John Harbaugh: We need to run the ball better


Installing Jim Caldwell as the offensive coordinator didn’t have the desired effect for the Ravens last weekend.

They were shut out in the first half of their 34-17 loss to the Broncos and things took a turn for the worse in the running game. There’s some dark irony there for the Ravens since one of the chief complaints about Cam Cameron’s offense was that he didn’t make enough use of running back Ray Rice.

The Ravens tried running the ball on first down often in the first half of the game, but found little success. They finished the half with 41 yards on 14 carries, a sharp downturn from their output against the Redskins in Week 14 and a sign that Cameron wasn’t the only problem with the team’s offense this season.

“We need to run the ball better,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun. “We need to be able to run the ball against the front, any front, and that’s something that we have to do a better job with.”

They’ll need better play from the offensive line to get it. Injuries and age have left the Ravens lacking up front and that shortcoming has hurt them in all phases of the offense. Regardless of who is calling the plays and how the Ravens finish the season, they need to upgrade the line to realize the kind of offensive success they’ve been looking for all this season.

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  1. Bryant McKinney rots on the bench while Oher struggles terribly at LT. That should be the first immediate change.

    Pretty hard to run the ball when last time I looked the Ravens were the last team in time of possession for the season. It’s not because they’re scoring so fast. All their penalties and Flacco’s general ineffectiveness isn’t helping matters either.

  2. I love Hey Diddle Diddle but he is struggling as well and he has seemed to lost his “Slow to Fast through” approach. He too often is in front of his lead blocks and seems to be taking off like a bat outta hell when Flacco hands it off instead of waiting for the devolopement of holes. Been thinkin about this for weeks but when Marshall Faulk said the exact thing last weekend about the topic it really started to make sense.

  3. Even without much offense of any kind the last four games the tee shirt gang appears ready for a new shirt. Their future looks bleak with their old and slow off and def. Most realistic raven fans know this,but the unrealistic ones just bash other teams instead of admitting their teams demise. Good luck rebuilding around Flacco …..haha

  4. You to do a LOT of things better, since the only thing they’ve excelled at this season is getting blown out or winning by referee decision. Worst team to make the playoffs not only this season but that I’ve ever seen.

    Troy Smith speaks.

  5. Roethlisberger 2 Super Bowl rings. Flacco 0 Super Bowl rings. Dont expect that second number to change. I feel bad for Ray Rice. He should go somewhere else and give himself a chance to win a Super Bowl.

  6. I wonder if McKinney has really regressed that badly that Harbs won’t plug him in the hole on the left side. Oher is getting manhandled and it’s painful to watch. I hope Yanda is back this week.

    They need to get the screen game going and open up the field. We aren’t spreading the ball enough and it’s allowing teams to stack 7 and 8 in the box and overwhelm our struggling o-line.

  7. ravenator continues with his excuses, the same excuses he reprimands other teams fans for using.

    Upgrading your o-line won’t help your regressing 5 year semi-pro QB or the M.A.S.H. unit/Home For The Elderly group of zombies the Ravens call their defense.

  8. Harbaugh needs to check his ego at the door and let McKinnie back on the field. Problem is now McKinnie probably isn’t in game shape anymore because Harbs has kept him in the doghouse all season. Harbs has to make the call and stop hurting the team in spite of his pride and proving his point to McKinnie.

  9. I would say that you need a legitimate threat at QB to be able to run effectively, but take a look at Minnesota.

    The offensive line minus Yonda certainly doesn’t look nearly like it did with him. Michael Orr is not up to the blind side any more.

    The penalties are the biggest factor, though. It is hard to stick to the run game when you are constantly behind in down and distance, no matter how talented your RB is.

  10. Seriously, that’s what these steelers fans have been reduced to. Trolling on posts that have nothing to do with them?

    Just look at the simple facts, no matter how much misery the ratbird teeshirt sellers are in, they still have a better record than you. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    A decimated D, crappy Oline play, a struggling QB, coaching mayhem, and we still beat your second string guy in your own house. All you have to console yourselves with is beating us at home with your third stringer. You all claim we treat the Pittsburg game as our Super Bowl and yet its clear that you all treat Charlie Batch as your Super Bowl mvp.

    How low the once mighty have fallen!

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