Justin Smith just a spectator at 49ers practice


Before Justin Smith is able to ride or rope, he’s going to have to get back in the saddle.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, the 49ers defensive tackle was held out of practice Wednesday, after missing most of the second half of Sunday’s game with the Patriots with a left elbow injury.

Coach Jim Harbaugh said earlier this week he was optimistic to player known as “Cowboy” would be able to play.

Asked for an update Wednesday, Harbaugh said: “We’ll see. We’ll see how he feels today and tomorrow.”

Smith has a streak of 185 straight starts, missing only one game in his 12-year career. The 49ers defense was noticeably different without him Sunday, as his ability to tie up blockers helps their pass-rush. That’s just as important against the Seahawks, even though Russell Wilson’s a slightly more mobile target than Tom Brady.

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  1. I’m glad Justin Smith will be able to play on Sunday. As a football fan I am waiting with baited breath for what could be one of the best NFC games of the year. Smith and company come to Seattle for what promises to be a great game. And it wouldn’t be as great if Smith were on the sideline. Go Seahawks!

  2. Actually, this points up the lack of depth we have on the DL
    It won;t be addressed this year
    But, it has to be addressed in our next draft
    We need to groom heir apparent for Smith
    He’s a great player, but he won’t be around forever
    We need to look at NT, ILB and OLB, too

    Big game this week
    Go Niners

  3. I hope he plays. I want the 49ers to bring everything they have this week and I want to see the Seahawks do the same. Best two teams in the NFC West and two of the top 10 in the league. What more can a fan ask for? Gonna be a rumble at C-Link!

  4. jusjamn…. Now I know you aren’t comparing the 49ers to the cards and bills (see last 2 games) because that would be plain stupid. I seem to remember being at candlestick earlier this year for a 45-3 blowout of the bills and for a 13-6 win over your Seahawks and that was pre-kaep. Let’s keep it real…

  5. The 49ers defense was noticeably different without him Sunday, as his ability to tie up blockers helps their pass-rush.

    Translation to reality:

    The 49ers defense was noticeably different without him Sunday, as his ability to illegally hold blockers helps their pass-rush.

  6. It’s going to be great watching all the band wagon 9er’s fans melt down after their ‘new’ favorite team lose to the Hawks…

  7. mflo951 says:
    Dec 19, 2012 8:07 PM
    The 49ers defense was noticeably different without him Sunday, as his ability to illegally hold blockers helps their pass-rush.
    You obviously haven’t had a chance to watch Smith play. What he does is legal and if it were easy wouldn’t everyone do it? Last year he was an All-Pro at DE and DT. He plays hard every snap and gets after the QB as well. I can’t blame you because I know you are just repeating what you’ve heard, but seriously take a look, Smith is one of the best in the game right now.

  8. Time for talk will be over in a couple of days but I’ll say this about that: Since the 13-6 Thursday night game in SF, our offense has exploded and you guys rolled the dice on a mid-season QB switch.

    Good luck with your rookie QB coming in Seattle. Don’t expect turnovers to give you short fields and weird,lucky fumble recoveries (NE Game).

    Expect brutal, stingy hitting and a crowd that is more than ready. I gotta go outside now and scream a bit to get warmed up for Sunday. I’ll be in Section 215 if you need me. Hawsk win 31-17
    Go Hawks.

  9. Seahawks most definitely want to see Smith in this game, except it’s Alex Smith that they want to see and not Justin Smith.

  10. I totally expect a good game. I find it sort of weird how ” awesome ” the forty niners are compared to hawks when records are soo close and stats are freakishly the same.

    Perfect example of media bias.. The nfl is better with a good niners team bc of ratings but that just feeds the delusional fans who bandwagon.

    Niners have only been relevant 1 other season in OVER A DACADE. Yet after 1 year there a dynasty all over again. I’m biased ill admit it. But the Hawks Are younger and deeper than niners at key positions that need experience being MLB, QB, RB, S… Niners experience to me the main difference between these squads however Wilson is smarter than Kap and out works anyone but maybe Manning in the film room. Kids got the goods.

    I believe the niners are a better team at this point but by a slim margin it’s just funny how totally biased and delusional some niners fans are.. These teams are mirror images of each other same basic principles and style. Why would it surprise anyone if the Hawks could make a run at the ship if their soo closely similar to the NFL’s Favorite to make it? That’s media bias at its best!

    *************** Note Kap played one play against Hawks earlier this year.. Result? Totally smashed and folded short of the goal line. Probably a minor concussion so thinking Hawks Are scared of him is unwise. Hes a good qb but he might be the scared one!!

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