, 2012 3:44 PM

    So this is because of the Madden Curse right?
    Have you seen his fantasy numbers this year, especially considering his on-field performance? That’s where the curse hits.

  18. matty staffy would use one of his legs to throw megatron the ball to get that 133 in 8 qtrs. its a wrap he’ll get it this weekend or next game… 9 catches 173 yds. 3 tds. congrats

  19. Jerry Rice still is fantastic. Great receiver, and seems to be a great guy off the field, too.

    That said, I hope Calvin takes this record and many more from him!

    Go Lions!

  20. jkr32 says:
    Dec 19, 2012 5:10 PM
    He should try getting in the end zone every once in a while. Big deal if he breaks the record or gets 2000 yards! It’s never been easier in the history of the NFL to compete or catch a pass. The rules are a joke and the defense can’t do anything! Guys are throwing for 5000 yards like its nothing!
    Four QB’s, Brees, Marino, Brady and Stafford have done this in my reality, maybe yours is different.

    I’m old enough to have seen JR in his prime, and won’t take nothing from him, he’s (as of now) GOAT, but I don’t recall him being double and triple teamed for 80+% of offensive snaps or having to do so with a horrendous offensive line (obvious) or coaching staff (debatable).

  21. Single (regular) season statistical records are probably the less relevant to Jerry Rice. We remember him because of basicaly 2 things: his longevity and beeing part of a dynasty. His legacy really isnt about what he did in the 1995 regluar season.

  22. M-O-S-S is the best I’ve ever seen. He changed the way defenses play more than any receiver ever. GB took 4 DB’s in the first 4 rounds of the ’99 draft. Rice never saw the coverage Moss or Megatron have seen. Rice was as polished as anyone ever, Megatron is the most physically gifted to ever play, but no one in my mind will ever have the total body control, speed, freakishness that Moss has.

  23. Megatron has seen much tougher looks than Moss and Rice. Have you ever seen Moss be doubled teamed at line on his side of the field like he was a gunner with a safety over the top. Don’t think so bro. Megatron has seen coverages we may never see again. Partly due to his skills and partly due to the ineptness of the rest of the lions team and coaches. Just like B Sanders Megatron would have 2x the stats if he played for a team that was amazing.

  24. Calvin Johnson has been covered like a gunner more than once in a game over the last few games. On goal line situations and 3rd and 4th downs…That is something noone has ever seen before. Jerry is the current g.o.a.t. but megatron is just getting in his prime. Constant double teams and bracket coverage. He will beat the record, but with the water boy, jock strap cleaner opposite him i doubt the 2k mark

  25. “Getting to 2,000 would be a stunning achievement for Johnson, who’s making a strong statement that he’s the best receiver the NFL has seen since Rice was in his prime.”

    Already forgetting about Moss?

    So much this.

    Megatron is great, but I’ve never seen any receiver better in their prime than Randy Moss. If he had Rice’s heart he would be the one we call G.O.A.T today.

  26. I remember the Bengals congratulating themselves for drafting Eddie Brown when they could have taken Rice.

  27. By next year ya’ll will be saying the same thing about A.J. Green who I think will be the best receiver in the NFL. You want to talk about body lean and going up after the ball and snatching it, making big play after big play. This is the guy. He’s been getting doubled and bracketed the second half of the season, and its opened up the doors for guys like Hawkins, Gresham and Sanu. I think this guy has the potential to be better than all the receivers mentioned in the article; I.e. Moss, Rice, Megatron.

  28. For a long time Jim Brown, Earl Campbell, Walter Payton, and O.J. Simpson, Bo Jackson were the greatest backs I’d ever saw until now. Adrian Peterson is the greatest running back I’ve ever seen. He has the power of a horse and the vision of a hawk. He is the most physical runner In the NFL and still has unbelievable breakaway speed. He is a freak! And there will never be one like him.

  29. Ya Randy Moss changed the way defenses play, guess what so does CJ. Name another receiver in the history of the NFL that is covered like a gunner at the line of scrimmage. 2 DBs trying to jam him at the same time on the line of scrimmage. I’m assuming we will see it on Saturday much like we saw it last week against Arizona.

  30. I think that Jerry Rice is indeed the G.O.A.T., but one thing to consider about Don Hutson – he averaged just about 1 TD per game for his entire career. Incredible, especially considering the era in which he played.

  31. Football is so much different than baseball. Judging players on stats isn’t as important and shouldn’t be viewed as such. It’s a different animal where coaching and offensive systems, especially as they were being introduced and developed back in the day, had a huge impact on player stats. No doubt JR was a great receiver and is a class act, but he benefitted from an innovative west coast system at the time, before defenses had a chance to figure out how to mitigate it. He had amazing players around him too. See Steve Young ( his experience in Tampa). Point is that I think we’re in an era where systems/coaching has normalized, and truly great players are being realized. What would Megatron have done with the Niners of the 80’s? Impossible question to answer but I think what he’s doing in the overall context in the game is pretty amazing.

  32. Jerry was the greatest. Calvin will have to keep this up eveey year to even come close to rice. Rice had faced so many coverages and when he was in San Fran they had the perfect west coast system that made the defense pay if they cheated up on him and had the QBs to read and give the ball the open guy. He ran routes so well he was open almost any play. Hell the cover 2 was built to stop guys like that, but he was so physical and strong he could break tackles from even safetys.
    Randy Moss was a fly route guy. He was bigger and faster than anyone when he played plus it was impossible to hit the guy because he was always ahead of you. That being said Moss was never a over the middle physical reciever. Calvin is basically like Andre Johnson before the inujry or Fitz when he had Warner you just throw it in the area 99/100 hes got the ball and he doesnt give up like Moss or have the diva attitude like him, a complete team player.

  33. And im old enough to have seen 80 play as well he had double teams but no team dared to triple team him because he has Joe montana and steve young those two guys will make a defense pay for leaving a reciever one on one. So its not like Jerry didnt attract a lot of attention his QBs could make a defense pa for cheating on one guy. That and he at the end of games was still at 100%, his stamina was unbelievable. He would be at his best then.
    Btw the rule changes in my mind are why Calvins breaking the record. Only a handful of recievers would dare go into the middle of field back then, now you cant hit anywhere unless ur willing to take the fine. O boy Ronnie Lott, Brian Dawkins, Rodney HArrison, John Lynch those guys would break every bne in your body if ou dare cross the middle of the field.

  34. Hutson, Rice, Calvin Johnson. All great, all different, from different eras. There is room in our hearts and in the hall of fame for all of them. We don’t care who was best, we love them because we love the game and they played it splendidly.

  35. I always thought Jerry Rice was a class guy, but boy was I wrong. Calvin Johnson is earning every yard he’s getting because isn’t one on one like Rice was when he got his. Calvin Johnson has more class in his baby toe than Jerry Rice has.

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