Norv talks about becoming a coordinator again

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Chargers coach Norv Turner is an excellent offensive coordinator.  In fact, he’s so good at it that he keeps getting hired to be a head coach based on his skills and abilities as an offensive coordinator.

And then, after he inevitably is fired as a head coach, he becomes an excellent offensive coordinator.  So excellent that he keeps getting hired to be a head coach.

With the end of the road coming for his third and most recent head-coaching gig, Turner is willing to return to the job that he does so well that it keeps getting him hired for the job from which he keeps getting fired.  Per the Associated Press, Turner told New York reporters on Thursday that he would be willing to become an coordinator again, in “a place where you have an opportunity to win and be in a situation that there are coaches I’ve worked with and been around.”

Turner addressed the topic again in a meeting with San Diego scribes, explaining that he wasn’t giving up on his current gig.

“They were speculating that I might not be coaching here next year then they were speculating what I might be doing with my future if I wasn’t and obviously I have been doing this a long time and enjoy doing it,” Turner said.  “In the right situation I can help somebody but that is a long ways in the future.”

It’s not that long into the future.  In fact, it’s less than two weeks away.

Turner will most likely be fired, and then multiple teams will court him to help turn around struggling offenses, whether in Minnesota or New York or anywhere else where not enough points are being scored.

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  1. I would love to see the redskins make amends and bring him back as an assistant Offensive coordinator to Kyle Shanahan to help add New wrinkles to the offense and help develop both Griffin and Cousins!!!

    He would be great as an OC in Philly if they would hire Cowher and then bring in Marty S as the DC.
    he would develop Foles who looks like he is not a starter but could be a quality back up one day.

    pick6 Foles lol but I think they should sign Alex Smith and make a run to try to draft a qb high and have him sit and learn for 2or 3 years under a quality vet like Aaron rogers did.

    I live in south central pa so forced to watch all eagles games but get all redskins ones as well. whole fam is fans of these two teams.

  2. Funny thing is….if the Chargers demote him to Offensive Coordinator and hire Marty Schottenheimer as head coach….they might actually have a winning formula.

  3. This article reminds me of papers I use to write where it had to be 500 words and I kept repeating the same things over and over.

    Norv Turner says he’s willing to become and Offensive Coordinator again.

    The End.

  4. While Norv Turner isn’t head coach material by any means, he is a terrific o-coordinator. Some team out there will snag him up in a hearbeat for o-coordinator and will greatly benefit from his coordinating skills.

    If San Diego is smart, they’ll can AJ Smith, too. I can’t believe the Bolts fired Schottenheimer after a 14-2 season just because he wasn’t smooching AJ Smith’s gluteous maximus. Turns out good ol’ AJ was the problem. I mean, you let VJ go and figure you don’t need Darren Sproles? AJ is a moron. He and Tim Ruskell should work together.

    Best of luck in whatever coordinating gig you find, Norv. I always thought the world of you as a coordinator.

  5. He would be a major upgrade over Musgrave. Especially with how he helped Aikman and Rivers into great QB’s. Ponder needs something.

  6. Hey, Titans pretty much don’t even have an O-Coordinator (just a lame-duck interim one after Palmer firing). Norv should come see what he can do with some fine, young offensive talent. Locker, Wright, Britt, Washington, Cook, CJ, this offense has potential.

    I just hope Bud Adams doesn’t hire him as the HC once Muncrap gets canned after next year.

  7. Now that the Norv era is ending in San Diego and I won’t have to hate him anymore, I would love if went to the Raiders. Not going to happen, but that would be an interesting move.

    Philly sounds like a nice spot depending on who the Head Coach is. A young QB to develop, plenty of weapons to utilize. It makes sense.

  8. Norv would be a HUGE upgrade at OC in Oakland.

    Hopefully Dennis Allen and the rest of this year’s staff gets cleaned out and upgraded as well.

  9. Turner should go back to Dallas, mostly if Jones intends to keep Garrett around as Head Coach. He would be perfect in that role with their team.

  10. Jax hasn’t had an offense since 1999.

    Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

    Like a trillion bucks.

  11. OK, this is whats going to happen to the Chargers. Norv stays as offensive coordinator and Wade Phillips comes back to the Chargers as Head coach and Defensive coordinator. We already know that Spanos son will be the new GM with the help of some existing people including the existing director of player personel.
    Rivers is happy, Norv is happy and Spanos is happy. We know that they all get along with the players. Now I just have to cross my fingers and see if I’m right.

  12. There are so many head coaches around the league that are incredibly gifted as coordinators, but can’t cut it as head honcho. It certainly takes humility to admit that, and I’m glad for Norv if he can come to terms with that. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the job you’re good at; especially when you’re consistently winning while doing it.

  13. oh please oh please oh please let it be Detroit! Linehan is a quality coach but it’s clear he must move on; too timid, too predictable.

  14. Don’t get me wrong, when he was OC in SD he was great. When he was HC, that’s another thing…he sucked. So if he was willing to take a demotion to stay in SD then I’m for it as long as SD get’s a coach that can manage the game and make adjustments at halftime…Norv was none of that as a HC.

  15. Don’t like him as a Head Coach, but man he would be a Great Offensive Coordinator in Oakland.

  16. I think he is going to have his pickings when it comes to OC jobs. I also think he will pick a team that already has a QB and with that said the one team that sticks out to me is the Ravens.

  17. Great coordinator poor head coach. Just like many others. HC needs to be a leader first, game strategist second. Knowing the plays, sets, personnel groupings etc. is less important as long as the coordinators are solid.

  18. “Norv Turner is an excellent offensive coordinator”

    Yawn. Same old line I’ve heard for 20 years. Repeat a myth often enough and it becomes truth I suppose. But how about some facts?

    -Aikman, E.Smith and Irvin were HOFers who prospered long after “Norv” left Dallas (although Aikman and Turner remain buddies).

    -I wonder if Dolphin fans think that “Norv” was an excellent OC considering that their offense drastically regressed during his time in Miami?

    -When “Norv” was HC for the Raiders he was also effectively the OC since he called the plays and yet the Raiders offense became even more anemic.

    – “Norv” is supposedly an expert at tutoring QBs. So I wonder why Rivers declined from being a Pro Bowl level QB (before Turner arrived in San Diego) to a lower tier QB under “Norv” ‘s guidance?

  19. I would live for him to come to Baltimore , but colleges are paying head coaches like NFL head coaches . I think a big school that might of fired or going to fire their head coach ,would throw a offer his any.

  20. if the cowboys don’t make the playoffs (and they won’t) he will be returning to where it all began. he’s the perfect sock puppet coach for Jerry down in big D.

  21. A couple of years ago and I’d tend to agree Norv is a good offensive coordinator. Their offense was always fairly powerful.

    Look at the past couple of years though, their offense has become a joke basically. Rivers still has talent, but has started to suck pretty bad. They have no O-Line without Gaither. Matthews is vastly overrated. They have some pretty good WR’s in Floyd, Brown and Alexander. Gates is getting older, but on a better team he’d be performing with the other elite TE’s.

    I’m pretty sure Norv has had something to do with the team’s offensive implosion the past couple of seasons. What else could explain the sudden and drastic drop off in production?

    Which is too bad. One thing I learned painfully this year, I’ll NEVER draft another Charger for fantasy football (got burned by Matthews and Gates this year), unless I could get someone like Alexander, Floyd or Brown in a later round in the draft as a flier.

  22. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying he’s a great OC, he flat out isnt. If you are saying he’s a great coordinator, you haven’t been watching charger football.
    Lets run down some serious deficiencies with ol’ Norvo.
    1.) he does NOT run the ball. Period, point blank…if he does, it’s up the middle on first down and that’s it. Completely inaffective.
    Remember in 08′ when they wanted to blow out Lo Neal because the offense was too one dimensional? The run was too predictable when he was in? Well what is it now if not one dimensional being pass only ? You can’t run the ball effectivly, you can’t win games.
    Everyone is banging on Mathews, but i feel bad for the guy.
    AP couldn’t run for 1,000 yards in Norv’s offense.

    2.) his play calling is completely suspect. The run doesn’t work , it’s always 2nd & long and then he’s trying to air out the ball. If it works, great,
    But most of the time it doesn’t and it’s 3rd & long and then 3 & out .
    Most of the plays he calls are just throw it up and hope someone comes down with it…he doesn’t call smart, high percentage plays.

    3.) Great offensive minds don’t get shut out.
    Atlanta game 4 quarters no touchdowns.
    New Orleans game 0 points in the 2nd Half.
    Denver Game 0 points in the second Half.
    Cleveland game 0 touchdowns….Cleveland!!!
    Cincinatti game 3 quarters without a score.
    Carolina game 3 quarters without a score.
    Genius …right ..

    Norv is all hype from his time with Dallas. His ship has long since sailed. The only thing genius he’s done was talk Spanish into giving him a contract extension.

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