Saints still not worried about Payton leaving


If Saints coach Sean Payton ends up leaving, possibly for the Cowboys, quarterback Drew Brees definitely will need an explanation.

I’d be shocked if he wasn’t here next year,” Brees said recently, via the Associated Press. ”I have not even thought for a second that he wouldn’t be here, honestly.  Not even thought for a second.”

Brees also dismissed reports suggesting that Payton will weigh his options, even though one such report came from Jay Glazer of FOX.  Moreover, it was Adam Schefter of ESPN who first declared that Payton will — not might, will — become a free agent.

”We also know how the whole sources thing works, don’t we?” Brees said.  ”Sources can pretty much say whatever you want them to say because you never really have to be accountable for it.  Like I said, I’m not worried.”

Maybe Brees isn’t worried because he knows the answer to the one question that everyone is looking:  When does Payton’s contract expire?

As we explained over the weekend, no one is saying when Payton’s current deal runs out.  Typically, coaching contracts expire in late January or late February, not upon the conclusion of the team’s season.  So even if Payton is reinstated before the Super Bowl, he won’t be able to take another job or even talk to another team unless the Saints release him from the deal.

And if the contract expires on February 28, the chances of any other jobs being open then are slim.  And none.

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28 responses to “Saints still not worried about Payton leaving

  1. As if a team that really wanted him wouldn’t make a down-low deal to wait for him. If he wanted to be in Dallas, and Dallas wanted to pay him. he’s gone. You don’t have to sign a contract to do a deal.

  2. Gee raider fan, talk about losing. Remember that beat down the Saints put on the Raiders in the Black Hole? Sure you don’t. Idiot.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets are secretly contacting Payton with an offer. Of course, complicating matters is the fact that the Jets will probably be cutting the current GM loose.

  4. There was no reason for Sean Payton to be suspended in the first place. As of now, all of the drama is based on some tough talk in a pre-game pep rally from THREE YEARS AGO. Nothing at all after that. So much for the popular school girl chant –“They were warned but didn’t stop.” Where’s the evidence of any so called bounty system in 2010 and 2011? Goodell killed the Saints season over nothing.

  5. JJ is too stupid to actually hire a coach like Payton. They might return to be America’s Team. We can’t have that.

  6. Even if Sean Payton don’t return back to the New Orleans Saints they still have the talent and the weapons to be in the running next year, if not this year because they have faith in themselves.

  7. Both the Saints and Sean Payton now carry some baggage that cannot be ignored.
    I just don’t see Payton leaving the only place that may truly trust his management skills. Great coach but has had to learn a hard lesson about responsibility in running a team.

    The Cowboys are absolutely not gonna give up on the Red-Headed Genius for a couple more years.

  8. “If Saints coach Sean Payton ends up leaving, possibly for the Cowboys, quarterback Drew Brees definitely will need an explanation.”

    Drew always wants an explanation, because, just ask him, he is the most important man ever!!!!

  9. Why hate on Goodell? I get some of the hostility but, really, if Payton and Saints management would have shut down the bounty program when told to none of this bounty nonsense would be going on and the Saints would probably be fighting for a playoff spot instead of getting ready sit on their couches for the playoffs..

  10. Brees is just the guy who whines, complains and throws out non-stop opinions about everything. I used to like him; now he’s annoying every time he opens his mouth and makes one of his many declarations.

    Someone get this guy a muzzle.

  11. And I would be shocked if Drew didn’t keep chucking it 50+ times per game and keeps racking up great stats while the Saints keep losing.

  12. Sorry Saints fans, Payton is going to leave. Does anyone thinks he wants to be one to get rid of Brees in the next year or two. Plus he won’t even live in NO.

  13. Benson has $. He just doesn’t and flash and dash.
    New O. will be back.
    If Payton walks away… I will be shocked.
    He’s ready to kick more (|).
    Benson knows this.
    Benson is NOT CHEAP.
    Jerry Jones looks in his seat cushions for what Benson walks out of a room on.
    Don’t kid yourself.
    I have no skin in this.
    I just know Benson isn’t running out of $ soon.
    He had a taste.. Benson wants more.

  14. Espn is full of it, why would you believe this so called anonymous source when like 2 weeks ago Sean Payton said it himself that he’s staying with the Saints. Further more who the hell wanna put up with Jerry Jones again? He already been down that road before, he makes decisions along with Micky Loomis on who stays and who goes just like a GM. So why would he give that up to bow down to Jerry Jones?

  15. his contract had a clause that let’s him opt for “free agency” if mickey loomis wasn’t GM, (i thought) and as we all know mickey isn’t GM since he is currently suspended.

  16. Why would he leave? He has no reason to. He has one the best Qb’s in the league and a really good team around that. A few things are missing, but he can fix that. He may get offers of more money to leave, but I just don’t see it happening with him.

  17. Saints win the SB the same year they were going after to hurt opposing players for money.
    Since then, they haven’t been as good.
    So I doubt they will ever return to their glory dayz again.
    Payton is damn lucky that he just got a one year suspension instead of being fired like he should have been.
    Only in the NFL will those who cheat and are despicable get to stick around.
    Any other job, there’s the door buddy.

  18. ”We also know how the whole sources thing works, don’t we?” Brees said. ”Sources can pretty much say whatever you want them to say because you never really have to be accountable for it. Like I said, I’m not worried.”
    HAHAHAHHA he acts like his agent Condon wasn’t leaking stuff anonymously left and right to guys like Mortensen while his contract was pending. As they say on MNF, “COME ON, MAN”.

  19. If Payton was demanding his personal GM, he’s in for a rude awakening if he departs for Dallas. Jerry Jones demands input on everything which would drive Payton wacko!

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