Tebow says he hasn’t asked to be traded, yet


Jets quarterback-of-all-trades Tim Tebow reportedly will ask to be traded or released after the season.  Asked about the situation on Wednesday, Tebow said he has not asked to be traded.


According to our buddy Bob Glauber of Newsday, Tebow said that any such discussions will take place after the season.

Which strongly implies that they will take place.  Which strongly implies that Tebow will be gone.

The fact that the Jets, who have more leaks than the Orca in the last 20 minutes of Jaws, have put out no denial of any desire to part ways with Tebow in the 24 hours since news of his intentions broke strongly implies that the Jets plan to accommodate the request he has yet to make.

There’s no reason for Tebow to ask to be traded now.  The window for 2012 has closed, and it won’t open again until March 2013.  When it does, Tebow most likely will either be traded or cut.

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  1. The Jets may be able to fetch a Monsignor, some loose change from the collection basket, and a Deacon to be named later.

  2. If you were a GM and had to choose between Vick and Tebow to be your starting QB, who would you choose? Thumbs up for Vick, thumbs down for Tebow

  3. Whether you like him or not, Tebow got shafted by the Jets. He continues to carry himself with more class than Tannenbaum and Ryan combined.

  4. Shouldn’t he be more accepting of his situation? Perhaps his faith is being tested by riding the bench in New York? Looks to me like pride is winning out … one of the seven deadlies.

  5. His jerseys are sale at 50% off at NFLshop.com and have been for over a week. This is the worst kept secret in the league.

  6. Check that – a Nike Elite jersey of Tebow’s is now discounted even further…from $249.99 down to $74.99.

  7. Classic passive-aggressive Tebow. Tells people to talk about how he wants out then denies saying he wants out. Plausable deniability. Classic Tebow.

  8. Careful what you ask for Timmy-you might not get another shot. No market for guys who can’t pass or read NFL defenses.

  9. All kidding aside who would want him? I means it’s obvious he’s starting QB material so what do you do with him? If I were him I’d just be quiet and be glad that I have a job right now.

  10. Look, he’s gone. He’s not being played at any substantial level at quarterback and if he’s not starting this weekend, then he’s essentially a third string quarterback.

    It didn’t work out. It didn’t work out in part because the Jets didn’t give it a chance to work out. Maybe they saw too much of the Tim Tebow who looked horrible playing the Bills last December and not enough of the Tim Tebow who won an overtime game against Pittsburgh. I don’t really know. It’s been an embarrassing season, for the Jets as a whole and for Tim Tebow. Do the guy a favor and shop him around, because someone will take him and put him on the field. I don’t think he’s a very good quarterback, but I don’t run a football team. I’m not the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Buffalo Bills, the Kansas City Chiefs, or the Arizona Cardinals. If this kid isn’t meant to be a quarterback, at least let him earn (or is it lose) that opportunity on the football field, because the sooner he fails (or maybe he can attain success), the sooner Tebow and his new team can figure out what position he would best help a team win football games. Just get the man out of New York, as soon as possible, please.

  11. Rex and Tennebaum (sp) should be fired. What a joke, why would you even bring him in and then not play him at all. You knew it would be a huge distraction and media crazed obsession. Rex should be less concerned about being #1 in the newspaper and more concerned with being #1 in the standings…

  12. Where is all the coverage about Tarvaris Jackson’s off-season destination? And what’s going to happen with Jimmy Clausen?!?

    Find out next time on, “As The Backup QB Turns”…

  13. Now, seriously, what team would trade for him? He’s a glorified Brad Smith.

    Look at all the teams who will be looking for a QB and name one where Tebow would be a significant enough upgrade to justify trading for…

  14. Get out the burning house Tebow cause you won’t be a starter in New York…This organization is a mess right now and I thought the raiders had it worse..geez

  15. There are teams which should be interested in Tebow, at the right price, but not as a starter. Those are teams which are now running some type of offense which encourages the QB to run – Washington, San Fran, and Seattle. These are the kinds of offensive schemes (read option, pistol, etc.) in which Tebow has more competence, and thus he would have value as insurance if (when?) the starter goes down. It would also insure that the whole offense wouldn’t have to be modified should the starter go down for several weeks.

    Regrettably for him, his crazy groupies are so vocal, and ESPN is so ratings gluttonous, that teams are probably fearful of his mere presence. His time in NY is indisputable evidence.

  16. I would not be surprised if he ended up playing for the Jaguars.

    He’s from Jacksonville and at the end of the season they need to fire the GM and all of the coaches and 3/4 of the players. So, what is going to make people in Jax pay for season tickets next season ??

    Yup, Tebow time !!! Hometown boy and Gator comes home and starts. It doesn’t matter if he is any good (the Jags will stink next year no matter what), but he will put butts in seats.

    I guarantee that phone calls are being made right now from Jacksonville to Timmy’s agent.

  17. How come you don’t do any stories on David Carr? The New York backup QB stories are very one-sided in Tebow’s favor, you’re hurting Carr’s feelings.

  18. Jets need to try and trade Tebow to a team looking to get fans in the seats – Jax would be best and would more than likely give draft picks in return. A fan can only hope!

  19. As a gm what would they offer for tim? Seriously I think I’d rather have my 7th round draft pick

  20. There are too many teams in qb crisis – he will get another decent contract and a shot from someone. I may not think he’s any good, but there’s a ton of weight in my first sentence. Who knows what Rex told him to get him there? Whatever it was, it wrecked the Jets for a few years and cost him his job…..and Tim will keep cashing those checks.

  21. this may have been the dumbest trade in league history… Not saying the worst, but the dumbest. next to the Bills trading for T Jackson and sitting him for 16 weeks

  22. As a Jets fan, I have no sympathy for Tebow. You want to get on the field? Show it in practice by being the best QB on the field. What’s that, you say? Tim Tebow is a notorious poor practice player but somehow magically ‘shows up’ on gameday? Bull. That excuse might work for a high school coach who feels bad for his kids, but this is the NFL, where you’re paid millions of dollars to perform. You don’t perform, you don’t see the field, period.

    It’s the same exact thing with Alex Smith, who I also have no sympathy for. Poor baby, you got hurt playing in the NFL (which happens all the time) and now you don’t have a job anymore because your backup is playing better than you. No, Alex, you did’t “just lose your job because you got a concussion”, that’s total excuse making crap. If you hadn’t spent the last six seasons being a completely mediocre #1 draft pick, maybe you’d still have your job. You want it back? Stop complaining and play better.

  23. No matter what you think of his quarterbacking skills no one will ever question his class. He won’t ask to be traded until the season is over because he won’t want to be a distraction.

  24. “The fact that the Jets, who have more leaks than the Orca in the last 20 minutes of Jaws, have put out no denial of any desire to part ways with Tebow in the 24 hours since news of his intentions broke strongly implies that the Jets plan to accommodate the request he has yet to make.”

    Who edited this sentence, the Jets offense?

  25. All Tim tebow ever did was win…. just because he isn’t pretty typical passer the NFL wants he has the heart of a Lion I’d take that any day over pretty boi loser sanchez…

  26. So Rex was too stupid to play Tebow, a guy who won a bunch of games, and put up 316 yards versus the Steelers in the playoffs last year, but instead, he stuck with Sanchez?? Tebow deserved a shot.

  27. “I think you’ll be able to see Mr. Tebow on the sidelines of Arizona Cardinals games next season.”

    If so, I think you’ll be able to see Mr. Fitzgerald on suicide watch next season.

  28. If you think he’s coming to AZ, then you don’t live here in AZ. There’s NO WAY that is happening. With all the qb trouble the Cards have had, you really believe they would go this route at this point? Not even a chance. Possibly Alex Smith, or a high draft choice for a qb, or another FA, but not Tebow. We’re all full up on qb’s who can’t hit the side of a barn.

  29. Tim Tebow is not a bad quarterback if you look at the QB’s ultimate role – that of being able to lead a team to victory. The guy needs an offense built around his strengths and designed to minimize his weaknesses. This same critic could be made for every other QB in the league once you get past the true elites. A Jacksonville could build a hybrid no huddle wildcat/run and shoot offense around this guy and win. Denver had a good defense and not-so-bad special teams to compliment Tebow’s run oriented game. The guy was a winner!

    Tony Sporano is a bad coach. He has ruined Sanchez and is wasting Tebows talents. Fire Ryan and Sporano!

  30. Please, not Jacksonville. We have enough problems without this bum and his media circus. Send him to the CFL where he belongs.

  31. That was critique!

    Tebow’s offense should consist of two running backs, a Tight end, Tebow and two WR. One split end (Big tall lanky SOB that likes to knock the snot out of DB’s and a Flanker that is cat quick as well as speedy! The two RB’s need to be big enough to block for one another and able to go in motion to the slot. The TE has to be a pass catching guy that can go in motion and block some too!

    By going no huddle, freezing the defensive lineup and applying quite a few gadget plays; you keep the chains moving, keep the ball away from the other team and hope for that run-after-catch. Hell you don’t have to change this offense for the red zone!

    Remember, this isn’t a catch up offense so your defense and special teams are very important because you need to ge tahead and stay there!

  32. Tebow is a great player but not a QB. Here in Denver I always thought he would be a great tight end. He was told to cut back on the weight training and work on his delivery during the off season. Did he do that? No. He went to NY thinking he didn’t have to change his style of play. He will have a short career if he doesn’t accept that. This guy built for a tight end-like position which he refuses to accept. It will be a short NFL career.

  33. Tebow would be an upgrade over the incumbent starter on many teams. Arizona is an obvious example. KC is another, as conventional pro quarterbacks Cassel and Quinn have proven to be completely inadequate and unsuccessful despite getting many opportunities to prove otherwise over the years.

    Same goes for Ryan Fitzpatrick; imagine the Bills rushing offence with Tebow, Spiller and Fred Jackson. Similar reasoning applies in Jacksonville with MJD, and Minnesota with AP – in both of those spots, their QBs of the future have had nowhere near the NFL success Tebow has already enjoyed.

    Of course, he needs to improve his accuracy going forward, but when has he ever really gotten that chance? A smart, open-minded offensive coach like Mike McCoy can employ a system that wins with Tebow while he develops as a passer.

  34. Tebow gets hated on because of his faith, but when he got a chance he sorta proved himself. I think he needs to get a real shot somewhere else. People just copy what other people say they cant think for themselves. Tebow works for these reasons: he’s not a quitter, he can run up the middle, and he’ll strive to keep getting better. His arm angle works and his accuracy like any quaterback will get better with game repition

  35. The JETS have ruined this kid career. For what? They’ll still be watching the playoffs from their couch. I hope he gets a REAL SHOT at a starting gig.

  36. Seattle sends Matt Flynn and a draft pick to Arizona for Larry Fitzgerald….Tebow…..Good person that needs a shot in the CFL

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