Frazier says there’s “no doubt” Peterson is the MVP

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In a Thursday appearance on NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier gave the strongest possible endorsement for his best player to be named league MVP.

In so doing, Frazier provided a less-than-ringing endorsement to the quality of Adrian Peterson’s supporting cast.

“No doubt,” Frazier told Erik Kuselias as to whether Peterson should be named the NFL Most Valuable Player.  “When you take a look at our season and the way its gone, we wouldn’t be in the position that we’re in right now without Adrian Peterson.  It’s not like he has a lot of pieces around him to help him get what he’s been able to accomplish.”

And it’s not like Frazer was intending to disrespect his other players.  Instead, he was merely acknowledging the obvious.

Frazier opted not to spend too much time talking about how much worse the Vikings would obviously be this year, if they didn’t have Peterson.  “I’d like to believe we try figure out a way to get some wins here and there but I like to know the fact that we do have Adrian,” Frazier said.  “That’s what I want to live in, the reality of the fact that we do have him and we’re 8-6 in large part due to having Adrian Peterson on our team.”

Whatever additional success the Vikings have this year will be a direct result of Peterson’s presence on the team.

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49 responses to “Frazier says there’s “no doubt” Peterson is the MVP

  1. If Adrian Peterson passes 2,106 yards then I think he is hands down the MVP and Comeback Player of the year. -from a Patriots fan.

  2. You take a look at the beating he takes every game compared to a QB. And how he shredded his knee last Christmas and how nobody thought he would be anything but average this year, there is no way he can’t get the MVP. And of course you take him off the team and maybe they win 1 game. He just has to overcome the idiots who think that QB’s are the only ones who can be MVP’s.

  3. How can it be a question when your trying to take down a NFL record your having an ALL TIME CAREER YEAR. Why is their a question? Not to mention everyone in the world knows he’s going to bet the Rock and Carty the team yet NO ONE CAN STOP IT. And it’s coming off an INJURY LESS than a year ago. Presumably where he had to be shifty and fast and have a burst and should have lost that in this case. No doubt AP should win..


  4. He is the Viking’s MVP. Which is a lot different than league MVP. In that discussion are players like Manning, Brady, Watt, and yeah, on down the list, Peterson.

    But comeback player of the year? No discussion, its Peterson. Oh, or Manning.

  5. Manning has had a good year, but Denver was a playoff team before he got there. No one man has meant more to his team than AP. Vikings wouldn’t even be close to a playoff berth without All Day. All due respect to Manning, who is one of the best of all time.

  6. Unnamed NFL source claims Peterson will be traded to Jets to become Jets new put protector and 3rd string QB.

    Rex undecided if Peterson will dress for each game.

  7. At the end of the day , who gives a crap – he is a absolute beast who is as valuable as anyone, MVP or not.

  8. If AP can get the Vikings into the playoffs or break the record he should get MVP, but he’s not MVP if you can’t win consistently with him. A great player can take his mediocre team on his back like a Rodgers, Manning, Brady, and still make the playoffs.

  9. As a huge fan of AP2K, in all seriousness, he doesn’t have a shot at winning either the MVP or Comeback award.

    To wit, both AP and Manning are coming off potentially career-ending injuries. Both are among the best at their position, but AP missed precisely 1 game last season, whereas Manning missed all 16 games. Manning wins the Comeback award merely by # of games missed.

    The MVP question is much more interesting.

    Manning has helped his team dominate its division, but its easily the worst division in the NFL.

    AP has carried his team on his back, while getting essentially ZERO from the passing game. He routinely faces 9 in the box, yet is unquestionably the best running back in the league, in arguably the strongest division in the NFL.

    Its worth noting that AP has a legit chance to break the all-time rushing yardage record. Currently, Eric Dickerson’s 1984 season holds the record. That year, Eric Dickerson did not win the league MVP, Dan Marino did.

    By virtue of how the passing game has dominated the running game in today’s NFL, and how likely Denver (in such a terrible division) could compete in the AFC West even with Christian Ponder at QB, whereas Minnesota would quite possibly have zero wins without AP, I think its high time for a running back to claim the MVP Award.

  10. As a Broncos’ fan, I’m thrilled with what Peyton has done for the team; however, my sentimental pick is AP.

    There is such a huge lack of talent on the Vikings, and AP isn’t really getting any support from his line. What he is doing is phenomenal.

    Wish him all the best, and I hope he gets the record. 🙂

  11. It’s just stupid to think that the MVP must be on a playoff team it’s (Most Valuable Player) not Most Valuable Team?… But anyway? We’re in the PO’s and people still think manning should win it … Mark Sanchez could go to the POs with Denver ?? Lol or Tebow

  12. I think its stupid that people say they have to come from a winning team the vikings are not that bad they are way better standing than they were last year, and adrian does deserve the award and it does not say it has to be a quarterback so why cant it be adrian, and it also does not say it has to be from a winning team and what is a winning team? they have won games that they were not suppose to win, for example the 49ers and I dont want to hear that it was a fluke they won I am so sick of hearing that. No matter how the vikings do we fans here the same thing every year that our team sucks.
    You know what I dont think so along with other fans some things we dont care for like our quarter back and I wish they would try Joe Webb as a wide receiver I think he would do just fine he can run I am sure he can catch a ball.
    I also hope that Ponder thinks more about his games than his now wife.
    Us fans would love to make it into the playoffs so please vikings lets win our last two games and keep in the wild card spot.
    and maybe we could go all the way I know that is wishful thinking and no I am not smoking anything, Its just a wish,
    want to shut up those Packer fans that keep shoving in our faces all there stupid super bowl wins we should have been in the super bowl 2 times once with brett and another with gary anderson missed field goal ( I still think he was paid off to miss ) thanks for letting me vent
    A viking fan that wants to get into the playoffs what you think fellow viking fans

  13. Frazier, Knows the Vikes need reciver help even when we had Harvin in the lineup!! Ponder is only in his second year! and the first year Ponder had no training camp!! no ota’s Nothing!!!! I for one would like to give Ponder another year! And some world class wide recivers we have the best running back in football The defense is getting there (Would love to get a blue chip Defensive tackle ala pat williams) But none of Ponders wide recivers come back for the ball!! Or fight for the ball, Ponder hit Aromashdo in the hands! it’s a touch down if holds onto the ball!! Ponder has no faith in his recivers none!! ( I know it’s a crazy idea & it would never happen Never!! But bring Brett Farve in to be the Vikes QB coach)

  14. AP is an angry runner looking to punish anyone who gets in his way. That is alot of fun to watch and I can’t recall very many backs since eric dikerson that have run that way(consistently). Perhaps Emmit Smith.

    He really deserves it. To bad his team sucks

  15. I don’t think Peterson’s success downgrades Manning’s comeback, like some are trying to do. The way I see it, if Peterson gets the MVP, give Manning the comeback player, but if Manning gets the MVP, then Peterson should be comeback player. Both guys have had amazing comebacks.

  16. They should name the award after Manning because he gets votes when he doesn’t deserve them. In 2009 Drew Brees outplayed Manning and yet Manning got the MVP, there were people seriously considering voting Manning for MVP last year because of what the Colts did after he was injured… I admit after the San Francisco game that Brady won’t win the MVP but it was ridiculous how with a harder schedule, a head to head win and better stats in every single category (except a slightly lower completion percentage) prior to that game, Manning was still the favorite for MVP. He’s a great player and definitely should be in the discussion for the MVP but Peterson should be the MVP.

  17. All you need to know is that the Colts are getting along just fine without Manning, thank you very much. If Peterson left Minny, and Ponder had to actually produce, how do you think that would go? Give the man his award.

  18. I love me some Peyton Manning. I’m privileged to have been able to watch his entire career play out in front of me. He is, at least in my opinion, probably the greatest QB of this generation.

    Adrian Peterson is the 2012 NFL MVP.

  19. Over the last 8 games, when the Vikings passing game has faltered and died, Peterson has gained 1313 yards at 7.46 yds/carry. If the Vikings make the playoffs, rushing record or not, there is no one more deserving of the MVP.

  20. The idea that mvp’s have to come from playoff teams is absolutely mindless, bass-ackward, sheeple logic. Playoff teams are filled with good players. The AP is making the Vikings relevant with slop around him. He’s WAY more valuable to his team than Manning is to his.

  21. As a packer fan I completely agree he is the MVP. To be able to gain those yards after that injury and despite that passing game is nothing short of amazing.

  22. The real MVP this year should be JJ Watt. He has 84 plays where he made a stop at or behind the line of scrimmage. 19.5 sacks, 15 passes defensed, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 33 tackles for loss, 11 more tackles for no gain.

  23. also forgot JJ Watt really has 20.5 sacks, Elias decided to take one of them away. Which, I don’t get because he tackled the QB in the backfield, they claim it was a designed run but there were receivers running routes so I don’t get it.

  24. I would love to see Tebow in Purple next year.
    Tebow, AP and Harvin in a spread option running attack.

    I would take Tebow’s 90 yards passing per game over Ponders 90 yards per game.

  25. He probably would be at 2000 already if not for Frazier. I think I saw a couple games where he had 100-150 at half and got like 4 carries and 20 yards in second half of games not out of reach. MVP and comeback player of year. actually both in competition w Manning.

  26. Peyton already has a bunch of MVP’s, and the Bronco’s already have a bunch of Lombardi trophies. It would mean more to Viking fans because they don’t have anything.

  27. The Broncos made the playoffs with Tebow. The Vikings don’t win 3 games without AP. Experts predicted 6-10 for Vikings, at best! It’s not even close. AP is this years MVP. And the press is getting on board with the obvious.

  28. Give me a break. Brady is the MVP. Who in their right mind would rather have Adrian Peterson than Brady? I think if Frazier had Brady on his team he would be singing a different tune.

  29. It doesn’t matter if he wins it or not. Everybody knows he is a man amongst boy on the field. What he has done this year is crazy. He’s playing against the best players in the world, and making them look like children. If you are a realist, and not a homer for your team you know he’s the best player on this planet.

  30. Playoffs shouldn’t really have that much to do with MVP. It’s MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, not best player on the best team. I would say Adrian has contributed more to his team than any other player in the NFL. If that’s not the criteria, then it’s a stupid award.

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