Overtime pick helps Brandon Carr to weekly honors


The Cowboys signed cornerback Brandon Carr as a free agent so that they could start making more big plays on defense instead of just allowing them.

That notion paid off well in overtime last Sunday. The Steelers got the ball first, but Carr stepped in front of Ben Roethlisberger’s pass on the second play of the extra session and returned it to the one-yard line to set up Dan Bailey’s game-winning field goal. The 27-24 victory put the Cowboys in position to win the NFC East if they can win their last two games.

Carr credited his knowledge of Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s tendencies with helping him get in position to pick off the pass, although he’s done just as well this season without having any inside information of what might be coming his way. Carr had a pick in the Cowboys’ Week 14 comeback win against the Bengals and also helped limit A.J. Green to three catches for 44 yards on the day.

Injuries have gutted much of the Cowboys starting defense at this point in the season, but Carr’s play has been a big reason why those aches and pains haven’t sunk the team’s playoff chances. He’ll need to keep it up against Drew Brees and the Saints this weekend.

7 responses to “Overtime pick helps Brandon Carr to weekly honors

  1. I think Carr has Mike Wallace to thank for that early Christmas gift (the INT of course, not POTW honors).

    Wallace gave up on the route, then made no effort to touch Carr while he was on the ground. Cowboys still might have won, but at least make them earn it.

  2. Riiiiiight, yeah it was Wallaces fault he was shut down the whole game too right? Of course you Steelers fans make excuses even though you know you just flat out got beat. He never gave up n the route. It’s ot, he’s the number 1 option, he knows its coming to him. If you say he gave up then this probably isn’t the first time. Carr made a great play and Wallace, Ben, and Haley all know it. But a Steelers fan giving credit where credit is dye is ridiculous to expect unless they are telling the refs after the Seattle Super Bowl “Good job!”

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if you guys actually mentioned what award he one somewhere in this story? Too much to ask, I guess. Anyway, congrats to Carr, that was an awesome INT.

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