NCAA investigation may hasten Chip Kelly’s move to the NFL

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Oregon coach Chip Kelly remains the most-discussed candidate to become an NFL head coach next month, and recent developments may make Kelly more interested than ever in leaving college football for the pros.

Oregon is anticipating an appearance before the NCAA’s committee on infractions this spring, Yahoo Sports reports. The NCAA is looking into whether the football program had an improper financial relationship with recruiting adviser Will Lyles.

Although the investigations are not the same, the end result could be the same as the end of Pete Carroll’s tenure at USC: A football power crippled by NCAA sanctions, and a successful coach deciding he’d rather coach in the NFL than deal with the ramifications. Kelly is already rumored to be interested in leaving Oregon for the NFL, and if he’s concerned that his Oregon teams will be weakened by scholarship losses or other NCAA penalties, it’s hard to see why he’d stay.

And it seems clear that if Kelly wants to coach in the NFL, some owner will want him. He’s the most innovative offensive mind in college football, and as the NFL begins to incorporate some of the same spread offensive approaches that have become commonplace in college, Kelly is a hot commodity.

Last offseason Kelly turned down the Tampa Bay job. This offseason, he may be ready to jump.

15 responses to “NCAA investigation may hasten Chip Kelly’s move to the NFL

  1. Carroll left to avoid sanctions. Kelly will likely do the same. Tressell tried but got suspended in the NFL too. Is he still the designated replay watcher?

  2. Uncle Phil will make sure Oregon is taken care of…nothing to see here, NCAA! Even if they are one of the 5 dirtiest programs in the country

  3. History repeats itself.

    First Pete Carroll and now Chip Kelly.

    NCAA, either you have no childish rules or put coaches under player-like restrictions.

  4. I lost all respect for Chip Kelly a long time ago for a number of reasons, but especially for his handling of LaGarrette Blount’s fighting suspension. He showed me right then and there that he cares more about winning at any cost rather than doing the right thing! I have a strong feeling that the alleged recruiting violations will prove to be true and that he was behind it. If he does leave Oregon with this mess, it will be painful in the short-term, but the university will be better for it in the long run.

  5. Universities should ad a buyout clause to the coaches contracts if the are put on probation they have to pay back the salary for the years involved. It will keep the Pete Carroll’s of this world from cheating and then skipping town

  6. At this point I think 97% of NCAA football fans know pretty much any team in the top 25 on a consistant bases does these types of things. Its seeming to become more of a way for the NCAA to try to create parody. Every few seasons they take down another few programs who were doing it for years and may have spanned through more then one coach. If the NCAA cared about the programs they wouldn’t nationally televis games or play games on school nights. All the NCAA cares about is money and with the same teams in the top 25 year in and year out it has turned off a ton of fans of schools that never make it. They are trying to create a fair playing field by destroying top programs.

  7. Phil Emery better be on the phone now! that would be a amazing Christmas present for Jay Cutler and bears fans!

  8. It’s Nike U that should move to the NFL. They certainly have the budget. For some strange reason it is taking the NCAA a long time to conclude what the sports world already knows.

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