Flacco optimistic about, but not focused on contract

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No single player has more on the line for the Ravens than Joe Flacco.

Not only is he playing for a contract, but he’s also trying to reverse course, after shouldering the responsibility for the team’s recent slide.

Flacco’s turned the ball over six times in the three-game losing streak, hardly the way you want to go into a contract negotiation.

All of it,” Flacco said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, when asked about the blame. “It starts with the quarterback, and that’s the position that’s looked at.

“You have to go look at yourself and see what you can do better in order to make everybody else around you a little bit better and in order to get our team to win.”

It’s at least the appropriate thing to say when you’re looking for more money.

After they couldn’t work out a long-term agreement this summer, Flacco’s future became a question mark. The franchise tag is the easiest, and perhaps likeliest end for now, but Flacco said he was still hopeful about the situation, though it was something he  wasn’t dwelling on.

“Yeah, I always am [optimistic],” Flacco said. “This is a great organization and you’re always upbeat about that. . . .

“I’m sure it’s back there somewhere, but it’s not something I’ve really thought about or really considered. I knew it wasn’t going to be a topic of conversation during the season. I kind of made that clear in my own mind at the beginning of the season.”

The deal’s not going to come in the next few weeks. But the way Flacco plays in response to the pressure might go a long way toward determining what that deal looks like when or if it happens.

30 responses to “Flacco optimistic about, but not focused on contract

  1. i still dont understand why people like ryan over flacco, even the falcons fans glorify “matty-ice” who hasnt won a playoff game, including getting blown out the past two seasons. yes, flacco has many flaws, but he has succeeded in the playoffs.

  2. His deal should be heavily loaded with incentives. Hes an above average qb. Pay him like one. Def doesnt deserve Brady Brees or Manning type money

  3. “It’s at least the appropriate thing to say when you’re looking for more money.”

    I don’t know. Sometimes accountability and leadership is something that teams look for in a quarterback.

    Though, you are right to a certain extent. Joe is killing his financial future on the field right now with his inconsistent and sometimes miserable play.

    He needs to step up in a big way against the Giants and Bengals.

  4. Reed20 is spot on. He his in a slump but even if Joe wins a ring, a mvp, and delivers the royal baby all in the same day he’s still gonna be looked down on. Not to mention I’d take Jones White and Gonzalez over Pitta Boldin and Smith anyday.

  5. Flaaco fan here, he’s got to step it up. Flaaco will get paid by the Ravens but it might be after he gets the franchise tag next year. Flaaco has all the goods to be the QB every Raven fans is expecting. The Ravens are a team in transition for sure and Flaaco is the guy to step up into the leadership role. These last couple games and the playoffs will go a long way toward setting the narrative of the offseason. Ravens fans need to look around the league and pump the brakes. Flaaco is a top ten QB having a bad year.

  6. People like Matty Ice simply because he is a much better QB than flaccid. If Matty had the once feared D of the old ravens maybe he would have a couple of tee shirts like flaccid has.

  7. I would love Flacco back in the ratbird uniform. Pretty much guarentess 4-5 yrs medicore qb play for the Steelers to take advantage of…..

    He defines middle of the road play. If he signs, better get another RR,..he’s starting to break down. That 5 yr shelf life is approaching.

  8. Ravens have no choice but to pay him. Who else is out there that can possibly lead the team to the Super Bowl? There simply aren’t any attractice Free Agent options. Sure, we could gamble on Pat White or some other rookie, but would they really be an upgrade? The problem with Flacco has never been lack of talent, it has been a lack of consistency. Who’s to say a talented rookie would have better consistency?

    Hopefully, Flacco will get a contract closer to Ryan Fitzpatrick than Tom Brady, as befits his performance. My prediction is that he gets the Franchise tag this offseason, then gets a solid 5 year deal before the end of next season.

  9. Flacco flaws;

    Slow feet
    Doesnt pick up blitzes well pre-snap
    Doesnt have good pocket presence
    Stares down certain targets at times & doesnt allow a playcall to develop for others
    Type B personality (flaw for a QB)

    the good;

    Possibly the best arm in the league
    Great size
    Accuracy is solid
    Has won big games

  10. As a GM, I think you need to pay him in direct proportion to how often you hear the word “Flaccolicious”.

    On the other hand, there’s a reason why I’m not a GM. Merry Christmas everybody!

  11. Cereal says:Dec 20, 2012 12:33 PM

    Flacco flaws;

    Slow feet
    Doesnt pick up blitzes well pre-snap
    Doesnt have good pocket presence
    Stares down certain targets at times & doesnt allow a playcall to develop for others
    Type B personality (flaw for a QB)

    the good;

    Possibly the best arm in the league
    Great size
    Accuracy is solid
    Has won big games

    Agree with all of the above. I would also add “Durability.” The kid has not missed a game since he started the first one as a rookie – and he gets beat on regularly with that OL. He is in a slump for sure – and he is definitely not Brady, Brees, Peyton or Rodgers – but who is. If it was that easy to snag a franchise QB – everyone would have one. I like him and do not think he has hit his ceiling. I have been in Heinz field twice in the last two years where the kid led the team down the field into the teeth of the Steeler defense with a hositle crowd screaming for blood, and nail two beautiful game-winning TD throws (TJ Housh & Torrey). I still think upside is there for him – and really – there are no other options in a weak draft and FA QB class.

  12. With 2 Steeler wins and 2 ravens losses, the Steelers will win the AFC north. My god I can taste it!!!!

  13. Why does everyone just assume the ravens will franchise him. What does it cost to franchise a qb like 15 16 mil? The ravens would be much better off to pay him top 10 qb money over 4 or 5 years then to take that huge a hit for one year.

  14. ravenator says: Hes an above average qb.
    I wish my employer used your definition of “above average”.

    I could look confused often, only complete a little more than 1/2 my projects, and crumble when there’s even a hint of job pressure. Come to think of it, why exactly does Flacco think he deserves a contract?

  15. steelersownyou,

    Please stop talking, you obviously have no idea what’s going on with the play-off picture.

  16. if and this is a big if, if the ravens win the superbowl, and flacco has a good game. them he will get his contract that he wants. if and this could happen, if the ravens go one and done then he will either get a low contract offer, or will be playing else where next year.

  17. As long as ray ray is around joe will never be able to take the leadership role. Just my opinion.

    And lets face it rays days are numbered.

  18. steeler fans here acting like they want Joe around so they’ll have a better chance in the coming years. Looking foolish. Ravens & Joe have already passed you. Ravens have won 3 in a row, in your house, and will win and 2nd AFC North title. How do you see it getting better in pittsgurgh?

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