Report: Jets will try to trade Sanchez

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Yes, it’s really over.

Less than a year after the Jets renewed their vows with quarterback Mark Sanchez via a contract extension that bound the player and team together for at least two seasons, the Jets will try to foist the balance of said contract extension onto a new team after only one.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets will try to trade Sanchez in the offseason.

A trade makes the most sense.  Apart from the face-saving value of getting something in return for the fifth overall pick in the 2009 draft, trading Sanchez would reduce both the cap charge and the cash expenditure.  As it stands, Sanchez is due to earn a base salary of $8.25 million in 2013, along with a workout bonus of $500,000.  Since the base salary is fully guaranteed, the Jets will owe Sanchez the full $8.25 million even if he’s cut, with no offset even if he signs elsewhere.

The goal will be to try to persuade a new team to shoulder a portion of the financial burden.  Mehta believes the limit for a trade partner will be in the range of $3 million.

Under our analysis of the potential cap hits from keeping, cutting, or trading Sanchez, trading him before June 1 to a team that would pay him $3 million in 2013 would still result in a cap charge of more than $14 million, which is more than the cap hit that would come from cutting Sanchez.

It’s also more than 10 percent of the total 2013 cap for a guy who wouldn’t even be on the team.

Trading Sanchez raises another issue beyond the 2013 season.  With a contract that pays Sanchez $11.5 million in compensation come 2014, $14 million in 2015, and $11.25 million in 2016, his next team likely wouldn’t keep him for a second season, barring a significant restructuring.

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  1. best thing for sanchez and jets..sanchez goes to a small market and becomes a stud.. jets pick an other bust qb..and the cycle continues

  2. How did everyone else know that Sanchez was not aNFL caliber starting QB but not Rexy and the Jets. Everytime someone questioned Rexy about his allegience to Sanchez he went overboard with his praise and confidence in Sanchez, telling everyone else how wrong they were and how he was right…… does Rexy save face with this move? How could he have such endless faith in Sanchez when all he did was lose for 4 years?

  3. Good luck with that. I still can not get over how Mr. T was allowed to give Sanchez this contract extension at that price. It bars the laws of common sense, and he is supposed to be great w/ numbers. This alone, is enough reason to fire him.

    Then again, so was the moves he made after the Jets went to a couple AFC Championship games. Letting key players go…..completely idiotic.

    And just who is going to be so desperate for Sanchez they’re willing to bite the bullet on that money for him? Only a team as bad as or worse than the Jets, and even then, I dont see it happening. Not impossible but hard to believe it will occur.

  4. To be honest don’t even know of this guy will get another shot at starting he’s been playing horrible he won’t make the teams that need a qb better so chances are he’s going to be a back up for at least next year.

  5. Who the heck will want to trade a pick for and pay up to $3 mil for a bad QB. Can’t you find those pretty much anywhere?

  6. LOL, good luck. They only chance of trading him is if you can send him to prison first. Then, he might be worth a few packs of cigarettes.

  7. Good. Not just for the Jets, but for Sanchez as well. As a Jets fan, they didn’t do any favors for Sanchez. Last year’s WR group consisted of Burress and Mason, who couldn’t gain separation, although Burress was great in the redzone. The Jets don’t have a legit starting RB. The offensive line has no depth and a LG and RT that wouldn’t start on another team.

    That being said, Sanchez didn’t do any favors for the Jets. His decision making is awful. Maybe he’ll improve, but there is no chance he’ll improve in NY.

    Good luck Sanchez.

  8. Seriously, who would want him under those conditions? Just wait for jets to cut him, and then sign him as a FA!

  9. So they won’t have Tebow or Sanchez? Hmmm…May we interest you in an Alex Smith? All it would take is your 1st round pick for the next 3 years. Don’t laugh, because you know the Jets might be stupid enough to do it (See Tebow for 2nd rounder).

  10. A trade only makes sense if the player can produce (i.e., someone wants to trade). Who (besides the Jets) would waste roster space, at any salary, on someone who couldn’t play?

    Or maybe you meant a trade to the CFL.

  11. Joey Harrington career stats:

    Games: 81, Comp %: 56.1, YPG: 181.4, TD: 79, INT:85, QBR: 69.4

    Mark Sanchez career stats:

    Games: 61, Comp%: 55.2, YPG: 194.9, TD: 68, INT:68, QBR: 72.0

    Sanchez is a small step up from Harrington on a much better team. Who is going to trade for that?

  12. The ONLY way a team would trade for Sanchez would be if they got an even more valuable draft pick back -along with Sanchez.

    Something like …

    Sanchez and a third rounder for a 4th rounder .

    Even then I doubt a team would be willing to take on his salary and inept play .

  13. Please no Cards! Please for the love of god no! Don’t do it! Keep Kolb. Dump Skelton and Lindley and draft a qb. Just please don’t trade for Sanchez!!!

  14. The GM needs to get the first whack with the firing axe. Anyone who EVER thought Sanchez was going to be a franchise QB was dipping into “Grandpa’s cough syrup” big time. I doubt many div. 1 college teams would want him, much less an NFL team.

  15. A trade may make the most sense for the Jets, But what team gets involved in that deal? Maybe you have him hold the clipboard for a year as a backup while paying him the league minimum. If I am an NFL GM, why would I trade for a Qb with a weak arm who makes bad decisions? And you also want me to kick in 3-4 million to cover the ridiculous deal teh Jets made with Sanchez?

  16. Ummm, Yeah. Good luck trying to talk some other team into picking up a contract for more than the league minimum. Sanchez isnt worth much and wasnt worth a fraction of what he was given this past year. I dont think anyone will bite on a trade for Sanchez. He isnt even good enough to ride the bench in the NFL. 55% completion percentage and 1.5 turnovers per touchdown. Rating of like 70. There are guys who are unemployed who had better numbers than that.

  17. While trading him would definitely be best for the organization, good luck finding someone who will pay him that much to be a back up.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

  18. Dear Mr. Spielman,
    If you somehow convince the front office to acquire Mr. Sanchez, I will burn every piece of Viking merchandise I own and denounce my Viking Fandom. Draft a new QB and start over or continue trying to develop Ponder. Which will be a losing battle. Please, no more washouts, old has beens, or other teams trash.

  19. I have a ham sandwich, 2 cat’s eye marbles and a TJ Rubley rookie card – MINT.

    Final offer.

    Seriously – he could probably really use Mike McCarthy’s QB school for a couple of years. Go back to square one and learn how to be a QB from the footwork on up.

  20. Not as much cheese involved but reminds me of the Texans extending David Carr when Kub first got there and thought he could fix him.

    Anyone think Sancheese is fixable?

  21. The Cardinals would be the most likely landing spot for Sanchez, they seem to love to trade picks for bad quarterbacks.

  22. Yea good luck with that. you have a quarterback who has regressed every year in the league, along his agent that can screw up your cap situation

    Yea good luck trading Sanchez

  23. I don’t see too many teams jumping in line to employ this guy as an immediate starter. I see Mark Sanchez’s career taking a turn towards being the accomplished backup behind another good QB. There’s a safety in having a backup QB who has extensive starting experience…he can fill in and win games for you.

    *I can’t help but feel like Mark Sanchez is going to find himself in Miami somehow. Large hispanic fanbase and a chance to play his former team twice a year…

  24. “A trade makes the most sense” when you are in the positively Grecian the Jets have created for themselves.

  25. The GM that trades for Sanchez should be fired on the spot. What on earth would you give up for him? Besides, if they can’t trade him, he’ll be cut, and any team can have him at the bargain basement rate he warrants.

  26. This begs the question: What are the Jets plans for 2013 and who will be the coach and GM? Talking of trading Sanchez now seems premature before the bigger questions re decided.

  27. It’s certain Seattle will be out. Carroll clearly said that Sanchez was not ready. He is sitting pretty now with his rookie of the year candidate at QB. Proof that if you are good enough to play in the league you don’t need four years to develop.

  28. I honestly couldn’t see anyone pulling the trigger on this. He’s in his 4th year and hasn’t shown squat. Why would someone waste ANY picks or players for a guy who they know won’t blossom into anything. At this point, a division 2 QB has more potential than him.

  29. I tend to be very skeptical of this guys and his “sources says” articles. He can say sources says anything.

    Let’s think about this logically. Who in the Jets organization is secure enough in their job for 2013 to say what moves they plan to make? The only person who KNOWS they will be part of the organization is Woody Johnson and we know he didn’t leak this.

    I call BS on this story.

  30. No team in their right mind would trade for Sanchez….he absolutely sucks. The Jets are stuck with this turkey AND that stupid extension they signed him too.

    Why would another team bail the Jets out? Makes no sense. Sanchez is the WORST quarterback to come along in years…period.
    He makes terrible decisions and has a rag arm.

  31. Soon the Sanchize will don plastic cat whiskers and been seen trying to poop in low walled boxes filled with packing peanuts.

  32. Also, earlier the same reporter reported his “sources” says that Tebow will ask for a trade at the end of the season.
    Who in the Tebow camp would tell this to a Jet beat reporter? Tebow says nothing to anyone, but he’s gonna let his intentions leak to Manish Mehta? Please.

    “sources says” is the biggest pile of BS used to create cheap headlines.

  33. I think mark will be better of leaving the big York expectations are to big for any QB.if he would go to a place like arizona,Kansas city,st louis,or Oakland maybe!point is that a change of secenere is sometimes better for both sides.

    FIGHT ON!!!!!!

  34. He will be cut bc no team will trade for some one thats a back up who only has little better talent than lmao Tim tebow and thats really bad.

    I am so happy the Redskins didn’t pull Tue trigger and trade up to draft him in 2009!!! Jason Campbell was a joke but sanchez is even worse

  35. So much has happened over the last few years with the NY Jets it’s nauseating. Everything from Favre to Tebow. Who could forget Footgate or the strength coach tripping an opposing team’s player during live action. Yea, man nobody saw that in HD. Ridiculous.

  36. I got a bag of Cheetos and a dr. Pepper….on second thought, i think i’d be ripped off plus Dr. Pepper is really good.


  37. Never understood why they gave Sanchez a new contract and more money…tannebum ..I guess doesn’t understand the player dev side nor the business side of being a gm…jets are in for some tough times I think..

  38. Tyler says:
    Dec 19, 2012 9:30 PM
    I know a few high schools in the area that could use a QB.


    And I’m sure Sanchez will find himself a nice girlfriend at those area high schools, too.

  39. If I was a GM I wouldn’t even give a 7th round pick for Sanchez. I hope team takes the jets offer. Make them stick with Sanchez. I find it hilarious two years ago they where calling him Sanchize.

  40. Has the NFL ever had such a reckless franchise? Can Park Ave step in and take control like in MLB? What a horrific organization.

  41. And the joke of the night award goest to the New York Jets management. You have a quarterback that has regressed with no talent around him, along with having an agent that will screw up your cap situation.

    Yea good luck trading him or Tebow for that matter. Thank you for the great joke though

  42. No other team would want Sanchez the QB. No other team would invest that much money in a 3rd string QB. Rexy needs to understand that no other team values Sanchez like Rexy does, did, doesn’t, LOL

  43. The real story here is Tannenbaum. What a botch. Everyone thought it was a botch at the time. Everyone but Tannenbaum that is. Woody Johnson needs to cut his losses. It doesn’t really matter what you do with Sanchez as long as you don’t keep him, expecting better results. Tannenbaum has insured that no matter what you do with him it’s going to cost the Jets a small fortune.

  44. someone needs to put into writing what justification a team might have for offering anything in a trade for sanchez or why they would pay him anywhere near 3 million dollars. without said explanation there is a pretty big hole in this story.

  45. So… can we get the Colts president drunk again… Telling him that Mark Sanchez is like Peyton Manning and he can be a solid backup. I can only hope lol.

  46. It’s official – Mark Sanchez is the luckiest guy on the planet. Able to sucker the Jests into paying him absolutely incredible amounts of money for little to no ability, magazine covers, ads and commercials, owning NY nightlife for 4 years, scoring an endless line of supermodels… and he’s still got the gravy train rolling!

  47. Arizona is just stupid enough to take that contract. They already did with Kolb and still don’t have a QB. Just more of the same with Sanchezzzzzz.

  48. What a joke of a franchise, The owner knows nothing about football, the G.M. knows nothing about salary caps, the offensive and head coach believe in ground and pound, news flash that ended about 10 years ago
    and when they last won a super bowl they weren’t even in the N.F.L.

  49. You have to feel sorry for Mark Sanchez a little bit, here. This team did next to nothing to build around him and give him a CHANCE to shine. He was thrown to the wolves this year with nothing to work with. Instead of trying to draft or get guys on this team to help the offense, they waste cap space with that sideshow known as Tebow, because their retard owner, Woody, has a woody for the backpages. They waste the playbook on this idiotic wildcat system, which DID NOT WORK! Just this past game, Mark was doing okay in a series, getting something going. And what do they do? Put Tebow in! On what freaking team is their two franchise QBs?!? The answer: NONE! You don’t take out your starting QB, unless he’s injured or he’s not getting it done. How the hell can any QB develop a rhythm like that? THEY CAN’T! No team in the NFL except the Jets pulls this crap, no one! You can’t win this way.

    I’m not saying Sanchez was going to be Johnny U or even Ken O’brien. But, my god, don’t sabotage the guy and then throw him under the bus in front of everyone to see. We’ve seen what he can do with a running game, intelligent guys up front on both sides of the ball, good special teams, and a decent receiver corp. That guy who won 4 games in the playoffs and made it to the 2 AFC Championships in a row, beating both Tom Brady and Payton Manning, back-to-back, I believe he’s still in there. I think he can do it. But he’s lost his way now and it’s up to him to get it back and make it work with another team. But, I’m sorry, if you don’t build around your QB and give him a chance to flourish, you can’t win.

  50. I was halfway through this article before it dawned on me…this is about Sanchez and not Tebow. All I saw was trade and did not think it could be anyone else other than him. Imagine my shock when my mind caught up to my eyes and thought, WOW, an article about the Jets that does not focus on Tebow.

  51. I think Sanchez needs to leave NY and be a backup for at least one season to relieve himself of the pain of what he’s had to go through this season. Once he washes off the green and white, he will be fine.

  52. ravenmuscle says: Dec 19, 2012 10:12 PM

    No team in their right mind would trade for Sanchez….he absolutely sucks. The Jets are stuck with this turkey AND that stupid extension they signed him too.

    Why would another team bail the Jets out? Makes no sense. Sanchez is the WORST quarterback to come along in years…period.
    He makes terrible decisions and has a rag arm.

    What this guy said!

  53. Back-to-back Championship games to this in two years. After this year’s QB debacles, the Jets need to be making changes in the GM’s office … and perhaps a change at HC as well.

  54. I see him going to the chiefs or raiders as a backup. And that’s not for a trade, but for league minimum after he is cut

  55. Dear Mr. Goodell
    I am wondering if it would be alright if I pay Sanchez’ salary with the stipulation that he remain a Jet for the remainder of his contract ?
    Sincerely ,
    Bob Kraft

  56. you mean the we can trade for the great QB who fumbled off his own linemans butt?
    YESSS..eli move over theres a new QB controversy in NYG land!!!…………

    id say id offer the jets a snickers bar for him but im kind of hungry and i dont want to turn into betty white.

  57. Saying the Jets will “try” to trade Mark Sanchez is like me saying that will try to date Eva Longoria. I can try all I want, but the desired result likely isn’t going to happen.

    Just sayin’

  58. Give me Sanchez and a 2nd rounder, in return I’ll give you a six pack and a half eaten banana…. Never mind it’s now a fully eaten banana… And three beers =/ good deal.

  59. Ummm,,,Ok.

    So? Will you take all our draft picks AND Sanchez for the Number One Draft choice this year????????

  60. If I were a college QB on draft day, and my phone rang and it was the Jets calling to tell me they were drafting me, I would hang up.

  61. This is so funny. I remember commenting on here in pre-season how much fun this would be. All the Jets did was run their mouths, talk, and talk, mostly led by their coach who was trying to avoid personal issues at the same time. I knew this season would be a disaster. It really is fitting. At some point, you actually have to shut your mouth. Don’t you?

  62. I am looking forward to next year’s Cardinals QB competition between Sanchez, Lindley and their 2013 6th round pick QB Denard Robinson, after taking nothing but WRs in rounds 1-5.

  63. I’d send a 7th rd pick but at this point that pick has a better chance at making an impact then this clown does.

  64. Yes folks!! You too can be part of Rex’s “Funniest Show On Girth”. Not only did they extend Sanchise’s contract—BUT brought in Morono as offensive coordinator after overseeing probably the worst offense the Fins ever had the previous three seasons.

    What next you ask? Stay tuned as they trade away their premier cornerback Revis for the rights to the Giant’s “employee of the month” parking spot!

  65. Somewhere, Ken Whisenhunt is considering it…


    He’s awful…he just is. It’s too bad because the guy can make some quality throws. I’ve seen a few of them over the years…the couple he had against Indy in the playoffs were very good. I’ve seen him make a few nice passes against my Pats (although, I probably could do the same). The problem is that he can’t do it on a consistent enough basis…and the fact that he’s a turnover waiting to happen.

  66. I can see the Jets trading Sanchize (and a lot more) to the Chargers for Rivers. Look, SD sucks anyway and they are out the door to LA pretty soon – might as well have a stand-in QB for their last year in SD. The Jets will get a legit QB…and still suck anyway.

  67. Jets tried making Sanchez the starter. How did that work out folks?

    Stop guaranteeing your players starting or 2nd string positions and your team may not quit on you.

    Rex tried to humiliate the only player to stand up and call last year’s disaster what it was. McElroy has guts, not dressing him showed how “toxic” this coach can be with a grudge. Time to ship out Rex and Mr.T and take the circus with them.

  68. Fire the GM Mike Tannenbaum..He is the architect of the Jets circus. Fire Rex Ryan.. No new GM worth his salt wants to come in and deal with Ryan. Cut Sanchez, take the lumps, financially, and move on. Woody Johnson has proved he is a terrible business owner in the NFL. .. I feel sorry for the fans.. you have years of agony ahead of you if the Front Office doesn’t clean house.

  69. Two hundred plus people and no one is thinking about the next spot that Andy Reid lands as being Sanchize’s next home? For shame. We all know that Reid can polish a turd at the QB position and whever he goes, the team is going to be missing two things, a QB and enough draft picks, while likely having plenty of cap room.

  70. From a Jets fan to all of the Raider, Dolphins, and Giant fans posting here: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! Hey Raider fans: Two words: AL DAVIS. If he was alive today, he would trade for Sanchez and you know it. And Dolphin fans, it is going to be the same story all over again: Playing golf in January. And Giants fans: Your EGO’S are WAY out of control here. Have you watched your team the last couple of weeks? Do all Jets fans believe Sanchez needs to go: ABSOLUTELY!!!! This is a man whose downfall was predetermined the moment Rex Ryan starting mouthing off. Everyone in Jets nation knows this. This team needs to be revamped on offense immediately. It all starts with firing the front office and coaching staff. This program 2 years ago was doing some amazing things and had perfect chemistry. Then Mr. T decided he was bigger than life and blew up the chemistry. This team needs a BRUTAL wake up call and fast.

  71. Sanchez has a contract which is a albatross on the Jets salary cap. They will pay for years to come and no one wants him after his 2 terrible seasons.

  72. dont worry people,hes going back to USC to finish his senior season,then his coming back with his degree in 2014!!..great decision mark,great decision.

  73. lilpuppy says:
    Dec 19, 2012 9:26 PM
    trade him ? who would want him ? Leinhart ring a bell

    Leinhart doesn’t have even one QUARTER length of terrible play that Sanchez has racked up as the starter long after it was obvious to everyone except Rex that he was garbage.

    Can’t really see how any team would be interested in such a failure.

  74. I will trade the Jets a heavily used George Foreman grill for the rights to Sanchez! I mean who wouldn’t wanna somebody around to cut your grass and wash your car and such? Seems like a positive career path move for Sanchez since we know QB’g in the NFL isn’t gonna work and there are age limits in Pop Warner leagues.

  75. Terrible decision making, no accuracy, poor work ethic, 9 million guaranteed salary next year. Whats not to like?

    I cant see any team trading for him and also absorbing $3 million in salary. He simply is not a starting QB. Remember Pete Carroll said he wasnt ready? Thats what happened here. This guy rushed to the draft and wound up being picked a team in the most difficult media market. He needed to sit on the bench for a few years and learn.

  76. Apparently you guys haven’t seen much. Yes Sanchez isn’t a proven franchise but he hasn’t had much around him or much of a staff 3 of the 5 linemen missed 8 games this season Holmes went down in week 4 ,Keller missed last 7, Stephen Hill put on injured reserve 2 weeks ago. Only average WRs are Kerley and Edwards. And yes he has had 4 years but the staff is more defensive minded than offense they haven’t drafted anything in the first round for Sanchez he was the last offensive pick. and since they traded up so much they don’t have 2nd rounders even. How are you supposed to build him around him with low draft picks and reserves he not the QB that Brady is he needs people around him to make him better. And Ryan and Sprano need to be replaced and if they trade him trade him to somewhere he has people around him to learn from. Because its not all Sanchez fault

  77. The Jets need some front office guidance from the worlds of accounting and finance rather than football.

    Rule 1 from accounting and for Sanchez and Tebow: An asset worth zero value to you is worth just that, regardless of the acquisition or holding costs. Asset on the books should be at 0.

    Rule2 from finance and for Sanchez and Tebow: When you make a bad investment your loss is usually the smallest if you act quickly. For every Kurt Warner story in the NFL there are 20 JaMarcus Russell stories.

  78. I think the “Brooklyn Jets” would be a great start… Load up the Mayflower trucks people – its (Ersay) moving day!! 🙂 lol

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