Kirk Cousins needs more hats for Christmas


After some impressive relief pitching for Robert Griffin III, fellow Redskins rookie quarterback Kirk Cousins is getting more notice.

He might prefer a little less at the moment.

Cousins had teammates laughing at him and fans tweeting out pictures of a buzz-cut-gone-bad.

According to Sarak Kogod of the Washington Post (click the link for the after picture), Cousins decided Monday he needed a haircut, so went to a nearby barber.

“I get in there and I sit down, and the lady, I don’t really understand her because she’s not speaking English that clearly,” Cousins said. “There was a communication breakdown of some kind. She took my glasses off so I couldn’t really see what she was doing.”

But he didn’t stop her when she started cutting.

“I put [my glasses] back on, she wheels me around, I look in the mirror and basically I have a mohawk,” he said. “And I said, ‘Okay, you’re just gonna have to buzz it off.’ I definitely want to apologize to my friends and family back home because I try to represent them well, but this haircut isn’t doing it.”

Attempts to conceal her handiwork were unsuccessful.

“I saw him wearing a toboggan, and I was thinking that it wasn’t that cold outside,” left tackle Trent Williams said. “Then I saw him lift it a little bit and couldn’t believe it. It’s not his best look.”

Cousins said wide receiver Pierre Garcon told him “Any swag you got from the game is gone now.”

If he wants to retain his swag, and his pride, he might want to just leave a helmet on. Or spend more than five bucks for his next haircut.