Dashon Goldson fined $21,000 for hit on Aaron Hernandez


Though 49ers safety Dashon Goldson’s boss thought it was a legal hit, the NFL disagreed, and fined Goldson $21,000 for his hit on Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

He was penalized for the hit during the game, but said he wasn’t going to let the league’s enforced charitable donation change his style of play.

“Hits like that definitely draw attention for the simple fact of what they’re trying to accomplish in this league with helmet-to-helmet [hits] and the safety of players or whatever they want to call it,” Goldson said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “That’s going to definitely raise a flag every time you go in there for a tackle. But like I said, as football players we can’t think about that.”

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio said Thursday the hit was perfectly clean because Goldson wrapped as he hit.

“He hit him right here in the chest area,” Fangio said. “I think what’s happened is if it looks bad, the league has told the officials to err on the side of caution. . . .

“A lot of times if they don’t see it all and it’s a bang-bang play — it’s a hard play for them to see sometimes — they’re going to err on the side of safety and throw the flag.”

Goldson added the fine letter to a growing pile. He said he planned to appeal, and that many of his big hits that drew penalties this year did not result in fines. In fact, his biggest deductions have come for uniform violations for the length of his socks, as he estimated he’s accumulated $70,000 worth of those.

Whether he’s a dirty player or not, $70,000 worth of sock fines is ridiculous, and a poor investment on Goldson’s part.

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  1. Harbaugh is amazing. In all the years he’s coached his teams have never once been legitimately flagged for a penalty. So it stands to reason that his players have never committed an illegal hit either.

  2. I think they will get it done. They’ve shown they’re willing to keep the Defense together and the Hawk knows whats up. He got rid of Rosenhaus after his agent talked him into Holding out 2 years ago and he had to accept a 1 year contract rather than the fair offer the 9ers had on the table for him(3 year $25mil or so) while leaking to the media that Goldson wanted $40mil.

    The league is just dipping into Goldson’s pocket heinously though. Only the Bradford hit deserved a fine. Even then it wasn’t worth much of a fine otherwise the League would have fined him more than $8k dollars for the hit. He had already left his launch footing when Bradford decided to slide at the last second. So while Goldson didn’t intend to put a cheap hit on the QB, he did hit him when he slid and that’s the rule. You cannot hit a QB in slide because he’s now defenseless. Every fine Goldson has gotten has been on a hit where he used his shoulder and the helmets came together from the momentum of the impact. If you cannot hit a man with your shoulder pad then the NFL should just have everyone take off their helmet and pads and go Rugby style.

    Fining a player for a clean hit only encourages players to ignore the rules of the game and just play dirty. Complete hypocrisy for the League to penalize Suh for stomping on a guy when they won’t penalize another player for KICKING a player when he is down because the defenseless player wears the Red and Gold.

    Goodell says he is trying to make the Game safer but these fines show otherwise because eventually the clean player is gonna shrug an say why play clean hard nosed Football when I get fined anyway?

    If I was Goldson it wouldn’t take much longer for me to go Rodney Harrison on fools.

  3. I agree with tennis on first post. Not much of a niners fan but i sure as heck appreciate a good defense when i see on. Goldson is a very good player and would be great for niners to find a way to keep him

  4. what the hell are the 49’rs talking about

    watch the tape man – the guys flippin helmet almost came right off. you cant stop the tape at initial contact and say “see he hit him in the chest”

    he drove himself right through the head within a tenth of a second.

    clearly not legal and deserves a fine

    i am not saying he is dirty but c’mon guys if you cant see this your blind

  5. It’s a penalty but it shouldn’t be a fine.

    It wasn’t a launch nor did he just throw his head or shoulder into Hernandez and it was pretty clear to me that Goldson was attempting a clean and legal tackle. The only thing Goldson did wrong was just tackle too high and he hit Hernandez in the facemask but the tackle itself was a textbook tackle you learn in the pee wee leagues.

  6. @lionsdraftguy—–it must be torture just sitting around knowing that your team, AGAIN, will be sitting at home on the couch where the closest your city will ever get to the Super Bowl is hosting it or in front of tv! Couple words of advice……LET IT GO!!!!!!

  7. niners shouldnt sign him back they should use the franchise tag on him, and draft DB in the draft cause this guy gets lots of fines and ive watched him close this season and he makes dumb moves

  8. Sadly the more i watch and read about things like this, the less i like the NFL.. very shortly there will be a shortage of defensive players and the league will become a shootout game.. Gooddell is really ruining the game and is doing to football what Selig did to baseball.

  9. zimaman says:
    Dec 20, 2012 5:15 PM
    what the hell are the 49′rs talking about

    watch the tape man – the guys flippin helmet almost came right off. you cant stop the tape at initial contact and say “see he hit him in the chest”

    he drove himself right through the head within a tenth of a second.

    clearly not legal and deserves a fine

    i am not saying he is dirty but c’mon guys if you cant see this your blind

    Thank you…
    They just showed the replay on NFL network, it clearly showed the top of his helmet hitting him in the side of the head.

  10. “Whether he’s a dirty player or not, $70,000 worth of sock fines is ridiculous, and a poor investment on Goldson’s part.”

    You don’t have to be smart to play football, just lucky.

  11. What was Goldson supposed to do,let him catch the ball and then run a few steps and THEN tackle him gently ? When Goldson dove towards him to try to stop the reception the receiver was in the air and coming down(moving),so how was Goldson supposed to know where the receiver’s head would be at the instant of impact ? He couldn’t !
    The refs called the penalty a hit on a defensless receiver. They never said it was a hit in the head.
    Either way it was a text book hit and Goldson did nothing wrong at all.
    In the future they should change that rule to make it a judgement call by the refs. If the refs believe it was an intentional hit to the head ,then throw the flag. If the refs believe it was unintentional and that the tackler was simply tackling a moving target and happened to hit the receivers head as the receiver ducked his head,then don’t throw a flag.
    But the fact is that the League wants to go way overboard in punishing legal hits because they are afraid of lawsuits in the future and want to pretend they are doing something to protect players from head injuries,so they can say in court that they did everything possible to protect players.
    The fact is that every defensive player in the League should watch a film of Goldson’s tackling technique and learn how to do it properly and safely ,like he does.

  12. …Or just make it a Flag Football League and do away with all tackling ! Isn’t that what Goddell is trying to do already ?

  13. Lionsdraftguy, you kill me… You are still so bent on the manley handshake. Be honest you would love the Niners team if they wore BABY blue. BTW, you should be the last to talk… Your team is then dirtiest in the league…

    Go Niners!

  14. Whats going on the NFL with all these fines i have been seeing dumb fines and players that have been penalized on the play and still get a fined i never ever seen the NFL like this in all my years of watching there is gotta be a “MOB TIE” in this it getting way out of hand

  15. Quit worrying about socks and try not getting ran over again by beast mode this week brah.

    Tell Kap double strap that helmet too. He had one attempt last Hawks game and almost lost his head getting folded on the goal line!

    Hawks 28 Niners 17

  16. Just your average Seahawk fan stopping by to remind you Game 2 is Sunday night, and we hope you hit hard, and bring your best stuff. By the way, this may be one of the loudest games in NFL history.

  17. joey49er says:
    Dec 20, 2012 4:59 PM
    Thats what u get when u cross goldson path…the very next play hernandez got alligator arms and aldon smith picked off brady!!!
    Exactly…and that alone is probably worth the fine to Goldson. As a Pats fan, I’d like them to fine McDaniels too since, unless TB audibled, he was the brilliant entity who called that play that resulted in the INT directly after AHern got his bell rung. Dumb.

  18. lionsdraftguy says: Dec 20, 2012 6:07 PM

    Yup, leave it to a 49er to make a dirty hit.
    This has to be the funniest thing ive seen in weeks.. A lion fan talking about dirty hits.. hahahaha

  19. *crazysamoan**

    The Hawks Def is almost as identical as the niners, would niners give up 40? Noo get real. The Hawks and Niners both give up 16.5pts a game why would you expect a Niner blowout?? Oh and don’t forget Hawks aren’t playing basic offensive schemes anymore like your first 7pt home victory, their far more advanced/dynamic than before and are capable of putting up points.

    Literally two teams that mirror each other. BASIC logic tells you this with records and stats but ur reading your own hype homie. Don’t discredit your own argument by being a total homer. I predicted a 11pt home victory you picked a 37pt blowout. Even your own niners fans would laugh at your delusional prediction.

  20. Goldson is a great player. And as a niners fan. These guys do not hit illegally. They hit legally and hard. If it was an illegal hit goldson didn’t mean to do it. He is great to watch. Im even gonna go out and say he hits harder than lott. The early doucet hit this year was insane.

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