Carson Palmer says patience paying off for Raiders offense

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The Raiders didn’t score a touchdown in last week’s victory over the Chiefs, but the day wasn’t without successes for the offense.

They ran for 203 yards, the most they’ve had in a game this season, to continue an uptick from a running game that was nearly invisible in the early part of the season. They’ve averaged 4.5 yards per carry in the last five games, almost a yard more than their average in the first nine contests, and the much-maligned zone blocking system installed by offensive coordinator Greg Knapp has started to bear some fruit. According to quarterback Carson Palmer, Knapp had always told the team that they needed to be patient as the offense came together.

“We’re not going to come out and understand all the zone cuts and all the reads and have a real continuity with it up front with five guys working together,” Palmer said, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle. “He said it was going to take some time and these last couple weeks, we’ve really seen that progress come together and make consistent plays in the running game.”

Palmer says that a second year in Knapp’s scheme for him and running back Darren McFadden will “do wonders, obviously.” It doesn’t feel quite that obvious. It feels like something of a Catch-22 for the Raiders, actually.

Continuing to try to fit square pegs like McFadden and Palmer into the round holes of the Knapp offense isn’t guaranteed to work out just because of more time, but changing schemes and coordinators creates instability to a team that’s had quite enough of it over the last decade. The recent progress would lead us to go with the first option while trying to bring in more players who fit the scheme because another offseason of big changes is something Oakland needs like a hole in the head.

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  1. Translation…I don’t carry the juice I did when I forced my way out of Cincy so please don’t release me since I’ll never get paid like this again. I promise it will get better lol

  2. I think Oakland has a chance to be an explosive offense. They have talent on the O-line (need a new RT though), are loaded at WR once Ford comes back (Streater-Moore-DHB-Ford is a dangerous WR corps), at RB even when D-Mac is out (Reese), and yes–QB. Carson Palmer is better than half of the other QBs in the league and for a team with so many holes on D it would be ridiculous to scrap him and start with someone new.

  3. It’s starting to click now but it’s obviously too late for this season.

    They should have left the offense alone and let Al Saunders call the plays, but what’s done is done.

    At least we have an All Pro QB though, unlike that noodle armed ginger in Cincinnati.

  4. So, we’re supposed to believe that next year in week 14 the running game will improve again? So, in week 15 and 16 we’ll be respectable?

    What was wrong with it working right out of the gate like last season where we were a top rushing team?


  5. I feel bad for Carson Palmer. I don’t get to see many Raiders games but the few that I watched he was right on the money with his passes, but those track-stars they call “wide receivers” in Oakland couldn’t catch a thing.

  6. What people fail to realize here is that practice for the zone blocking system only occurs in games to prevent injuries to the team’s defensive line in practice with cutblocking. Houston didn’t have a dominant O line overnight when Gary Kubiak took over. It takes time.

    I still can’t stand Greg Knapp and think he’s a terrible playcaller, but that’s another story. The O line will only keep improving as the season wears on. Next season they’ll get better, and by year 3 the O line should be consistently kicking out 1,000 yard backs.

  7. Lots of teams can move the ball between the 20’s, Carson. Consistent lack of production in the red zone doesn’t register as success to anyone except Seabass.

  8. As a Raider Fan I hear other Raider Fans complaint about Palmer. He’s a good QB with a bad O-Line & Offensive Coordinator . Who’s out there that you would like? Don’t give that bs about ….. Pryor, Tebow or the Draft.

  9. The problem has really o been two things with the Raiders: 1) the defense has been HORRIBLE, and 2) Greg Knapp as a play caller is HORRIBLE!

    The ZBS scheme has a history of success and the holes for Dmac will open up as the line gets more comfortable and Palmer, as most want to balme, is not the weak link. He isn’t great but the bottom line is that he is the best QB since Rich. FIX THE DEFENSE!

  10. Greg Knapp is 1 of the worst OC’s in the game..How he continues to get a job is beyond me….. I’m a Bengal fan and I feel sorry for Palmer with Greg as his OC…I actually would like to see what Palmer could do in a Norv Turner style offense….Keep ya head up Oak fans…

  11. Normally, i would like to see them tank the rest of the season for a better draft pick. But looking at the draft and it not having great talent up top, i’d rather they win these last 2 games.

  12. Ummmm, not a Dalton apologist or anything, but you clearly know little to nothing about football to call him out like that. I’m sure the Bengals are more than happy that the “noodle armed ginger” could be leading them into the playoffs for a second straight year, while the raiders are, well, going to be watching from home.

  13. I’m sorry, but another year of Gregg knapsack is only gonna hurt everyone involved…

    Clear sign, knapsack was all about the zbs, yet they ended up mixing in some power scheme to help get results… I week 3 mcfaddens only long to run of the year, power scheme..

    Palmer moves the ball with more success when he opts out of knapsacks plays and runs the no huddle…

    Dennis Allen must have a hell of a man crush on knapp for him to not have been stripped of play calling and to still be on the staff

  14. I hope that Palmer isn’t just spouting empty optimism and has a point. Because I hope/think that McKenzie’s major offseason work will be devoted to triaging the defense which is in much worse shape. If the offense ‘is improving’ that would be gravy at this point (but I’m still not convinced that McFadden is worth keeping).

  15. “Progress?” Really? vs. the worst offense in the NFL, twice this year!

    I understand the need for continuity, but most of the veterans/high priced players will not be in Oakland come 2013, so no need for continuity next year.

    Something tells me RM will clean house on and off the field. The front office is just keeping quiet considering the personal issues the coach has faced.

    “That” rumor does have validity.

  16. Remember when Cable was HC and he stripped the play calling duties away from Knapp? Unfortunately Allen isn’t an offensive guy and can’t call those plays like Cable, but Al Saunders is there and should have been the OC all along. He would have carried over some cinsistency from last year.
    Knapp has said it take a couple years to learn his ZBS!!! Are you kidding me, we have to wait a couple years. I’ve got a bright idea, how about we replace one guy instead of the entire offense? Knapp took a top 10 offense and sunk it to the bottom of the league. He neutered one of the best RBs in the league. Oooh, he had big numbers againt KC, big freakin deal. The only time the offense seemed to work was when Carson was calling the plays.
    Knapp should have already gotten his walking papers.

  17. Hey Toronto,
    Try not to choke on all those sour grapes that are going down your throat every time you watch Carson Palmer throw a ball! I understand you’re bitter because the Bengals got the best end of the deal. But just think, Carson says the offense will be good next year, and when is Carson Palmer ever been wrong about anything?
    And that noodle armed ginger that you speak of? Well at last check, he’s third in the AFC in total touchdowns and he went to the Pro bowl last year. When was the last time your quarterback was in the Pro bowl?
    P.S. Thanks for the draft picks, loser!

  18. Lets really get to the bottom of their offensive woes. Make no bones about it, their offense sucks. Go down the Line, and you can tell Raiders are set at QB, (Carson re does his contract) RB, WR, (DHB is not worth 10 million per) TE. (Meyers is a UFA)

    The real problem besides Knapp boring play calling is and has been with the o-line. Raiders would be better off moving Wiz back to LG, and drafting a center in the mid rounds of the draft. If the LT from Tex A& M is on the board when the raiders pick, nab him, and move veldeer to RT. He is athletic enough to make that transition. If raiders feel briesiel is worth 5 mill per (i do not ) then keep him at RG, but I think that is a pretty easy position to fill if not for less money.

    Raiders free up 20 million in dead space money from guys like Stanford Routt, Kevin Boss , Kam Wimbley etc… things will get better

  19. Knapp’s offenses have gone straight downhill every place he’s been. He has never improved a team as an offensive coordinator.
    He’s just a bad offensive coordinator. Period.

    Why this fact doesn’t prevent him from continuing to get hired amazes me.

  20. The reality of all this is that the Raiders run game is better…when McFadden isn’t on the field.

    It might not mean anything if the all got equal touches but:

    Mike Goodson: 6.7 ypc looks explosive, looks like McFadden used to.

    Marcel Reece: 4.6 ypc slowish, not really a RB

    Jeremy Stewart: 4.0 ypc, wouldn’t be on the roster or PS in 20+ other cities.

    DMAC: 3.4 ypc and that’s generous because he’s broke a few long ones in there also. Even with the running game getting better he’s at 3.95 over the last two games he’s been back. That 200 yard effort by the team? He averaged a poor 3.7 ypc

    The running game stats instantly got better the minute Dmac got hurt. He doesn’t fit this system. He knows it. His temper tantrum on the sidelines Sunday showed it.

  21. bengalsucker says: Dec 20, 2012 10:17 AM

    Like we continue to tell the Raiders, thank you! Hope you guys are enjoying “Pick 6″ Palmer! We are doing just fine with those picks you gave us!
    The Raiders are a mess, but Bengals fans seem confused about the draft picks they got for Palmer. One guy said they got Green and Dalton for those picks. What they have so far is a corner that doesn’t get on the field, and an early 2nd in the 2013 draft. They could have packaged those picks along with their own first for a legitimate quarterback.

  22. Raiderapologist,
    Correct about the draft picks, but I would have traded Carson for a bag of sunflower seeds.
    Carson’s skills have never been the same since the Steelers playoff games, but he is still good enough to start for some teams(like the Raiders).

    The reason that a lot of Bengal fans don’t like him is because he basically quit on his teammates. I can’t really think of anything worse to do to your teammates especially when you wear a big ‘C’ on your chest.

    Another reason I am still pissed is because Carson received a HUGE signing bonus when he committed to his new contract with the Bengals. How could you keep that signing bonus without feeling that you didn’t earn it in good faith?

    Kirpatrick may or may not pan out. Who knows about the 2nd pick next year. The good news is the future is brighter without him.

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