Report: McDaniels would “jump at chance” to coach Browns


When banging out way too early this morning (or, as the case may be, way too late last night) an item summarizing and analyzing comments from Browns CEO Joe Banner regarding the anticipation that quick decisions will be made in Cleveland regarding the football operation, I missed a note regarding an even quicker decision that would be made.

Per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, via CSN New England, Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels “would jump at the chance” to coach the Browns.

McDaniels, a Canton native, also attended John Carroll University.  He previously coached the Broncos for less than two seasons.

The hire would officially make McDaniels the Kenny Banya to Pat Shurmur, since McDaniels would have followed Shurmur both as offensive coordinator of the Rams and as head coach of the Browns.

It’s unknown whether McDaniels is or would be a candidate for the job.  It’s also unknown whether Shurmur will be fired, but it’s widely believed that will happen.

79 responses to “Report: McDaniels would “jump at chance” to coach Browns

  1. I’d take Josh McDaniels! Either way Shurmur is gone and it would be nice to have a local guy coach The Browns!

  2. That would be a huge mistake for the Browns. They can have Kyle Orton or Matt Cassel, while they’re at it.

  3. Uh yeah….after teh disaster in Denver I’m sure he’d be excited about an NFL job anywhere…question is – who would be stupid enough to hire him as a Head Coach?

  4. A source told The Plain Dealer that McDaniels, who coached the Broncos in 2009, would jump at the chance to coach the Browns.

    An anonymous “source” is the only evidence you have, and you treat it like gospel. LOL

  5. I remember when Belicheck left the Browns and stated to someone “I really screwed things up in Cleveland”. He then went on to become what he is today. Here’s hoping the same success to McDaniels after his Denver stint.

  6. What am I missing here? The guy’s standing in the league was that he was a bad HC and even the Rams just let him walk before the year was over for nothing….

    Now he’s back with Brady and Belichick and all of a sudden he’s a hot-commodity? Do teams have that much of a short attention span that they’ll flip the switch in a matter of a couple months?

    I think that he’s a very good OC and I’m glad he’s on the Pats sideline for sure. I think he can also be a good HC in the future…but I’m just surprised at the quick turnaround of his reputation around the league.

    One day trash…next day treasure.

  7. azarkhan – you beat me to it….

    Guess the only way some think they can derail the Patriots train from steamrolling in for another trophy is to make up some adversity.

    Until it come straight from the mouth of Josh, it’s all rumor and nothing more.

  8. McD is a mistake. Out of all of his draft picks, name the ones currently on the team and contributing.

    Moreno – finally showing up, glad to see it
    Ayers – On the roster but has yet to justify his draft stock.
    Walton – Starting center but he has struggled at times.

    I can’t think of any others. McD has a brilliant football mind when it comes to offense. But he doesn’t know how to lead men and he can’t evaluate talent to save his life.

  9. If the Browns are dumb enough to hire one of the worst head coaches to ever grace the NFL, then they deserve to have horrible luck. Keep Shurmer and roll with it. He seems to have the team rallying around him. Why not give him more talent and see what he can do. McDoofus will only go in and trade Joe Haden, Phil Taylor, Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, Joe Thomas, and anyone else that was good so that he could run the franchise into the ground…

  10. I don’t know what if anything is the understanding between BB & JM as far as his commitment to the Pats but I’m sure BB doesn’t want to be trying to replace the OC two years in a row. He likes to stay on staff as much as possible and there’s no one really ready as far as I know. I’ve always thought part of BB’s issues with Mangini was that he left them in the lurch at DC after only 1 year in the position, making BB have to go OFF staff for a replacement (Pees). BB doesn’t mind helping guys get to the next level but I think JM would be crazy to leave so soon.

  11. In all the lows of my team, I’ve stuck by my Browns and kept my chin up and kept looking to the future for hope. I’m an optimist and I say every year, hey, we could draft somebody that could turn this place around. We could land a big trade. We’ve got talent here and there, just need a ‘rug that ties the room together’.

    But this would be dropping an anvil on my groin.

    Don’t do this to your fanbase, Mr. Banner. Please, anybody but McDaniels. Anybody. I hope you already know, I hope this is just preaching to the choir…

  12. @shackdelrio beat me to it : )

    Haven’t Browns fans suffered enough?

    Step 1: Start feud with Trent Richardson, trade him to Pittsburgh.

  13. I don’t think McDaniels would be that bad of a choice so long as he doesn’t have as much power as he had in Denver. That was his downfall, having to worry about too much being so young.

    Also, I read that he and Lombardi (I start to puke every time I see his name and Browns in the same sentence) would try to bring in Mallett to be the franchise QB. Hopefully he has seen enough of Tebow to know he can only be a leader, not a strong NFL QB.

  14. furious:

    McDaniels picked Deymarius Thomas over Dez Bryant, that one worked out fine.

    Look they gave McDaniels too much power, he should not have been able to GM and HC. Maybe he can be an ok HC if he has no authority in personnel. . He’s a great OC, but maybe needs more time before he’s the head coach. I wonder if they are grooming him to be the next HC in NE, he was way too young when he got his first head coaching job but he im sure he learned from it.

  15. I love myopic fans and even GM’s who think that mere association with successful individuals (Belichick & Brady) some how magically gives guys like McDaniels some type of credibility to lead another franchise.

  16. Seriously? Some guys make a good HC and some are better off as coordinators or position coaches.

    If anyone watched his antics in Denver should know it’s the latter…….

  17. Awesome! Browns fans and organization, if you want to continually be irrelevant for the next 2/3 years, hire this guy. He will bring in Tebow and any sort of hope you have with Weeden will be gone on top of which he will probably blow the browns draft picks. Think Mangini only worse.

  18. I find it highly unlikely the Browns will choose McDaniels. First, he was awful in Denver. Part of that was because he was controlling personnel which he had no business doing and Banner would do that in Cleveland, but still, he was awful. Second, the Browns already witnessed first hand what happens with form Patriots coordinators… twice.

  19. McDaniels was a total bust in Denver, but the biggest reason was the owner was foolish enough to give this young kid total control.

    If he comes to Cleveland, I won’t be thrilled, but his job will be to coach the team, particularly the offense. He won’t be making personnel decisions.

    Hopefully he learned from the debacle in Denver.

  20. You people are all idiots he got rid of that bum Cutler from Denver and added weapons that Peyton Manning is currently tuning people up with (Decker and Thomas). He was fired in less than 2 seasons. People are so short-sighted.

  21. NFL fandom’s whipping boy wants another chance — LET’S GET HIM! (and downvote anyone thinking otherwise)!

    McDaniels is a talented, offensive-minded coach. The Browns would be lucky to get someone like him, now that he’s had a few years to shake off his (youthful) failure at Denver. I could see him as a success in the NFL, especially as he grows and matures.

  22. Cleveland fans only want names they’ve heard. would never accept an up and coming coach…or player in any sport. hence the chase of nick swisher. why do fans think someone with ‘local ties’ is always the best option? again…just names they recognize and believe are good

  23. Why would a team hire a coach that proved to be a disaster as HC? He is quality OC only under BB with TB quarterbacking the offense.

  24. dbones750 says:
    Dec 19, 2012 2:25 PM
    “Let’s trade Trent Richardson for a 5th round pick and cut Weeden.” – Josh McDaniels

    Nah he would trade them both to KC even up for matt cassel, then bring back teblows to be back up qb.

    As far as draft picks he made while in Denver. Dont forget the huge trade up to take Alphonso Smith in the top of the second round. The guy he claimed was a first round talent at a second round price. He was so bad even the lions cut him this year.

  25. Sometimes a head coach is better the second time around (Belichick being the prime example) because they’ve learned from the mistakes they made in their first tour of duty as head coach. That being said, I don’t think any Browns fans should be turning cartwheels over the idea of McDaniels as our head coach. He not only failed in Denver, he failed quickly and in spectacular fashion (didn’t get along with players unless he drafted them, was a terrible talent evaluator, etc.). He’s going to have to come in with a totally different attitude if he’s going to succeed in his second chance.

  26. If this happens, my condolences to Cleveland in advance.

    Hey, at least Tebow will be looking for a new home.

  27. McDaniels is going nowhere.

    1. Shurmur deserves another shot. The Browns were very competitive and played hard for him. He’s done well enough this year to deserve anoth year.

    2. Never underestimate the power of continuity. Changing coaches as often as Cleveland does it isn’t good for player development. They never should have fired Romeo.

    3. BB only let Josh go the first time because he had Bob OBrien ready to step in as his play caller. He doesn’t have that guy right now. I doubt BB would have rehired McDaniels if thee wasn’t some agreement that he stay a couple of years and train his replacement.

    4. I think McDaniel will make a fine HC someday. I think the Denver experience taught him a lot. It take more than just a vision and knowledge of X’s and O’s to be a HC these days.

    BUT its too soon for him to jump back in. The Denver stink is still on him. It needs to fade.

    5. I believe that McDaniel is looking for some stability for his family right now with 2 moves in 2 years. Its just another reason that he will stay .

  28. If they make the coaching change it would be nice to get a coach that has a Super Bowl ring from being an actual head coach. We’ve been through the Romeos and Manginis of the world. We’d like the Cowhers and the Grudens now. And yes I know that Holmgren won a SB, but he was president not head coach in Cleveland. In fact, correct me if I’m wrong but we have never had a SB winning coach actually coach. Belicheck didn’t win one until after and Paul Brown was before there was one. I also know that Cowher and Gruden didn’t win SBs when hired, but we want experience now, not the guesswork of the last few decades.

  29. “McD is a mistake. Out of all of his draft picks, name the ones currently on the team and contributing.

    Moreno – finally showing up, glad to see it
    Ayers – On the roster but has yet to justify his draft stock.
    Walton – Starting center but he has struggled at times.”


    Demariyus Thomas
    Eric Decker
    Zane Beadles

    His 2009 draft was horrible, but his 2010 draft was actually pretty good. We also got Walton in that draft, so he drafted 4 starters. That is a solid draft.

  30. I can appreciate your apprehension about Josh McDaniels. New England fans felt the same way about Bill Belichick when he got “fired” from the Browns. We had the same questions, that you have now.

    I don’t know if Josh will be a good coach…no one knows. So Cleveland fans need to stop having hissy fits over anyone’s name being mentioned here.

    Seems to me management plays a large part in any clubs success. (Dallas ring a bell?)
    New coaches are a roll of the dice, no matter what.

    BTW: Would the Cleveland Browns do us a huge favor? Please WIN this Sunday…we’ll be rooting for you.

  31. As a Broncos fan….LMAO!!!

    He drove the Broncos to a bottom tier team… I see posts about how he drafted D.Thomas… Ya..and he also wasted a 1st rounder on TEBOW…Who had 1…1!!! great pass to Thomas to beat the Steelers..

    Tebow couldn’t and still cant throw!!!…(See the Jets still playing the turnover machine Sanchez and now starting Mcelroy over Tebow!)

    To be a great WR, you do need a decent QB to get the ball to you!! Thomas is turning into a great WR because of Manning!! NOT McDaniels!!

    McDaniels thought Tebow to Thomas was going to work?

    If you’re a Browns fan….be scared…be very scared!!

  32. I don’t know why people are burying Shurmur still. Yeah, he isn’t the boldest of coaches, but what good is blowing up a team and changing schemes every couple of years?

    Weeden looks like he might be at least serviceable if he can have another year in his system. He’s got at least one decent receiver in Josh Gordon and Trent Richardson is going to be serious business. Their offensive line is very solid. They have nearly enough defense to be competitive. This is a team that is one good draft away from returning to relevance again and everyone wants to hit the reset button?

  33. i am a long time eagles season ticket holder. we will most likely / hopefully be in the market for a head coach too, so i took the liberty to comment.

    mcdaniels should be permanently penalized for blowing a #1 on tebow. plain and simple. no nfl head coaching job again. he can dismiss that decision as inexperience, immaturity, etc, but a huge gaffe like that should never be forgiven.

  34. ampats says:Dec 19, 2012 3:18 PM

    Hopefully Cleveland beats Denver on Sunday which would give Shurmur another season.

    Hopefully New England loses two straight games after Tom Brady abruptly leaves the team to become a full-time male model.

  35. From a diehard Broncofan, Browns don’t do it if you don’t want your franchise destroyed for 3 to 5 years.

  36. broncostevenp
    Only Thomas and Decker has been good draft picks, Beadles is a good guy but an average player, Walton has been terrible and he has been replaced, Moreno is playing well but overall he’s a wasted first round, Ayers is a bust, Tebow bust, Alphonso Smith 2 round CB out of the NFL, McBath S 2 round wasted, Richard Quin TE 2 round 3 teams in 3 years. He got rid of Cutler and Marshall. I can’t remember worst two years in players management in the history of the game. Not to mention all the good caoches he fired. McDaniels has been the worst HC maybe in the history of the NFL. I also can be an OC with Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Bill Belichick, if the Browns will pick this man they will be lost for the next 5-7 years.

  37. Dear Browns, PLEASE do not bring in Mike Vick!!!!! I don’t care who the coach is, just do not bring that guy to challenge for the QB spot.

  38. McDaniels is the offense version on Rex Ryan.
    He should be a coordinator, but not a coach.
    Too many people can’t make the transition.
    Ryan, Norv Turner and Wisenhunt are about to find that out.

  39. McDaniels…McDonalds…either way it’s all fake and processed! He’s a joke and only got promoted on the coat tails of the Patriots success. Find one successful coaching job that a former pats coordinator has had. Ill hold my breath!

  40. Worst coach in NFL history. Track record as head coach and OC anywhere besides NE speaks for itself. He does a great job of doing what Coach B asks him to do, but sucks anywhere requiring him to think and make unique contributions. Browns would be foolish and stupid to hire him.

  41. If Josh Bialystock is hired as the Browns head coach, he’ll restore the team to it’s 1996 to 1998 glory, in other words, inactive.

    Any GM hired from here on out by the NFL should have a McDaniels clause in his contract. You hire Josh, or even think about it, and you are immediately fired for cause.

  42. CKL says: Dec 19, 2012 1:53 PM

    I don’t know what if anything is the understanding between BB & JM as far as his commitment to the Pats but I’m sure BB doesn’t want to be trying to replace the OC two years in a row. He likes to stay on staff as much as possible and there’s no one really ready as far as I know. I’ve always thought part of BB’s issues with Mangini was that he left them in the lurch at DC after only 1 year in the position, making BB have to go OFF staff for a replacement (Pees). BB doesn’t mind helping guys get to the next level but I think JM would be crazy to leave so soon.


    The thing about Mangini was that he not only ran off the day before the Pats/Broncos playoff game, but he also took the defensive playbook with him. The Pats D had to totally wing it and this is why they looked so bad. Had Mangini not done this, he would no doubt have a ring as D C

    As far as McD goes. BB took him back. If he were to leave after just one year, his career is burnt toast. If he ever will be, he is not ready to be a head coach as we have seen, and it is doubtful any HC would trust his loyalty if he were to chase any ol offer he gets now.

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