Brandon Marshall sorry for calling for accountability, but sees it from his teammates


The Bears lost for the fifth time in the last six games against the Packers last Sunday, eliminating them from contention for the division title and leading wide receiver Brandon Marshall to call for more accountability from the offense in order to halt their skid.

Marshall apologized for those comments, which also included a call for people to pay with their jobs if it doesn’t happen, on Wednesday, saying that they rubbed some people the wrong way and that he shouldn’t have gone public with his thoughts. Interestingly, Marshall also said that he’s seen more of what he was looking for from his teammates while reiterating that he included himself among those on the team who have to be accountable for themselves.

“People are responding in a positive way. You’re hearing the word ‘accountability’ thrown around. You’re hearing guys start to look at themselves,” Marshall said, via the Chicago Tribune. “That’s what it is about, especially this time of the season when we’re sitting where we’re sitting. You can look in the mirror and figure out what you need to get better. So for me I have to do a better job of being consistent in the run game. I have to do a better job running routes. Can’t just go out there and get the 10 yards. It has to be crisp, it has to be fast. It has to be technically sound.”

Marshall might have been better served by sharing his thoughts privately to the team, but he wasn’t wrong. When a team goes from 7-1 to 8-6, people do need to be held accountable or you can’t have any confidence that the necessary changes are going to be made to get the team moving back in the right direction. Whether that is coaches, players or both remains to be seen, but no one should be surprised to see heads roll in Chicago if the team winds up short of the playoffs.

15 responses to “Brandon Marshall sorry for calling for accountability, but sees it from his teammates

  1. Candid, intelligent, great players like Marshall should stop apologizing for their damn honesty! This is not girls’ ballet where every damn criticism has to be rolled up in fairy-dust!

  2. He’s the only good thing in a Bears uniform, Number 54 and 55 should just leave. I’m tired of those crybabies

  3. We in Chicago have not gone through a full season cycle with Brandon Marshall. That said, so far I am thrilled with both the player and the person. I think we’re going to come out ahead in this deal.

  4. When Lovie goes, Urlacher follows. He won’t resign to learn a new defense. He will follow Lovie to whatever team he gets hired on at as D coordinator. Which will free up some cash to make a serious play at Jake Long!

  5. Just in time for us to pound a lousy team (Arizona). How about you guys get it up for beating a team with a winning record?

  6. Shame that he felt the need to apologize for saying what we all agree on…Heck, his fellow Bears (starting with Lovie) should apologize for making his comments necessary.

  7. Mashall was right the first time…
    Lovie’s gotta go and if Urlacher dont
    like it he can go with him. somebody’s gotta be responsible for the way this team has collapsed and the continued bad play against Greenbay

  8. I’ve followed B Marsh since he’s gotten in the league and since he’s been on the Bears he’s a changed man and a true professional! He shouldn’t have to apologize for his correct comments. The facts are that Lovie isn’t cutting it anymore and should be fired and if Urlacher doesn’t like it then he can leave as well. His comments the other day were unacceptable since its the fans who pay his salary. I 1000% agree that we should free up some cash to sign Long so the press conference next season will be to introduce the new coach and #77!

  9. The first LEADER this Bears team has had in years and he feels the need to apologize for saying what they need to hear?? Sorry, but that’s what leaders do. They deal in reality. I have ten times more respect for Brandon Marshall than I already did before! He’s got it right. A leader doesn’t focus so much on doing everything right, as much as they do making sure that the right things are done! Preach on #15!!!!!!!

  10. I agree Marshall is a good player but this is just the first stage in what you will see from him. Now that he is comfortable he wont be able to hide any feelings no matter how derisive, eventually dividing the locker room. Not saying what he said isnt true but he is going about it the wrong way like many of the diva receivers do.

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