Ronde Barber bristles at PFT report


On Monday, we reported in the aftermath of a 41-0 blowout loss to the Saints, punctuated by a sideline brouhaha involving assistant coach Bryan Cox and linebacker Adam Hayward, that one member of the Buccaneers privately remarked after the game, “Can we send these coaches back to college?

The story prompted a fairly quick response, with the team and multiple members of the Tampa media probing for more details, none of which were provided in the interests of honoring the promise of anonymity.

Now that the Tampa media has had a chance to ask the players about it, two days after the story broke, some players predictably have provided unrealistically sweeping denials.

That’s a [expletive] made-up quote,” cornerback Ronde Barber told the Tampa Tribune.  “No one said that.  I can promise you that.”

I promise you that someone did, Ronde.

Who’s in a position to be more sure?  The guy to whom it was told, or the guy who has no idea what his teammates have said in the hours after a frustrating shutout loss to one of their biggest rivals?That’s why we opted not to go with the same-old “we stand by our report” when asked for a response by the Tribune, choosing instead something far more pragmatic:  “If Ronde is aware of every private communication in which his 52 teammates engage, that’s even more impressive than his Hall of Fame playing career.”

Our guess is that Ronde opted to react strongly due to speculation in the local media that he was the source.  As his career in Tampa likely winds to a conclusion, it wouldn’t be the ideal way to make his exit.

Regardless, we won’t say who said it.  But I promise you that someone did.

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  1. This could be seen coming from a mile away. His college ways are fine when they are winning since anything is fine when winning. However string a couple losses together and his hard node college ways get old fast.

    Was never a fan of the hire.

  2. I believe Florio — he issues corrections and retractions — when “professional” journalists (say for example CNNSI) make mistakes the corrections come later with no mention that the story was updated or corrected… they just sweep the misinformation under the rug and act like it never happened.

    Florio has an impressive track record in this regard… he is ethical and far more willing to own up to mistakes than othes (say for example Don Banks – just an example mind you..winky wink).

  3. Good response! Much better than “we stand by our report.” If Barber was worried folks would think he was the source, he’d have been better off keeping quiet than drawing attention to himself with a ridiculous denial. As you pointed out, he couldn’t possibly know if one of his teammates made that comment off the record.

  4. I loved Deadspin’s pre-season take on Schiano’s coaching tenure. Well worth a read if you want a good laugh.

    Guy’s a hardass even for coach standards. That’s generally not the type of guy teams like to go after. Primary reason Jim Haslett flamed out as a coach. Primary reason Mike Zimmer hasn’t landed a head man job, if you’re one of the many asking why that is.

    Then again, one could safely label Tom Coughlin a hard ass, and, I think we’d agree it’s worked out well for him.

  5. This is the second day in a row that you’ve run a “story” about a player being “upset” with something they read on PFT.

    Admit it guys, you’re just thrilled that any players have actually acknowledged your existence…

    No publicity is bad publicity, right?

  6. Since Florio is the only person to have allegedly spoken to this anonymous player, I’m curious as to who it is. People that don’t follow the Bucs are clueless to the fact that the team needed a coach like Greg Schiano to step in and clean up the circus that Raheem Morris left in shambles. The Saints game was hideous, but I think Ronde Barber (who, unlike his brother, is all class) spoke to the media to try to put out the spark that Florio’s report turned into a flame, and I’m glad he spoke up.

    There are dozens of players on the Bucs who believe in the coach and his staff, dozens who bust their ass working on their off day to try to finish the season off in pride, especially after an embarrassing beat down. If it was one player that commented to Florio, in the heat of the moment coming off the loss, I hope to heck it’s a player with the stature of Ronde Barber, and not some clown suspended from the team like Eric Wright, because this off the cuff remark is being treated like a team wide statement and its not fair to a the rest of the players or the coaching staff.

  7. For being a bunch of “tough hard-asses,” seem a little sensitive about some flippant comment made during a frustrating moment

  8. The guys who complain about coaches to the media anonymously are exactly the kind of guys I don’t want on my team. They’re poison.

  9. Jim Haslett flamed out because he stood by Aaron Brooks over Delhomme. The year after they Saints got rid of Delhomme he went to the Super Bowl with the Panthers.

  10. The difference in the Bucs from last year to this year is night and day. If there is some yahoo who said this,he will be exposed for other reasons and shipped out,along with the rest of his crew. If the relative success of this years team is not inducement enough to a player to buy in,then good riddance. Different players respond to different things. Those that like to collect checks and go home will wind up on the Jets or Cowboy et al. Those that want to improve will stay and play with Schiano and the Bucs.

  11. Somebody likely said it however hiding behind anonymous sources is cowardly. Protecting anonymity is fine for a whistleblower but this is simply an opinion. If you can’t put your name to an opinion then you probably don’t believe it.

  12. All this really means is there’s still some trash that Schiano needs to take out on this team.

    They collectively quit on the last guy who “treated them like men” and was “NFL”.

    Now they’re complaining about this guy.

    Hey, anonymous source – maybe it’s you.

  13. Look for a media member to keep a player anonymous and not get credit for a BREAKING NEWS STORY is like saying that a player on the panthers a few years back didnt spill the beans on a miami hurricans scandal and not get credit for the report..Get over yourself florio and mention the players name that way Tampa Bay can rid themselves of a locker room cancer

  14. Who cares who said it? Dude was just frustrated after a tough loss. People say things in the moment.

    Are the coaches truly at fault? Yes, they deserve some blame for getting shutout and giving up 41 points but did they turn the ball over 5 times? You cant win a game no matter who you are with a -5 turnover margin. Not gonna happen.

    Regardless, it would be nice to see some growth out of this Bucs squad prior to years end. Something you would expect from a new coaching staff and young team as the year progresses. Instead, they are regressing and showing many deficiencies. Blame all the way around.

  15. Funny that my comment was removed from this post. I guess this website and it’s “founder” doesn’t believe in the 1st amendment, mostly after being an attorney. PFT is turning into TMZ and ESPN.

  16. Dollars to donuts it was the sorry suspended punk Eric Wright sitting on his couch in California texting Florio after the game. No doubt he’s still bitter over the fact that he pissed away millions after failing another NFL drug test for “adderral” (BS;) at least Dominik had the foresight to include a we-can-cut-you-for-nothing-if-you-can’t-stay-clean clause in his contract.

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