Sanchez gets Twitter death threats after loss


Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez committed five turnovers, lost to the Titans to end the Jets’ playoff chances, lost his starting job.

But the most alarming part might have been the death threats he received via Twitter.

A Jets fan with the Twitter account name @BraveGrancru took to the internet to say the following:


There were other assorted threats of violence, and one particularly heartfelt note that he couldn’t enjoy the company of his girlfriend (you know, in the Biblical sense) because of the frustrating play of the Jets.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, @BraveGrancru said in a series of direct messages that he was surprised his tweets got so much attention.

“I do not want to harm Sanchez or do intend to,” he told Garafolo in one direct message. “I’m just a Die hard Jets fan that was mad & got carried away.”

He told Garafolo he’d delete the tweets, but they’re still there this morning.

A league spokesman said they were aware of the threats and had contacted the Jets.

48 responses to “Sanchez gets Twitter death threats after loss

  1. Some people are just idiots that think they can do or say as they please. Maybe a legal charge might make clowns like this wise up

  2. It takes a massive loser to act like this guy.

    Unfortunately, massive losers are the most dangerous people on the earth.

  3. As much as I don’t like Mark Sanchez as a starting QB, I don’t think people should be threating him. The NY Jets should take away this fan’s game seat as a punishment. Banned the fan from the Jet games. All computer have av address, and the law will find it through Twitter.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous. Any person who makes death threats for any reason should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, particularly in light of recent events. Act like a grown up and learn to understand how to conduct yourself as such.

  5. Does Sanchez suck? yes……Was the right decision made to bench him? Yes….. Does he deserve death threats? Absolutely not. That is pathetic that fan (s) would ever go that far. I get it that fans are passionate about their respective teams but you gotta be able to draw the line between sport and life….it shouldn’t be that hard.

  6. I feel sorry for Sanchez.

    It’s not his fault he isn’t that great – or was drafted where he was ….

    Or that the Jets have no better options at that position.

  7. People like @BraveGrancru need to be sat down with law enforcement and real constitutional scholars to learn what you can and can’t say. This is not a free speech issue. It’s a death threat.

  8. I imagined that after the Connecticut tragedy we as a society would open our eyes are understand what is truly important and what is not important. Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets should not be that important in your life that it causes you to make threats on someone or the organization.

    A lot of innoncent children were shot and killed on Friday and this gentleman decides that because he is a ‘die-hard Jets fan,’ that he needs to send a death threat to Sanchez.

    We need to get our priorities straight, the NFL is not life, at least from a fan’s perspective. At the end of the day we need to realize that life is more important than football.

  9. I can’t stand the Jets and I think Sanchez isn’t very good at all, but death threats over a game? After everything that has happened over the past few weeks, and people are still just as ignorant and evil. Sad world we live in.

  10. Not a fan of the Jets or Sanchez… But, under no circumstances does anyone deserve death threats. I don’t care what you do for work, or outside of work. You don’t deserve death threats. I can’t believe people still have a hard time figuring out exactly how precious life really is… Disgusting!

    The only “threat” Sanchez deserves, is the simple threat of losing his job, and riding the pine. With the possibility of becoming second string the rest of his career.. Possibly even the qb that doesn’t dress on sundays!

  11. The league has contacted the Jets? They need to contact the police. After Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, etc, everyone asks “why didn’t we do more to stop this?” or “Why didn’t we see the warning signs?”. Now here in plain sight we see a warning sign where someone threatens to let “bullets fly” and it’s ignored.

    Someone needs to make an example and show that these tasteless threats will not be tolerated.

  12. Why aren’t these people prosecuted? It’s against the law to make threats and these morons do it publicly and in writing. Seems like a slam dunk guilty verdict.

  13. The dummy with the death threats does realize that’s a criminal offense.

    I can’t stand Twitter, as it gives a voice to every idiot with a keyboard.

    Get over yourself, no one cares what you have to tweet.

    It seems he’s milking this for everything its worth, by considering interview requests.

  14. Just plain sad… I will never understand the fan that feels he has to threaten a player. This clown should never be allowed near that stadium ever again.

  15. Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of America. However, I wish taking responsibility for one’s words and actions was as well. Certainly after the tragedy in Connecticut this moron would have realized how inappropriate these twitter comments were. One has to wonder how tough this man would b if he wasn’t typing away on his “smart” phone and actually had to face the subject of his rant. Please do not view this as defending Sanchez’s play, it has been atrocious. This “man” has every right to post his verbal diarrhea, but freedom of speech does not include threats against anothers life and definitely does not mean freedom from reasonable consequences.

  16. It is even more ironic/moronic that he used “brave” in his online handle. I would bet this “man” couldn’t identify bravery if his own life depended on it

  17. For all the PC ness that’s going around, the overriding thing people seem to do these days is say whatever they want and expect everyone to be ok with it no matter how outlandish it is. It’s a weird contradiction.

    I was brought up to always think before I speak and words said in anger can never truly be taken back. You can’t un ring a bell. It’s out there now and we all know how pathetic and childish this person is

  18. Arrest the clown and give him six months in jail for it. In this day and age of our country we can not let people who make open threats get away with this crap. Problem is not guns or a bad football team’s QB it is that we have forgotten to teach our children the value of life. Make an example of this fool.

  19. Put him in Jail for 30 days and ban him from Jets facilities and games – these kind of people need to be sent a message that typing out threats on Twitter and Facebook are no different than sending a letter or saying it to someone’s face.

  20. Death threats? C’mon man I’m a die hard jets fan and season ticket holder too but death threats are the last thing I would wish upon anybody this guy is way out of line

  21. For those, who are asking why he is not arrested yet, it probably takes a little time to get the subpoena to get the guy’s real name, and track him down. I suspect he is in deep trouble, and that felony charges will follow soon.

  22. thelastpieceofcheese says:
    Dec 19, 2012 9:59 AM
    Typical classless response of Jets fans, promoted by their boorish head coach!
    Ignorance like this is what bothers me. Get a life…

    @BraveGrancru is one idiot making a horrible statement and takes the game WAY too seriously.

    How about we leave it at that instead of generalizing about the sentiments of an entire population and then blame a head coach who is actually among the kindest most compassionate coaches you will see in the NFL, but gets excited and ahead of himself way too often.

  23. Good to see most of the posters here get it – BraveGrancu is a loser with anger issues who should be sent a message with a short jail stint to educate him on what is not protected by free speech.

    For the few jack@sses with the “typical Jets fans” posts, lets be clear – this isn’t confined to Jets fans, or New Yorkers, or New Jerseyans. Every team has some – if not many – sociopaths for fans. Much like the portion of 49ers who are well adjusted and were embarrassed by their team’s own similar incident, the majority of Jets fans would like to be disassociated with this pathetic lunatic. So grow up.

  24. as soon as i heard death threats i knew i needed to read the tweet b4 i rushed 2 judgement .. he did get carried away with caps but some ppl just are jokin about that like i say sometimes 2 my family ‘ok im gonna take one for the team and take out gilbride’ does that mean im serious? obviously not lol does it make it right no.. but everyone jokes in a way where yeah it might be to far but to a few ppl its a joke that dies quickly.. unfortunatly on twitter its read and u cant tell expressions and whos joking or not on social networks

  25. This is why we don’t need MORE guns in society. Some emotional fan angry about someone elses performance in a GAME or a ref’s call goes out and shoots him in the heat of the moment. No, other people armed wouldn’t prevent a kiling.

  26. Wah wah, I’m going to threaten an athlete playing a GAME because I’ve got nothing else going with my life and I need to live vicariously through a GAME.


  27. Such an arrogant and ignorant fan that wasn’t smart enough to figure out his “bullets everywhere” comment wouldn’t attract attention, especially negative attention. No wonder he’s a jets fan. Some idiots just take sports too seriously, it’s just not that important.

    We can only hope this total jerk gets found and charged with making death threats. If the moron owns a gun then it should be confiscated and he should never be allowed to own one in the future. Plus he should be banned from every NFL stadium for life.

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