Shanahan says RG3 will play, barring a setback


The Redskins are getting RG3 back on the field this week, unless something new happens between now and Sunday.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said Robert Griffin III will play against the Eagles unless he has a setback before gameday.

“If there’s no setbacks, he should be ready to go,” Shanahan said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post.

Griffin was a full participant in practice both Wednesday and Thursday.

He missed last week’s game with a mild LCL sprain, and Shanahan said doctors believe his right knee will be healed sufficiently by Sunday.

16 responses to “Shanahan says RG3 will play, barring a setback

  1. I think we need to put SB fantasizing Redskins on notice. RGIII isn’t going to play powder-puff defenses that can’t defend him.

    One and done in the playoffs, assuming they make it.

  2. RG3 hasn’t played mostly powder puff weak defenses like Wilson and luck have.

    RG3 has dominated the best defenses in the nfl this year look it up.

    he would have ripped up the steelers defense if his wide receivers didn’t set an nfl record for dropped passes that day!!!

    these are facts!!

    luck has played the worst defenses in the nfl and almost leads the nfl in interceptions and fumbles!!

  3. @paredskin you realize Wilson plays against Ari, STL, and SF twice a year right? All better defenses than what’s in the NFC east. Just… Stop.


    NFC west has all defenses in the top 15 in almost all categories and Hawks niners and even cards are top 7. Whoever is claiming Wilson plays cupcake d’s is ABSOLUTELY as delusional as those who see the skins winning the super bowl.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Russell Wilson is putting up better stats and more deserving of ROY than RG3. Besides picks where he’s had more flukey drops or tips to defenses backs he has superior stats to both Griffin and Luck and wayyyyyyyyyyyy fewer attempts. Not to mention had to TAKE THE JOB OVER A VET. And for first 8 games wasn’t even out of rookie handcuffs.

    I don’t HATE RG3, dude is a beast but his stats don’t show superiority like your clainjbg. And he’s no more inspirational or victorious than RW or LUCK. No baf choice but both RW or RG3 are more deserving than Luck. JS

    Personally see Cousins capable of wining at least one of the next 2 no problem but why risk such a freakish athlete to injury by coming back too soon.

    Mark my words RG3 is setting himself up for longterm injury by coming back to soon. Why do that if he can’t wait a couple weeks. How tough will he be on the sidelines injured in the playoffs?

    Without RG3 thier one and done. Shoot even with him thier probably are one and done its just before skins time.

  5. I think Shanny tanked RG3s MVP chances by sitting him last week. The fact that Kirk Cousins was able to go out there on the road against a pretty good Browns D and put up the numbers he did speaks volumes to how well Kyle Shanny is calling the games and how RG3s success could possibly be mostly a product of the program and system they are running not to mention the players around him. As much as I love RG3…no chance at MVP now.

    If Shanny had sat him again this week you could of kissed the ROY goodbye too. No matter how much Griffin says that ROY doesnt matter to him there has to be at least a little part of him that wants that award badly.

  6. Do Hawks fans talk about Wilsons stats without looking at anybody elses. Shoot if you compare by stats Rg3 is the 2nd best Qb in the league only behind Rodgers.

  7. What stats are you sayin Wilson is wayyyy better than rg3 in? If skins had a defense even comparable to your hawks they’d have more wins guaranteed. It’s easy when you start drives on the opponents side of the field 40 percent of the time. Not takin anything away from Wilson he’s a great player but he’s not even close to rg3 or luck

  8. I’m talking about qbr and TD’s and wins all three are major qb statistics and factors for voters. RS is doing this with far fewer attempts. Keep it simple someone has better traditional stats with less attempts and similar in others besides rushing yards. How can it be a runaway for RG3? Flip some of your arguments on their head. RG3 has all these big plays OUT IF NECCESITY and therefore inflates his own numbers. Not saying that’s all the way true but your argument doesn’t make sense if you apply the same principles to your own. Calling it a run away is just my point here to the person claiming Wilson isn’t deserving. I got no problem with RG3 willing but it’s not so clear cut and making excuses over superior or equal stats instead of acknowledging Wilson as an equal is what should be clarified.

    ****Just a heads up Hawks Def has just recently been getting turnovers before these past few games they were not giving short fields to Wilson. Just bc Hawks have a top Def doesn’t mean it’s bc of T.O. Bc they have had to drive field length just the same as anyone else. As a matter of fact Hawks get less possessions bc even though they have D, there Def is oddly bad on 3rd down again something that has recently changed. WILSON hasn’t had not easier than anyone and the teams in the NFCW might not be consistent winners but they all play D. So kill that argument too come on the Rams are a game or game and a half behind your team they and beat them. Must not have been that bad.!

    RG3 is a beast tho if vote for him too of I could but Wilson is VERY CLOSE that’s objectivity

  9. Anyone who seriously thinks that Shanahan or Griffin give any serious thought to MVP or ROY awards, or Pro Bowl selections, doesn’t know them at all. they are focused on winning games. Period.

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