Lance Briggs says Bears playoff outlook “my worst nightmare”

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When the Chicago Bears were 7-1 and coming off a 51-20 dismantling of the Tennessee Titans on the road, they appeared to be a lock to be one of the six NFC teams to be playing in January.

Six weeks later and the Bears are hoping to somehow just be able to squeeze in the back door of the playoff picture.

According to Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune, the situation couldn’t get much worse for Bears linebacker Lance Briggs.

In my very, very worst nightmare, this is where I imagined we would be,” Briggs said. “Literally, this is my worst nightmare. We still have a chance, though. It can’t get any worse than this, I hope.”

Chicago’s schedule has been very difficult over the last six weeks. The Bears last six games have all come against teams that would be in the playoffs if the postseason started today. Chicago is 1-5 over that stretch with a 28-10 home victory over Minnesota the only mark in the win column over that stretch.

Chicago has been hit hard by injuries on defense with Brian Urlacher and Tim Jennings the most recent players to suffer significant injuries. The Bears will likely have to win their final two games on the road against the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions and get help in order to earn a Wild Card berth. Green Bay clinched the NFC North with a 21-13 win in Soldier Field last Sunday.

31 responses to “Lance Briggs says Bears playoff outlook “my worst nightmare”

  1. worst nightmare is having ur team mathamatically eliminated by week 10 of the NFL season,

    so the rest of the 6 weeks ur sitting there trying to find a far-fetched reason to root for another team…

    at least u could root for favre , the old old man, old gun slinger,

    made it worthy of watching if team eliminated

  2. Absolutely ridiculous that Briggs would state the possibility of not making the playoffs is his worst nightmare. Exaggeration or not, this disgusts me.

  3. The back half of their roster is pretty lame. That’s why they can’t weather all these injuries like the Packers are able to do.

  4. Only the Bears can fire Mike Martz and have an offense the next year do worse with more talent. Also, only the Bears can field an offense that has actually not improved one bit over the course of 14 games! Unbelievable and totally pathetic!

  5. Ask Lance if leaving his Lamborghini crashed on the Edens Expressway and then calling Urlacher to pick him up was a worse nightmare than the playoff picture? Never read about that did you.

    Can you say A L C O H O L !

  6. Stuck with Cutler, a bad o-line, and an aging defense, the Bears are heading to their own cliff. They will be mediocre for years to come.

  7. NIGHTMARE… Yea thats just what its like ONLY its been 3 years since the Bears beat Greenbay. 6 regular season games and 1 NFC title game.
    NOW ITS TIME FOR CHANGE… REAL CHANGE. Head Coach.. defensive system.. offensive system and hopefully a whole NEW offensive line. Thats right Gut this team and get rid of Urlacher. Build this team around Cutler & Marshall

  8. Oh ya..last rant people… Hey Lance, that’s why the fans boo… We do not need to be nfl players in order to call out hot garbage football… And while the d was playing their behinds off earlier in the season they have been getting gashed repeatedly lately and make every young qb look like an hof player..and injuries are NOT an excuse…

  9. Jay Cutler is the Problem. He plays scared against the Packers. Either that or they have him figured out!!

    I was Rooting for the Bears to win the Division!

  10. Lance said:

    “…..It can’t get any worse than this, I hope.”

    How about next year when you’re one the best players left after the ship is blown up after your team either loses in the first round or does not qualify for the playoffs?

    Even the Bears best-case scenario is a nightmare:
    Cutler’s contract is extended, so the team continues to play well vs. mediocre teams, but he implodes or plays below average vs. good teams (e.g., Green Bay).

    In simplistic terms, the performance of Cutler vs. Green Bay in the teams last eight meetings is the shadow from which underneath the team needs to escape.

    Funny how Cutler is the Bears worst nightmare, though Briggs continues to play at a high level.

  11. NIGHTMARE!! Yea and as fans we want a Head Coach that can beat Greenbay.. and Win the Superbowl.
    But first Emery needs to GUT this team and build it around Cutler & Marshall. get rid of Urlacher and the tampa 2 defense. the fans are booing because the Bears are losing

  12. We can only hope they can make the playoffs, but are pretty beat up on both sides of the ball. Although still could have done better job on offense..a few key passes being caught could have made a big difference.

  13. With all the horrifying events in the news these days, how can the Bears playoff chances be “literally” his worst nightmare? Get your priorities straight, Lance.

  14. Lighten up people “worst nightmare” is just and expression. We all have used it. Obviously everyone’s worst nightmare came true in Connecticut.

  15. I honestly don’t understand how the Bear’s bad fortunes are always, (by a lot of Bear fans), laid on Cutler. He actually is a pretty good quarterback but it’s hard to be at your best when you’re constantly running for your life. FIND SOMEONE TO PROTECT THE MAN!

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